Planet Gallifrey: Set Report

Thursday, March 13

Set Report

What we have here are some scenes from episode 12, which looks very much like it is set in a post-apocalyptic world (the same one as in episode 11?)

Barrowman, Tate, Piper and Tennant were all there, and all filmed together as well. The TARDIS is also about, "all lit up and outside a church" - its seems to be getting a lot of action in the finale!

Barrowman, Piper, Tennant, TARDIS, and Tate

And now, onto the actual filming!
NOTE: The scenes were most likely not filmed in order, and I have attempted to put them into some sort of coherent storyline, but of course, I could be way off!

Scene 1
Simply Captain Jack on his own. He walks up the street, looking upwards, and says:

"That's just impossible"

Scene 2
The Doctor and Donna arrive in the TARDIS, and walk out into the rubbish strewn street.
Something catches the Doctor's eye, and he remarks on it to Donna.

Scene 3
Rose emerges from the darkness at the end of the street carrying a ridiculously over-sized gun. She sees something that makes her happy and she runs towards it.

Scene 4
Filming of Tennant running as fast as he could down the deserted street, avoiding cars and rubbish and goodness knows what else!

And heres a video (thanks to Simon!) of the Doctor pelting it along the street.

However, its during this running that he seemingly gets shot down, and collapses in the middle of the road.

Scene 5
Rose is the first one who rushes to the Doctor's aid, and it seems that although he is initially unconscious, he wakes up long enough to have a few words with her.

Apparently, according to Loucyuk who was eavesdropping during their rehearsal, the dialogue just possibly might, maybe, apparently be:
Rose: "Missed you"
The Doctor: "Missed you to"
(she did stress that it was said very quietly and might no be the case)

Captain Jack then appears from another side street, also equipped with a gun, and he and Donna hurry to the Doctor's side as well. He's clearly injured and everyone is very concerned for him... it's an emotional scene.

The Doctor, Rose, Jack and Donna

Captain Jack says "Get him back to the Tardis, quick !" and Donna and Rose carry him back inside. Jack picks up Roses gun that she dropped and follows them.

And heres two few videos of the filming that can also be found on youtube:
(all credit to Simon!)

Rose trying to help the Doctor

Jack and Donna rushing in to help

Scene 6
Bring on the big, shiny, gold Daleks!

There were actually five Dalek props:
- One on a ramp
- Three around the TARDIS
- And the final one was purposefully half damaged (presumably blown up by one of the companions' guns)

The damaged Dalek was placed next to the one on the ramp and a scene was shot in which the
dialogue consisted of just "Exterminate!" and the intact Dalek moving along the ramp.

Ramp Dalek!

Since the scene with the Doctor lying on the ground was filmed again, but this time the Dalek on the ramp was positioned in line of sight, can we assume that this is the Dalek that shot him?

Scene 7
After the previous Dalek scene was shot, the intact, ramp Dalek was wheeled over to the other three near the TARDIS, and the dialogue that is heard is:
"Transferring TARDIS to the Crucible"

Simon says that
"It was absolutely 100% definitely "crucible" that was mentioned"
And Scooty says that "from hearing the dialogue on location, I have to say the 'Crucible' seems to sound like the name of a Dalek spaceship or headquarters..."

At this point it is unknown whether the Doctor, Donna, Jack and Rose have made it inside the TARDIS yet, or whether the TARDIS dematerializes, or is teleported away.

But, three people watch as the TARDIS is swooshed away: Mickey, Jackie and Sarah-Jane! who seem to have teamed up together as they're seen running about with both Jackie and Mickey carrying the big guns.


Mickey and Jackie!

Scene 3-and-a-bit?

Billie was reported running down the road carrying her gun. She is followed by the camera and the words "exterminate!" are heard as she runs. This is done a few times and 'exterminate' is called out every time.

I'm not sure where it fits into things yet... and I don't know if this is the same scene with her and the gun that was reported earlier...

And the crazy thing is... Scooty, PMount and Brian_Damage were out there until 4.00 am(ish)! Don't we just love them? Are they not all our gods? Yes. They are.

(And, as always, much thanks to Scooty, Brian_Damage, PMount,
Simon Watkins, Paul Dyer, IanB, Mugim0e and Loucyuk)


james said...

"A man on the trolley thing shouts 'exterminate!' as she runs."

So I wonder. Have the Daleks taken over Earth and have brain-washed the humans? Or...the human-dalek hybrids are back? Is this on Rose's world? But how did the Doctor get to Rose's world in the first place? Through a break in the fabric of reality Dalek Cann made when he "emergency-temporal shifted"? And the defabricator guns are back? The new series is going to be pretty damn confusing if anything.

Jess said...

Indeed :)
I'm not even attempting to try and understand it...

Anonymous said...

there's a lot of new pics from brian_damage and scooty who are back during a break. this finale is so exiting SSSSQQQQUUUUUUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Jess said...

Yeah I know! I'm uploading them now!!

Anonymous said...


Just to correct you on one thing, it's "Cruciform" not "Crucible". Remember it was the thing the Master mentioned in "The Sound Of Drums" that made him flee and turn himself human.

Jess said...

Nope. Sorry to say, but there have been a few reports of the word "crucible" before, starting with a mention of a Doctor Who set on Blue Peter.

I never mentioned it on my blog as there was always discussion as to whether it was "Crucible" or "Cruciform", but the people at the set report said that the word was clearly "Crucible"

Well done for picking it up though!

Anonymous said...

I don't see Freema in any of those pictures. Where is my Martha Jones?

Jess said...

I don't know. Freema has said herself that she is in the finale, but so far she hasn't been seen filming anything.

The assumption is that she's filming inside - since she doesn't seem that much of the action, maybe she is doing something UNIT based?

Holly said...

I want to snog Scooty, PMount and Brian_Damage - They really are fantastic for staying out that long! Much appreciated :)

Anonymous said...

Could The Crucible be the place where The Cruciform is stored?

It does seem like a massive coincidence otherwise.

Anonymous said...

More pictures from last night here

Anonymous said...

RTD's Production Notes in an issue of Doctor Who Magazine indicate that the Cruciform is much too nasty a thing to ever be shown on BBC, and he's leaving what it is and what it does to the imaginations of the audience.

I don't think Cruciform and Crucible is that large a coincidence. Both are actual words, one meaning 'cross-shaped' and the other a piece of labratory equipment.

Anonymous said...

These are fantastic pictures and I'm glad to see that Sarah Jane is not only in flashback. Many thanks to Scooty, PMount, and Brain_Damage!

Anonymous said...

That was filmed at the end of my street! Wondered why they had the road blocked off and bright lights on late at night! The Billy Banks are the perfect setting for a post-apocolyptic world ;)

Anonymous said...

"RTD's Production Notes in an issue of Doctor Who Magazine indicate that the Cruciform is much too nasty a thing to ever be shown on BBC, and he's leaving what it is and what it does to the imaginations of the audience."

And he's never ever lied about something not being in the series which later turns out to be...

Anonymous said...

Why would he say he's leaving it to our imaginations and then spoil it?

Dan said...

Wow, this looks like an AMAZING finale!! Ahh, so excited!!! Thank you very very very much for posting all this. You are a star, as are the people who made all this info possible.

Anonymous said...


Jess said...

Thanks Dan!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that you all managed to get so much information! I almost didn't want to look at it (and my sister didn't) because I didn't want anything to be spoiled. My imagination is working overtime. Thanks!

Salx77 said...

You legend - I Love you and all your spies :) :) - Cheers for the updates Can't wait for this to eventually get to Australia. Though I'll be spoilered (is that a word!?!) out by then! But still can't wait for The Doctor - Rose reunion :)

Sal :)

Jess said...

Thanks Salx77 (and everyone else) glad you're still enjoying the blog.

And don't worry, I'm sure Australia will get it soon.

Oh, and spoilered? I LOVE it!

Davva said...

The cruciform, cruible thing is fascinating me. A crucible is where you refine something down. Like when The Emperor of the Daleks tells The Doc how he rifined down the human DNA to rebuild the daleks in Parting of the Ways and like Davros was doing on Necros in Revelation of the Daleks. I was kinda hoping that the Daleks would give this season a miss but from all these lovely spoilers, I'm not so sure. A lovely big battle between two factions of daleks a'la Rememberance of the Daleks would be one hell of a way to sign off!

Anonymous said...

Good idea, that could indeed be what the Crucible is for. They could be bringing the TARDIS there to power it, or just for storage.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, another season finale featuring Daleks? Time for a new idea please. And returning Rose kind of kills all the drama and emotion from her departure in Doomsday. RTD please leave.

Sonjie said...


::more than slightly worried for the doctor::

Doctor who fan said...

oh dear dalek shot the doctor when rose tylder is give the doctor a hug.

Anonymous said...

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