Planet Gallifrey: And Another

Friday, March 14

And Another

Gosh, they are spoiling us at the moment!!

Here are some lovely videos of Wilf and Syliva taken from youtube, they were uploaded yesterday (the 13th of March) so we can assume that the filming was around that day.

1st Video

Wilf: Oh My God, Its them alien lot... WHAT DO YOU WANT THIS TIME YOU BLIMMIN SWINES?! Now you get back inside Sylvia. They always want the women.
Sylvia: ... Oh my god, look at the sky

2nd Video

Sylvia: Dad, they are leaving, they are going, the Daleks are going.
Wilf: But Donna's still out there...

And the set report that was seen today (14th March) seems to follow on from these videos since it involves Wilf and Sylvia... and Daleks... and paint guns...


Once again the setting is that of a post-apocalyptic world, and once again this is set in episode 12, but this time it has the extra addition of 20 to 30 people!

And now, onto the filming!
NOTE: Once again, the scenes were most likely not filmed in order, and I have attempted to put them into some sort of coherent storyline, but of course I could be way off!

Scene 1
Halfway up the road, three Daleks have appeared and are trundling around on the pavement outside a house. The people are ranged up in the road behind the Daleks, hands on their hands in a prisoner-of-war style.

One of the Dalek's eyes flash and it cried out "Maximum extermination!"

Scene 2
This dialogue is everything that PMount can remember and gives us a pretty good idea of whats going on, but obviously there may be a few bits missing.

But heres a video of the first section and most of the dialogue can be heard.

[A DALEK trundles forward. A few 'prisoners' are shuffling along the pavement behind it]

DALEK: All humans will come out of their homes. The males. The females. The descendants. You come with us. Resistance is useless.

One family however, refuses to go quietly.

Where are you taking us?
DALEK: Daleks do not answer human questions! Stand in line!
We're not going, d'you hear me?! Laura, get back inside the house.. Simon get inside! Go!

[The children and the Man run]

MAN: get back in the sky! Get back where you came from and leave us alone!

[While this is happening, WILF and SYLVIA are having a whispered conversation in an alley behind]

I've got a weapon.
It's a paint gun!
Exactly! Daleks have only got one eye. One splodge of paint and they're blinded!

[The DALEK trundles forward threateningly after the Man and his children]

Maximum extermination!

[There is the shout of "Boom!" which I'm sure in the actual episode will be an awe-inspiring explosion of some sort]

The monsters!

Scene 3

Once again, the prisoners troop outside the houses. There's only one Dalek there, and then there's an explosion and debris showers the Dalek, the slaves, and the road.

According to PMount: "its a big explosion folks!"

Scene 4
[Sylvia and Wilf run across the street, before quickly pulling up to a stop in front of a Dalek - Wilf is armed with his paintgun]

Dalek: Hostility will not be tolerated. You will come with me

Wilf: Will I 'eck!

[He raises the paintgun and fires at the Dalek]

Dalek: My vision is *not* impaired. EXTERMINATE!!!!

[There is a flash of red light and the Daleks cry trails off into an anguished wail. Presumably the Dalek has been destroyed in the nick of time]

Scene 5
A final scene that was spotted involved Wilf creeping around the street and getting cornered by a lone Dalek.

He's just about to get exterminated for "RESISTANCE" when Rose appears on the scene and blows the Dalek up

There was some dialogue that followed which was something along the lines of:
Rose: Are you Donna Noble's grandfather? I'm Rose Tyler - and I need you
(or something very similar)

(Thanks to PMount, Scooty, Brian_Damage and Mat H!)
(My list of set-report deities is getting rather large!)


Anonymous said...

I wonder why the dalek says "Maximum extermination" =o
...But anyway, these are crazy spoilers. Cheers to whoever got these, Pmount, I presume. =]

Ibetolis said...

Oh my word! I am far too excited by all of this. It looks like they're recreating the dalek invasion of earth movies from the 60's but as not as badly.

Thanks so much for all of this, I love this blog. Keep up the good work.

Jess said...

Thank you very much!
Its exciting isn't it?!

Anonymous said...

Hey in the 2nd video from youtube, the transcipt runs as:

Sylvia: dad they are leaving, they are going, the Daleks are going.
Wilf: But Donna still out there...

Just thought I would correct it.

Jess said...

I don't think thats exactly right, I definitely heard the line "they killed him" in there. But I think you're right, Sylvia does say "They're leaving"

Anonymous said...

Those last two scenes you added sound very interesting!

Tim said...

Hi Jess, sorry i should have posted under my name rather than anon, i filmed the scenes, it may not be clear in that clip, but when filming it that is what i heard Sylvia (Jaq King) say.

Tim (teajaybee)

Jess said...

Oh wow! Lucky you! Well, if you actually saw the scenes then of course you'd know what they say! I'll change that now, thanks for taking the time to tell me :)

lalakid87 said...

"... blows the Dalek up."
"... - and I need you
(or something very similar)."

Donna's grandfather? That is a twist!

Doctor who fan said...

I think rose tlyder shot dalek not donna s grandfather because his pantball will not kill dalek and it not shot dalek s eye either.