Planet Gallifrey: Episode 12

Tuesday, March 18

Episode 12

The Stolen Earth

Episode Location: Earth,
New Characters: Captain Jack, Gwen, Ianto, Sarah-Jane, Luke, Martha, Rose, Mickey, Jackie, Wilf, Sylvia, Francine Jones
Gadgets Used: Unknown
Episode Objective: To save the universe

Earth's greatest heroes assemble in a time of dire need, but can the Doctor's secret army defeat the might of the new Dalek Empire?

With battles on the streets and in the skies, the Doctor and Donna must brave the Shadow Proclamation to find out the truth. However, a fearsome old enemy waits in the shadows...

Who are the children of Time? What is the secret of the Vault? And surely, this time, not everyone can make it out alive...?

*cough* Children of time *cough*

And yes... "One of them will die"
DigitalSpy say a female we know very well will be exterminated this weekend. And just because I live in denial of any of them dying, I'm going to say its the TARDIS.

In this episode, there is the line:
"Don't use project Indigo, it's not safe!"

Oh, and according to Freema "the disappearing bees play a big role" but the question isn't why the bees are going, but where. Could they REALLY be making bees into a new Dalek army?
Nope, they couldn't. They just went home... like Elvis.

Set Reports/Trailer Shots
(I believe that these reports & shots fit into the episode, either because I've been told, or because its obvious. But REMEMBER, theres a chance I could be wrong)

So, in the previous episode the Doctor was dead, there was an alternate world, and Donna and Rose teamed up to make sure Donna met the Doctor in the first place. We ended on a fun note of seeing the words "Bad Wolf" everywhere, and the Doctor stating it was the end of the universe.

1st Scene - TARDIS Troubles
Right, so we ended with a red TARDIS, perhaps its wise to assume we might start the episode with a red TARDIS?

And it seems to be on fire as well...

If I had to make a guess, I'd say somethings going wrong in the timelines/vortex/universe and its effecting the TARDIS. And this change in the fabric of time would probably have something to do with the Time War, its outcome, and Davros.

Hmm, but it seems to calm down again as the Doctor and Donna arrive back at earth

Or... at least where Earth used to be.
But now all there is is empty black space. It can't be an encouraging site really.

DOCTOR: There's no readings. Nothing. Not a trace. Not even a whisper. Ohh thats fearsome technology.
DONNA: So what do we do?

DOCTOR: We've got to get help
DONNA: Where from?
DOCTOR: Donna. I'm taking you to the Shadow Proclamation. Hold tight!

And off they go!
Now, this scene must fit in somewhere, and I reckon that it'll probably be earlier on in the episode (no idea why, just a complete guess)

I suppose when they're traveling, the Doctor will say something about Rose and Bad Wolf and how they link etc etc. So Donna catches onto the important bit:

"Rose is coming back!
No matter whats happening..."

"Isn't that good?"


2nd Scene - On Earth
Right, so, Earth's gone. Doctor and Donna trying to find it again. But what about the people actually on Earth? What about the Doctor's chums?

Who do we have? Well:

Sarah-Jane - Her and Luke are at home
Martha & UNIT - Currently in New York
Torchwood - Jack, Gwen & Ianto are in the Cardiff base
Wilf & Syliva - At home wondering what the hell is going on
Rose - What looks like the same place we last saw her, the big warehouse. UNIT/Torchwood? Parallel UNIT/parallel Torchwood?

In case people don't really know about the SJA, the boy, Luke, was created by aliens and is very very clever, but lacks some understanding of social expectations - he questions what fun is etc. Since he has no family, Sarah-Jane adopted him.

Anyway, they all must know that something has gone wrong. Perhaps they see all the stars have gone out since they're now in a new galaxy and whatnot?

"It can't be..."


"Oh My God, Its them alien lot... WHAT DO YOU WANT THIS TIME YOU BLIMMIN SWINES?! Now you get back inside Sylvia. They always want the women."

"Oh my god... look at the sky"

2nd Scene - Whats going on?
Right, so Sarah-Jane & Luke rush inside to talk to their super alien computer Mr Smith, Torchwood rush to their computers, and UNIT rush to their technology in a bid to find out what's going on.

From the looks of the screens in the background of UNIT, and the images from Mr Smith, Earth has been taken somewhere new with lots of other planets nearby, and some strange atmospheric reading.

Hokay, so not good. Earth is clearly completely somewhere else. And there's no sign of the Doctor. Where are they? Who did this? What are they going to do?

This is General Sanchez, who I presume is in charge of the New York section of UNIT. But that doesn't matter, Martha's still there and she's got a certain amount of experience with this kind of thing.

Bet she's saying they should ring Torchwood and collaborate their info. Obviously she might not be, just guessing.
I dunno if Sanchez agrees, but Martha rings them anyway.

And then we get the big reveal of whats going on... whats coming through the Darkness...

Yup! Daleks!

3rd Scene - The Invasion
Daleks are the masters of Earth!
Daleks are the masters of Earth!

So... we've got Daleks attacking, the world in peril. And it looks like they're under orders from this guy.

Yup! This is the new Dalek Supreme, and is definitely a bit different. Its got three head lamps and what looks like some big clamps as part of its casing.

What are the clamps for? To keep something secured inside? Well, the the rumors are that inside this red casing is Harriet Jones herself... All lies!

Well, she's certainly in the episode...

Note that other sources suggest that Harriet is NOT inside the Supreme Dalek.
And theres have been suggestions for her fate:
  • Harriet Jones is exterminated simultaneously by three Daleks.
  • We do not actually see her exterminated, just surrounded by Daleks who say they know who she is before the screen goes blank
  • She "doesn't apologise for anything"
  • What is said when she is exterminated is "succinct" and sad.
Whatever's really going on, the Time Team are going to fight back aren't they? Course they are!

Sarah-Jane & Luke
Well, there are hints from DigitalSpy that suggest "A Dalek speaks to Mr. Smith", so I suppose we can assume that one of them breaks into Sarah-Jane's house

And do you know what I think? I think the Dalek takes Luke away... back up to its big Dalek ship. He's a super genius after all and can probably help them with their diabolical plans
Completely wrong with that guess. Never mind.

Luke doesn't look to happy

So, Sarah-Jane is left on Earth, in her car, and fleeing. Unfortunately, while she's driving she's attacked by some Daleks

She's been seen wandering about with her giant gun and blowing things up... maybe Daleks but who really knows. Sounds super fun.

As well as this, there was a milk float being filmed which was being rocked about (presumably driving away from something very fast) while Rose was hanging about (near, or even on) the float. She's got a very very big gun, which she cocks, and she then looks up into the sky, presumably at a Dalek.

And what happened to the milk float? Well it crashes, smashes all the milk bottles, the Milkman gets out and looks up at (Dalek) whatever's in the sky as well.

"Right, now we're in trouble..."
"It's Only Just Beginning"

Looks like the Daleks are inside the UNIT headquarters... if you look carefully at the first pic, you can see what looks like the UNIT logo above the doorway.

And this below almost looks like an action shot, doesn't it? Lets hope we get some Martha action. Martha action is always fun.

And the Daleks aren't just in UNIT, nope, they've also appeared in Torchwood as well. Eliminating all the people who have a chance of standing against them. aka. the Time Team.

As the Torchwood team try to fiddle with computers, there's not much they can do as they go haywire, and something approaches the Hub.

Gwen and Ianto approach the huge doorway (which nothing can apparently get through) I dunno where Jack is at this point, maybe he's vanished away.

And then the door begins to open... and what should appear?

A Dalek?! Who would have guessed it!

Somehow I don't think guns are going to work, but what else can they do? Maybe they manage to damage the eyestalk and blind the Dalek.

4th Scene - Human Hostages
So Daleks are attacking the Earth's defences, but the Time Team are fighting back! However, this doesn't seem to be worrying the big bad behind it all.

The children of time are moving against us... But everything is falling into place.

So I guess he sends out more Daleks now... and they're not just any Daleks either, they're shiny gold Daleks! Shiny, gold Daleks who are taking people prisoner? How unlike Daleks!

All humans will come out of their homes. The males. The females. The descendants. You will follow us. Resistance is useless.

But, as what happens most times, there's a family who would rather not listen to the giant space dustbins.

Laura, get back in the house! Simon, get inside! What do you want with us?
Daleks do not answer human questions!
Leave us alone. Go back in the sky where you came from!
[DALEK trundles forward threateningly]

Maximum extermination!
[A giant explosion follows]

So, lesson learned, do not cross the Daleks.

Halfway up the road, three Daleks have appeared and are trundling around on the pavement outside a house. The people are ranged up in the road behind the Daleks, hands on their hands in a prisoner-of-war style.

A flash of red light? Something like a transporter type thing? Either way, these poor people are being taken to the Dalek Cruciform. Are we going to see another Dalek generation created out of people?

5th Scene - Wilf & Sylvia
Theres someone watching all these hostages
. While the evil gold Daleks are stalking the streets and red light is flashing everywhere, Wilf and Sylvia are in an alleyway.

Then... probably the same scene, or possibly a different one, they have a nice conversation about paint guns.
WILF: I've got a weapon.
It's a paint gun!
Exactly! Daleks have only got one eye. One splodge of paint and they're blinded!

In a different, or possibly the same scene, we see Sylvia and Wilf running quickly across the street, before suddenly pulling up to a stop in front of a Dalek. Wilf is armed with his paintgun.

DALEK: Hostility will not be tolerated. You will come with me
WILF: Will I 'eck!
[He raises the paintgun and fires at the Dalek]
DALEK: My vision is *not* impaired. EXTERMINATE!!!!

Following on from this, theres a flash of red light and the Dalek's death cry trails off into an anguished wail. So lets assume the Dalek was shot.

And apparently the shooting of the Dalek is all down to Rose, who appears on the scene.

There was some dialogue that followed which was something along the lines of:
ROSE: Are you Donna Noble's grandfather? I'm Rose Tyler - and I need you

Rose apparently spends a large part of the episode helping Wilf and Sylvia, and not really getting much of the action. Or, at least, not as much as everyone else.

6th Scene - Shadow Proclamation
I guess its time to see what's happening with the Doctor and Donna and the Shadow Proclamation.

They apparently find it providing refuge for those species whose planets have already disappeared. (aka the Slitheen and the Adipose, yup, we see them again.)

And Judoon!

The Judoon are apparently policing the Shadow Proclamation (asserting their authority and all that) and we know how they like to execute extreme justice.

But, the Doctor plunges on, taking the floor, talking very fast and intelligently like he always does while Donna sits in the back and listens.

I have no idea what the Doctor is talking about to be honest, but he clearly wants to know something. Most likely along the lines of: Whats going on? Where's the Earth? Why is Bad Wolf everywhere? Why did my TARDIS internally combust? What are you going to do about it? What can I do about it? Whats the danger?

But, as the synopsis says they must "brave" the Shadow Proclamation, perhaps we can assume there something sinister about them? Theres definitely something there that takes the Doctor by surprise.

"It can't be..."

He doesn't seem that scared though, so nothing horrifically shocking or life threatening... maybe just something else bad.

And who's he talking to you may ask?

Well, these strange blond people are known as the Shadow Architects, and they're in charge of the Shadow Proclamation. I assume this one below is the leader or the head Architect.

"Doctor, come back!"

She doesn't seem to want the Doctor to go... maybe he's stormed off as they wont help, or maybe they just don't want him to go and do something life threatening like, oh, I don't know, save the whole of time and space?

I'm just guessing here.
But we don't even know what the Shadow Proclamation knows. They're a UN type organization, but of what? Time and Space? The Universe?

7th Scene - Reuniting
A heartbreaking scene at the end of the episode that involves, the Doctor, Donna, Rose and Jack.

NOTE: The scenes were most likely not filmed in order, and I have attempted to put them into some sort of coherent storyline, but of course, I could be way off.

From how desolate and empty the set it, I'm guessing that everyone has either been killed, or has been taken to the Dalek Crucible.

Part 1
Simply Captain Jack on his own. So he somehow escaped the Daleks in the Torchwood Hub. No sign of Ianto or Gwen though. He walks up the street, looking upwards

"That's just impossible"

So has he seen the sky as well?

According to Barrowman: "There's always the possibility that when the Doctor needs help, he calls on Jack... He's the muscle and guns man"

Jack is allegedly the last of the companions to be introduced to the plot and meet up with the gang. He's brought in as the gang realize they need more muscle, Jack is very much in "Save the Day" mode for the finale

Part 2
The Doctor and Donna arrive in the TARDIS, and walk out into the rubbish strewn street.
Something catches the Doctor's eye, and he remarks on it to Donna.

Part 3
Rose emerges from the darkness at the end of the street carrying a ridiculously over-sized gun.
And then the long parted lovers set eyes on each other!

And off he goes! Its Rose! Go to her!

And heres a video (thanks to Simon!) of the Doctor pelting it along the street.

This is apparently one of the best moments of the whole episode. Full of squee I'm sure!

BUT, methinks there isn't a happy reunion at all as a Dalek appears and begins chasing one of them (dunno if its the Doctor or Rose) screaming "Exterminate!"

And ye can see a video of that here:

So thats not a good thing, and the Doctor certainly doesn't look as happy anymore as he runs down the street.

And its during this running that he seemingly gets shot down, and collapses in the middle of the road.

Part 4
Rose is the first one who rushes to the Doctor's aid, and apprently takes out the Dalek who shot him. It seems that, although the Doctor is initially unconscious, he wakes up long enough to have a few words with her.

Apparently, according to Loucyuk who was eavesdropping during their rehearsal, the dialogue just possibly might, maybe, apparently be:
Rose: "Missed you"
The Doctor: "Missed you to"
(she did stress that it was said very quietly and might no be the case)

Part 5
As Donna rushes over to join Rose and the Doctor

Captain Jack then appears from another side street, also equipped with a gun, and he to rushes to the Doctor's side.

The Doctor, Rose, Jack and Donna

Captain Jack says "Get him into to the Tardis, quick !" and Donna and Rose carry him back inside. Jack picks up Roses gun that she dropped and follows them.

And heres two few videos of the filming that can also be found on youtube:
(all credit to Simon!)

Rose trying to help the Doctor

Jack and Donna rushing in to help


Welcome to my new empire, Doctor

Lurking mysteriously in the shadows? Why hide such a pretty face?

Davors apparently doesn't feature hugely in ep12. My guess is he remains somewhat illusive in order to build up some suspense. But how did he get here?

Well, its all down to the last Dalek. Yup, Dalek Caan is who we've got to thank for all this. At some point (presumably when he temporal shifted at the end of Evolution of the Daleks) he went back to the Time War and managed to save Davros.

There is a small hitch. Doing this sent poor Caan completely insane. Madder than a box of frogs!

Theres a nice scene with him apparently, where he makes the most creepy Dalek ever.

And then we enter into the realms of speculation in terms of what happens next, because the episode apparently ends with the Doctor beginning to regenerate.

The full DigitalSpy article can be seen here:
"For now, here come the drums, the spoilers and three red Daleks. Sorry, we mean red herrings..."
  • Wilf wields a cricket bat.
    Yup, as seen in the trailer.

  • Davros has been harvesting bees into a new army of Daleks.

  • The Daleks know the identity of a certain former Prime Minister.
    Quite possible, we all know those rumors

  • Captain Jack becomes angry at Paul O'Grady's effect on Ianto Jones.
    Paul O'Grady does have a cameo in the finale playing himself, so it could happen.

  • A certain body part in a jar is bubbling.
    I see no reason why not, hints of the Master and all that...

  • A Dalek exterminates the Torchwood pterodactyl.
    Oh no! Not Myfanwy! But yes, possible

  • The fate of a character from 'Voyage Of The Damned' is revealed.
    Apparently yes, something to do with Mr Copper

  • Wilf was banned from using a webcam as there were suspicions over what he might use it for.
    Ah!! Curse my imagination!

  • Project Indigo holds the key to salvation.
    Project Indigo is definitely part of the episode

  • The Doctor's daughter Jenny is trapped near a black hole, but K-9 is sent to rescue her.
    I don't think K9 is even mentioned in the episode

  • A Dalek speaks to Mr. Smith.
    In the cast list there is someone playing the "voice of Mr Smith" aka, the computer from SJA. So this is a possibility.

  • The Time War was 'time locked', or so thought The Doctor.
    Apparently yes. "time locked" is the same idea as things being fixed, or in flux (like the fate of Pompeii) And it was thought that the Time War was fixed as well... but thats apparently not going to stop Caan finding a way to change it, and stop Davros getting killed.
You can see the full article here:

Right, onto the quotes:
"I like Saturdays."
"You cannot possibly *****."
"I'm sorry for your loss. I mean the loss that *** *** (yet?) to **** (come?)"
"My vision is not impaired."
"Who's she?!"
"Tell the Doctor from me, he chose his ********** (companions?) well."


  • Rose is much more grown up and in fact is in a relationship with somebody from Pete's world, somebody other than Mickey.

  • There will "definitely" be a regeneration in the series, but its unconfirmed as to who will be regenerating.

  • The Bees are definitely important, but the important thing is where they've gone rather than why. Rumors are that they've been used to create the new Dalek empire

  • The Bee rumors however don't fit in with others I've heard. The reason Davros has a robotic hand, and we only see his head is that he has given his own DNA and tissue to clone a new Dalek army. In fact, all thats left of him is his head and spinal chord.

  • Although the Master was rumored to be appearing, apparently they changed their minds (deciding to bring him back for a bigger part on one of the specials) so there will be no Master.

  • osterhagen key
    This is apparently very relevant. Martha and Jack know about it but are reluctant to talk about it. Whatever it is, it plays a major part in the last two episodes.

(And a huge thanks to Scooty, Brian_Damage, Brigade_Leader, PMount, Simon Watkins, Jon, Mugim0e, SpaceyGal and IanB)


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Miss Snark said...

You have a fantastic blog here! I can't believe I didn't find this sooner! :o

I am so excited for the return of Rose. I can't even tell you. This post made me so excited for series 4 that I'm really not sure how I'm supposed to wait until it airs! lol.

Anonymous said...

Really excited about this - although why do they have to have Daleks in every series?

Anyway - I remember the Master mention something about the Crucible in the series 3 finale. Something to do with the Time War perhaps?

Jess said...

The Master talked about the Cruciform, which was a part of the Time Lords home.

I don't know about the Crucible... maybe a ship, or a sign, or a trial, or a place of some sort?

Anonymous said...

i belive the crucible is in fact the "crusiform2 that is mentioned in season 3, my guess is that it is a very powerful timelord ship that the dalkes took control off during the time war

caitilin said...

cruciform means cross-shaped right?
i can't remember, what exactly was it that the master said about the cruciform again? I can't find it on the DVD.

Jess said...

The Master just mentioned it when he was talking about the Time War. He said her was there when the Daleks took control of the Cruciform.

Anonymous said...

Episode 12 is called, "Lord of the Daleks", this is 100% true!!!!

Anonymous said...

I heard that it could be "The Master Plan", "Lost in Time" or "Warriors of Time". Anyone care to think about these?

Bob said...

I heard that it could be called, "Lost in Time". Never heard of the others yet.

Bob said...

"The Last Reunion", "Master and Leader", "Betrayal of Honor", "Legacy of Skaro" and "Gallifrey's Last Warrior" are also possible.

Anonymous said...

I have heard that it would have either Skaro or Gallifrey in the title.

Anonymous said...

Episode 12: Tne Skaro Chronicles

Anonymous said...

Those possible titles sound more like they come from crap fan-fiction.

Anonymous said...

would children of time be timelords?
oh as i write this i saw the news on T.V! RTD is on bbc1 in a minute talking about the new series and its gonna show a partners in crime clip!!!

The Archon said...

I'm calling it now. The three-worded title to episode 12 is...


(By the way, adding on to my "Red" theory, in Blink at the end, Martha mentions "Red Hatching.")

Anonymous said...

Red riding hood name is easy to work out - it was the code name for Billie's trailer as she was the Bad Wolf (although not the big bad wolf!) in the first season.

3 Words for the title....promise you its this

"Gallifrey...our home"

The Archon said...

Codename for Billie's trailer? That seems odd considering there is actually a trailer that says "Rose."

"Gallifrey...Our Home" sounds interesting, except the "..." in the title is weird. "Our Home Gallifrey" would make more sense.

But my money's still on "Red Riding Hood." That or "The Silver Devastation."

Site Hopper 876 said...

Awesome Site. Seen loads of Doctor Who Sites but this is the best. A little bird told me of "Satan's Frontier" being a phrase in this episode. This same bird told me something about a Scarlet Dalek???

Anonymous said...

The Silver Devastation is an interesting one, it's been referenced loads of times in previous seasons.

Anonymous said...

I Think this series is going to be the best ever! im so excited for the return of marth + especially rose!! theres been rumours [i think^o)] Of the doctor regenerating because there is no doctor who for a few years now, but i sooooooooooooo hope he doesnt ! im praying he doesnt! (yn)
anyway DOCTOR WHO IS WITHOUT A DOUBT THE BEST PROGRAMME GOING!!!!!!!!! btw this website is amazing! :)

Anonymous said...

children of time could be the people who removed the doctor from time, perhaps because he went against gallifreys policy of not interfering. maybe they ARE time each one could be a different time or something

no scrap that last bit it deosnt make sense

Nathan said...

If so, maybe Dalek Caan/Davros/Master (in some manifestation) or someone else salvaged the time scoop after the war and uses it to remove The Doc from time?

Oscar said...

Hmmm, lots of rumoured titles floating around for this ep, one I've heard is "The Shadow Proclamation", it has been mentioned several times now, in series one, two and three, and although it may just be a bit of background, it did crop up again in "Partners in Crime" on sat, and it's three words long . . . . .

Anonymous said...

Probably 'The Time War'

The Archon said...

Whoa, hold on a minute. That picture of that half-dalek, supposedly damaged or blown's weird. Something about the plating looks abnormal. I don't think it's damaged, I think they're going to CGI in a Harriet Jones or Davros. Isn't Harriet Jones supposed to become a half-dalek? Having her actually in a dalek costume moving around seems strange, so CGI'ing her in or something makes more sense.

Danni said...

Firstly: This blog is my absolute love, and I think all spoiler whores (like me) should bow down, worship you, and give you cookies.

Secondly: ROSE!! YAY!

Thirdly: I need a TARDIS so's I can go watch this NOW!!!

Jess said...

Thanks very much! I'm always in favor of cookies!

The Archon said...

Here are other ideas for the 3-word title:

"The Medusa Cascade"

"The Shadow Proclamation"

Jean-Val-Jean said...

The Half Dalek Is Pm Harriet Jones, Flydale north XD

Anonymous said...

did anyone see on the video of rose helpin the doc or wen jak and donna arrive (either one) that at the one of the people who comes on looks like jackie tyler!!! I think its the were rose is helpin the doc!

Anonymous said...

Sorry if nobody has mentioned this before but I have just watched Army of Ghosts again and Rose mentions at the beginning that it says in the paper about the people of Leeds electing a ghost as MP. I just wondered what peoples opinions were on whether it might be just a coincidence or a bit of device.

Anonymous said...

plus (sorry but i notice the strangest things) when freema's character is tricking the boy towarsd the cybermen in the middle of the episode all she keeps saying is 'just go to the left' 'just go to the left'.

Anonymous said...

i think the title is children of scaro

Anonymous said...

'just go to the left'
thats so freaky thats exactly what i was thinking.

Anonymous said...

Plus, I dunno if anyone noticed in Boom Town when The Doctor, Rose Jack and Mickey are in the restaurant Jack is telling a story and one of the lines is "I knew we should have turned left." Could be a coincidence but u never know

Anonymous said...

i call to attention every whovian under the sun: search every episode old and new for the word 'left' GO!

Sam said...

Anyone else notice the Dalek in the background of the picture of Elisabeth Sladen? Nothing major, just wondering if anyone else noticed.

Sam said...

After rewatching Army of Ghosts and Doomsday, I noticed that when the Doctor leaves the sphere chamber, he goes left, but Yvonne, the woman in charge of Torchwood London, says to him, "No, Doctor." Might have just been to make us laugh, or could Davies have been dropping a hint? And when Freema's character is telling the guy to go left, he's going into the spot where Pete's world bled into our world, coincidence?

And whoever said " Sorry if nobody has mentioned this before but I have just watched Army of Ghosts again and Rose mentions at the beginning that it says in the paper about the people of Leeds electing a ghost as MP. I just wondered what peoples opinions were on whether it might be just a coincidence or a bit of device."

Where and when does she say that? I've watched the episode five times and haven't found her mentioning that!

Anonymous said...

its just after the doctor has used his machine to try and find where the ghosts are coming from and rose walks in with a newspaper. Its after they have been out in the park and when the TARDIS is on its way to torchwood tower. Hope somebody else can confirm as I wondered whether the Leeds thing may have something to do with the setting of one of the series 4 episodes.

Anonymous said...

it probably does have something to do wif S4(the finale in particular). Caus i'm sure RTD said that the s4 finale had all been planned since the new doctor who started in 2005 so he's probably been dropping us subtle hints throughout the four series. Then again it coud al be a coincidence lol.

Anonymous said...

he knows we're all desperately looking for hints and has probably done it all just to be annoying

Anonymous said...

Episode 12: The Bee Scheme

Anonymous said...

i highly doubt that ep 12 will be called the bee scheme! lol

Anonymous said...

possibe name for ep 12 could be the oncoming storm think about it

Anonymous said...

he mentioned a storm in fear her just before the army of ghosts

Anonymous said...

Could the half a Dalek perhaps be Davros???

chloe said...

leeds is no where near london it in the midile of yorkshire what in the midile of england
i no because i live in leed

Anonymous said...

yea she said a few hours

Anonymous said...

rtd has said that the medusa cascade will play a big roll in this series so im thinking that the doctor may of sealed davros within the cascade and the daleks need him to reopen it.

Anonymous said...

in the old series when the daleks needed help who did they always go to (davros) so when there is only one remaining dalek left (dalek caan)it seems fitting that he will need his creator to help him rebuild the dalek empire. also in the premiere trailer which we have yet to see it shows the main villain in the shadows which is half dalek half human ive also herd that there was a blue light seen flashing sounds like davros's eye doesnt it.

Anonymous said...

this episode is called "The Oncoming Storm" thats the truth

Anonymous said...

ill bet anyone here 100 quid that one of the words in the title is 'time'

and im posting this as anonymous!!!!

N. T. said...

"i call to attention every whovian under the sun: search every episode old and new for the word 'left' GO!"

Here's one I don't think was mentioned: In Blink, when they're conducting the timey-wimey transcript, the Doctor says "look to your left." Larry thinks it's a political statement, but Sally realises it means him.

Anonymous said...

Go to and type in War on Skaro. It comes up with an action figure set. So episode 12 should be called War on Skaro as it says at the top of the page.

odd ood said...

war of time? creator of evil? its gotta be something that really really gives it away cus it hasnt been announced yet. i bet its something completely obvious! will they keep it secret right up until the air date? or will we know soon?

Anonymous said...

the title should be something of the daleks like genesis of the daleks, resurrection of the daleks, evolution of the daleks and so on

Anonymous said...

"i call to attention every whovian under the sun: search every episode old and new for the word 'left' GO!"

I put some on the Turn Left page, couple of posts up...

ALB said...

Ep. 12 - The Time War/The Oncoming Storm
is what i think! It makes sense!

Anonymous said...

If the episode was called 'The Time War', it would have to have the following things:

- Daleks
- Time Lords
- Gallifrey
- Paul McGann (8th Doctor)
- Inferno (Causes the Doc to regenerate into...)
- Christopher Eccleston (9th Doctor)
- The 8th Doctor's TARDIS Theme.


- 9th Doctor changing the desktop theme to 'Coral'.

Anonymous said...

This is from reliable sources. The name of this episode is three words. It doesn't have a D on any starter words. It is a major spolier just as RTD said. It is this:

Episode 12: The Medusa Cascade

Anonymous said...

A crucible is a snooker club, isn't it ? Which means that the Dlaeks want to challenge the Doctor and chums to a deadly game of snooker !

I have insider information that RTD is trying to choose between "Wrath of Jones", "Revenge Of Harriet" and "Harriet Sees Red !" as the title for episode 12.

Anonymous said...

a crucible is something cross shaped. could be anything but most likely a ship or weapon

gabriel11 said...

Jess, I think the story arc is The shadow proclamation. It has appeared im lots of episodes.
Episode 12: The shadow proclamation
The medusa cascade
Dunno what else. Maybe something to do with the Crucible?

Anonymous said...

i think the enitials for episode 12 is W o S

Jess said...

Gabriel: Its a possibility, it has been mentioned quite a few times.

And as for episode titles, there could be hundreds of possibilities, but apparently RTD is wanting to hold off the name until as late as possible (maybe till only a week or so before the episode airs!)

It must be very spoilerifik...

Jason said...

I have heard it is called 'The Medusa Cascade!"

Junaid said...

This is called The Oncoming Storm according to my mate.

Anonymous said...

I say it's "The Oncoming Storm" too. The Daleks call the Doctor that, and it fits with the finale, "Journey's End". It would also be perfect if Davros is in it!!!

caitilin said...

At the end of 'fear her' the doctor said a storm was coming

Anonymous said...

the person shouting EXTRERMINATE was a random person.. Not in the story lines

after he was arrested and taken away by the police.. idiots
ruining the scenes =\

Jess said...

Set reporters say that the man who shouted "Exterminate" was one of the crew. He was on a truck filming a moving camera shot. Theres even a video of it.

snooffykinslyman said...

To whoever said that a crucible is crossed shaped: I'm sorry, but you're very wrong about that.

Anonymous said...

no look it up, a crucible is 'cross shaped'
crucifix, crucified etc!!
If you are referring to the thingy you use in science then yea its al;so a crucible but crucible means cross or originates from cross.

Anonymous said...

me from the last post crucible is from crux meaning CROSS

Anonymous said...

I think that the arc word/ subject is thing that are lost.
this could mean that this ep is called the lost doctor or something along those lines (:

snooffykinslyman said...

No definition of crucible I've seen even mentions the word "cross", and I've looked on several encyclopedias and dictionary websites.

Anonymous said...

this from wikipiedia

Crux (pronounced /ˈkrʌks/, Latin: cross)

From Latin crucibulum (“night-lamp, metallurgic melting-pot”) a derivative of crux (“cross”).

Anonymous said...

I really think that the word has something to do with lost. It has come up in all the eps so far apart from planet of the ood but that might be just cuz I haven't found it. It would make sense because the Doctor gets lost/ sucked out of time and space.

Oh and the 12th ep is probably called war on skaro.

Anonymous said...

apparently shmarently MY DAD SAYS IT MEANS CROSS SHAPED!! and he's a genius who speaks latin too!

Anonymous said...

I don't think it is 'War On Skaro' for 2 reasons:

1) It doesn't give much about the plot away. A war on the Dalek homeworld. RTD must be aware that we know about the Daleks in the finale.

2) The action figure playset. I mean, come on, that's obviously a decoy. RTD would know if Play had commissioned a playset and that it was on their site, so the only explenation is that he delibrately put it on to put us off the scent of the real titel.

No, it has to be something that totally gives the finale/episode away. The Time War? The Racnoss Invasion?

We all know the Daleks are back, but we're also pretty sure that the Racnoss are back too.

Anonymous said...


The Racnoss didn't invade Earth because of the Doctor. BUT since the Doctor is 'lost in time' in some of the finale, Donna would have married Lance, he would have activated her huon particles, and the Racnoss would have came crawling out of the sewers.

That also means that the Daleks, Slitheen, Mondas Cybermen, The Master, and the Toclafane (and countless otehrs) would have free reign over Earth, since the Doctor was not there to stop them.

Anonymous said...

And apparently, only the Doc's companions would have remembered him (not Donna at first, but later she would).

Anonymous said...

hmm racnoss? a little weak for the finale dont you think?

Anonymous said...

the daleks wouldnt take the doctor out of time at such a drastic point, no matter how ruthless they are the wouldnt dare make such a drastic and dangerous change to the time line, if the doctor is taken out of time then it would be at a safe enough point for things to be easy for the daleks to take over, they wouldnt want earth to be left for the taking of sum other aliens to make it more advance and defenceful towards there attack

Anonymous said...

But the Daleks have a safe time to take him out! Right before he sucks them all back into the Void and loses Rose! Think about it: millions of Daleks, kill off the Cybermen, kill off the humans, no Doctor to stop them, Rose remembers and that's why and how she's back, it fits perfectly!

Anonymous said...

"no matter how ruthless they are the wouldnt dare make such a drastic and dangerous change to the time line"

Someone's trying to demonstrate their fanboy credentials by (mis)quoting the 7th Doctor...

Anonymous said...

"Racnoss, a little weak for the finale?"

Since the Doc wasn't there to defend Earth, then there would also be Daleks, Cybermen (Mondas and Parallel), Sontarans, The Master, Toclafane, and almost every otehr villain.

Hopefully, but probably not.

Anonymous said...

I have heard that the title for Episode 12 is "The Oncoming Storm". This makes sense because Russell T Davies stated that the title was a three-worder, and none of the words started with the letter "D". He also said the title is being kept a secret because it contains spoilers. We know that the Daleks are back this year, so could "The Oncoming Storm" be a possible title?

Andrew said...

According to Russell T Davies, this year's finale has been planned right from the word go in 2005, when Doctor Who first returned to our screens. So yes, it is possible that he might have been dropping hints in previous episodes. Maybe there are certain elements from every episode of the New Series so far that play a key part in the Series Four finale? I doubt that, but it is possible, seeing as Russell T Davies said that this year's finale had been planned since the series made a return.

As for Arc Words, there are so many. Russell T Davies stated that there is no specific arc word, but there are elements from every episode that play out right through to the finale. These must include the appearances of Rose in "Partners In Crime" and "The Poison Sky", Lucius stating to the Doctor: "Doctor, she is returning", meaning that Rose is returning, and Lucius also telling Donna: "You have something on your back", which we know from evidence provided on this website is said at some point during the finale.

Other elements from episodes that could be hints towards the finale are references to the Medusa Cascade in "The Fires Of Pompeii" and "The Sontaran Stratagem", lost planets, as mentioned throughout this series, the disappearance of the bees, as mentioned in "Partners In Crime" and "Planet Of The Ood", and the Ood telling the Doctor: "I think your song must end soon...".

Any of these things could be references to this year's finale. There also could be hidden references that we don't recognise.

Plus, I think the only reason Davros hasn't appeared in any photographs of filming for these episodes is because he spends most of the episodes aboard the Dalek Crucible, which is basically the Dalek Mothership.

Anonymous said...

I think that the Crucible is the location of the Vault. (Mentioned by RTD in RT and DWM) So I think that the Daleks take the TARDIS to the Crucible with the companions and the Doctor inside. The companions will then come out the TARDIS and the Doctor will revive and join the companions in time to see the Vault open to reveal Davros. THIS IS ONLY WHAT I THINK WILL HAPPEN.

Anonymous said...

I think I know. Not sure, byt maybe, it fits:

The Vault. It was in the 2005 episode 'Dalek'. If Van Statten was a collector of alien artifacts, what if...

Davros's escape pod crashes on Earth. Van Statten buys it and puts it in the the most secure room in the Vault, besides the Cage, but it won't open because, like the Genesis Ark, it need a Dalek suction cup (the lone Dalek was not aware of this. Just to make it clear before anyone says it, it downloaded the INTERNET, not the computer files). So it stays there and is buried. Dalek Caan, after he Temporal Shifted away, lands in the room with the escape pod (it wasn't filled with cement since it was too well protected). He opens it and out comes Davros. The energy gun makes quick work of the cement, and they both break free. Together, they make a new Dalek Army in space. When they realise the Doctor will surely stop them again, they build super-humungous Void Ships, punch a hole in reality and cross over to Pete's World. They invade, and Parallel Torchwood get Rose to try and contact the Doctor, using the hole left over to send her on brief 'trips' to our world to find him, but is unsuccessful since he gets removed from time.
This, coupled with the hole left over, splinters the Void, and just as the Doctor makes it back, Rose's Parallel World collapses, sending the Tylers, Mickey, Davros and the Daleks back to our world.

Anonymous said...

'project indigo' is probably something to do with UNIT as they seem quite fond of colours; operation blue sky, code red

n.t. said...

I just realised - Harriet Jones is president of Pete's World!

Anonymous said...

in the old series it ended up with to dalek factions the renegades who were loyal to the emperor and the imperials who were loyal to davros soo if davros does return maybe he creates a new army to defeat caan who is the last remainig renegade because it is proven by him bein loyal to the emperor

Anonymous said...

yea we're all assuming that caan will be on davros' side.
perhaps we're wrong?

Jessica-Roisin said...

I'm so excited for the finale, I was so annoyed when I heard they were delaying doctor who cause of the eurovision contest. I'm so excited ! I've heard loads of rumours about it, I can't wait to see the doctor's reaction to when he sees Rose again.

InfoLeaker said...

Davros and Caan are on each other's side, but they're planning on betraying each other. Dalek Caan locates Davros and has him start to create a new Dalek race. Davros creates a new race which Caan rules, but in secret Davros is ruling another newly created race of Daleks, one that won't betray him. In a final winner-take-all battle for the universe, Dalek Caan and Davros accidentally break through the void and splinter the parallel earth, and Davros's army is trapped there, free to take over a whole new universe. But Davros needs a Dalek to oversee operations, a Dalek that knows how to fight, a Dalek that can lead, a Dalek that knows this parallel universe, a Dalek like the president of this Earth's Great Britain . . .

Captain Junaid Harkness said...

the thing in the sky is a crucible or a dalek ship or daleks or davros.

Anonymous said...

Leaker-of-his-own-fan-****-ideas-passed-off-as-insider-information said...

Davros and Caan are on each other's side, but they're planning on betraying each other. Dalek Caan locates Davros and has him start to create a new Dalek race. Davros creates a new race which Caan rules, but in secret Davros is ruling another newly created race of Daleks, one that won't betray him. In a final winner-take-all battle for the universe, Dalek Caan and Davros accidentally break through the void and splinter the parallel earth, and Davros's army is trapped there, free to take over a whole new universe. But Davros needs a Dalek to oversee operations, a Dalek that knows how to fight, a Dalek that can lead, a Dalek that knows this parallel universe, a Dalek like the president of this Earth's Great Britain . . .

Anonymous said...

oh yeh and also you know that video
under scene 4 (the first video) when the doctor is running, at the end of his run you see a blonde person a female in a green coat who looks alot like georgia moffet who played jenny

which means she could be in it aswell, which means when the doctor is running the thing he is happy about could probably be the fact that jenny is alive and the daleks might kidnap her and force the doctor to do things or something.


Anonymous said...

I hate to to say it but the master said a lot more then what people realize he talk about the crucible and how he was there when it fell. And he also talk about the medusa cascade and how the doctor close it single handly but he forgot to say anything about the daleks when he talked about the monster invading earth because he work with them before in old series. I wondering if the master will return at the end of this series now that would be a surprise and the spoiler about the main evil guy does sound like dravos of old have to weight and see

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the person a few comments above about the video with Doctor running. The person really does look like Georgia Moffet.

Anonymous said...

i think the title for ep 12 is very very cool

Anonymous said...

How can you know that the title for episode 12 is very very cool ? It hasn't been revealed yet !!!

Anonymous said...

No, no "Very Very Cool". That's the title!

MontyPythonFan said...

Is Davros rumored to return in this episode, the one before, or the one after?

Anonymous said...

I think its both

Anonymous said...

revenge of davros
return of davros
hello mr davros?

Anonymous said...

None of the words begin with D

Candice said...

I've been looking at some threads and the words, "Satan's Frontier", "Crucible", "Daleks", "Harriet Jones, "Rose Tyler" and "The Harkness Bot" are key words for this episode apparantly. What does everyone think?

Anonymous said...

I wonder how Jack, Rose, Donna, the doctor, mickey, jackie and sarah jane all meet eachother.

Because when the doctor is shot and Jack, donna and rose carry him nack into the TARDIS then Donna must know Jack already.

Then Sarah jane, mickey and jackie appear, so jackie must know sarah jane.

I think Jenny will be back in this episode

Pazithi said...

My title bet is "Hand Of Omega". It's a stella manipulator after all... and the stars ARE going out, Wilf says so! See my blog for more rambling about this, amongst other things. Or not.

Anonymous said...

Here could the 'half-dalek' be a davros?

Anonymous said...

Hand of Omega would be a great way to reference the old series.

Anonymous said...

" Threat is on the epic scale as an ancient enemy is resurrected"

assuming that it's davros, the word resurrected would imply that ne was dead before, and how could he be resurrected?

Anonymous said...

about the resurected and the davros dead thing im just gunna say about the episode ressurection of the daleks it sais resurection but if anyone has seen it the daleks are very much alive so this might be a similar situation

Anonymous said...

you know what? I've noticed that none of you have actually suggested any titles begging with the letters TBA in that order

Anonymous said...

Good idea, my suggestions are :-

Tom Baker's Aardvark
Tom Baker's Arse
The Big Albatross
That Blonde Anarchist
Tiny Bomb Assault
This Blue Atom
Texan Baby Blues


Anonymous said...

thats because tba stands for 'TO BE ANOUNCED'

Anonymous said...

Maybe the episode really is called TBA! :)

Anonymous said...

That Bloody Amigo? just kidding. Maybe the title is something to do with the Medusa Cascade, such as "The Cascade Opens" or "Opening Medusa Cascade" or even "Medusa Cascade Madness". Any thoughts?

Anonymous said...

"thats because tba stands for 'TO BE ANOUNCED'"

Does it really ? Damn ! I didn't know that !

Anonymous said...

I think it's called To Be Announced

lol. I wouldn't be surprised ^^

But it's probably War on Skaro or Ressurection of Madman. lol

Anonymous said...

The Racnoss Revenge

doodle pom said...

Jess, I just want to say that I love your blog!!! I live in the U.S., so we're always a few episodes behind in the Doctor Who series. By reading this and following your links to Youtube, I can be up to date in all things who! Before I discovered this blog, it was hard to find the episodes online because you can't even watch videos on the BBC website if you're not in the U.K. Thanks so much!! My family of American who nuts is happy!!!!

BTW: I like spoilers as much as the next person....But seriously, can't we just wait for the finale? I mean...I just started watching Doctor Who a few months ago, and now that I think about it, it was better watching all the seasons with a fresh mind every episode instead thinking about all the stuff you read about what might happen or what might not. I dunno....speculate if you want, but reading up on spoilers and news and excerpts of the future scripts just makes me go crazy, because I analyze it too much!...Or is that the fun of things like Digital Spy...? Hmmmmmm

Jess said...

Hey doodle pom, glad I could fulfill all your Doctor Who needs! Its what this blog is here for after all!

And spoilers aren't for everyone, but some people love them. I suppose it varies depending on situation, like in Silence in the library I had no idea Donna would become a node, and it was wonderful to feel so shocked.

But I also think analyzing things and coming up with your own ideas is a brilliant thing to do. It shows you're thinking, using logic, and not just staring mindlessly at the tv.

A mix of both is probably the best :)

Anonymous said...

That's what lots of people have said and besides it doesn't actually give away anything.

James said...

Hey guys, I found out what the 12th episode is going to be called:

It's not actually 3 words, that was a red herring.

It's actually

Davros: Cultural Learnings of Earth for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Skaro

timeagent922 said...

Huh James you have got to be kidding. That's way too long for an episode name for starters! And anyway how does anyone know what it's going to be called? I highly doubt RTD would let something like that leak but I'm placing my bets on The Oncoming Storm. That's a cool title.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Timeagent922, I bet you don't get out much. You obviously don't get the fact that James was making a joke based on the title of the Borat movie.

Anonymous, that wasn't a lad's hand that picked up the Master's ring, it was clearly a woman's hand !

Spam, 'War On Skaro' is a crap title, and episode 12 seems to be set in Leeds not Skaro ! If it was called 'War On Skaro it would have to involve a war and be set on Skaro, not Earth.

CyberShell said...

To all the people who say this episode is called War on Skaro, that hasn't been confirmed yet, although it does seem likely (and makes little sense if true: the story's set on Earth, not Skaro). Plus I was hoping for something a little more... imaginative. We know the Daleks are coming back, I can't see how 'War on Skaro' would be too much of a spoiler

Spacephantom said...

CyberShell is right. The "War on Skaro" idea was just complete nonsense and didn't make any kind of sense at all. Mind you I don't see how "The Stolen Earth" is much of a spoiler either.

From the blurb and the other stuff posted here, it does look as if it's going to be a great episode though.

rossy said...

you know what annoys me?
is in england, especially London (is it London where Wilf and that stay?) star arent seen like that, even in remoteish parts of scotland the stars arent that clear

timeagent922 said...

I don't think the master will be back despite the rumours. I reckon Davros will and he's attempting to steal the Earth for a new dalek empire because that's sort of what dalek Caan tried to do before he escaped wasn't it with the experiments?. And I think he went to find Davros because he was the only one who could rebuild the dalek race since they failed in series 3.

And thanks I do have a life actually anoymous.

Anonymous said...

If this episode is set in 2007, or the one after it anyway, that would be the year directly following the Christmas that the Doctor brought down Harriet Jones' reign as prime minister and would be perfect for her harboring feelings of revenge towards him

Anonymous said...

if crucible means cross shaped it could mean half dalek half human meanin either davros or harriet jones and also i think that episode 12 should be called recreation of the daleks

Anonymous said...

I think the 'post-apocalyptic Earth' bit is actually Pete's world. In Doomsday Pete says that tempratures have risen and that it wasn't just global warming. The pics have newspaper stands saying 'Greenhouse gases at an all time high'. Connection? What is the rising tempratures wasn't just because of the breach in the Void? What if new Daleks made by Caan were trying to cross the Void at the same time, to get to Alt!Davros (explaining the old-style look with torso and arms). They succeed just as the Doctor closes the gaps, and find Alt!Davros, who upgrades Caan's Daleks and creates an army of his own (Alt!Daleks have the cog-style weapon instead of a plunger). Alt!Harriet Jones is kidnapped and, because she is a great leader, Alt!Davros makes her the Supreme Dalek (red, 3 lamps, gold bits etc). They invade the Alt!Earth.

Alt!Torchwood send Rose on brief trips to our world, through the scar left behind when the Daleks passed through. This makes small splinters in the Void, through which planets start to fall through into Alt!Space. The Doc/Donna are in the TARDIS when it falls through one of these, hence the TARDIS-on-fire scenes. They step out, and the Doc sees Rose, shooting at Daleks. They manage to get back to our world, but by this time the Daleks have identified the Doc and tell Alt!Davros who he is. The Daleks (Alt and normal) follow the TARDIS crew back to our Earth. They invade our Earth, so the Doc gets Martha, Sarah, Jack, etc to come and help. Doctor gets show by a Dalek, so they take him to the TARDIS, which is teleported to the Crucible, the Dalek Mothership.

The meet Alt!Davros and Harriet!Dalek, and later on defeat them (knowing RTD, it will be through the use of a big button labeled 'Reset'). However, Rose dies in the process, Donna loses her memory, Martha and Mickey join Torchwood with Jack, Sarah joins UNIT and Jackie starts a new life. The Doctor can, however, go back in time to the Alt!Verse, on Bad Wolf Bay, he lands just after the message faded, and finally says he loves Rose (this is before Donna loses her memory). He can't take her back to Our!Verse, so he returns, the memory thing happens, and he drops of Donna at Wilf's. He takes off, and something happens inside the TARDIS, the Doc says "What?", and teh credits roll.

Ta Daaaa!

Anonymous said...

Wow that was interesting! You've really thought about that.

I think you could be right with the alternate Harriet Jones but I think she's volunteered. In Doomsday The Doctor told Pete to 'keep and eye on her' as he knows what she's like. RTD likes to expose how weak humans are in terms of personality and being persuaded (Midnight being a fine example of this). I don't think we should trust Harriet Jones - either of them!

Michelle said...

Good theory! Seems like it could definitely be the case. I really hope that Rose doesn't die though, but I think the scenario you've envisoned sounds very RTDish.

Still, RTD's approach to the show reminds me a lot of what F. Scott Fitzgerald said about artists: they are people who can hold fundamentally opposing views and still function. I think so far that RTD has walked the line perfectly between the idea that "everything dies" and that some things are too wonderful not to last.

The first season was very satisfying, I thought, with the idea that sometimes you can save what seems unsaveable...and then seasons 2 and 3 and most of 4 have been largely about how everything dies, dies, dies. I think RTD has drawn everything to a huge tension point - particularly with the Rose stuff - where it's hard to imagine a happy ending, romantically or otherwise. But I can't help feeling that RTD's imagination isn't one that would close his story arc that way. Having created such an insoluble situation, I think he's going to slip his way out of it somehow.

Hence, my hope that Rose doesn't die and that in some odd way we will get some form of happy-ever-after. But if we don't, I think it will definitely happen as you suggest.

Sorry for the essay...when former English majors get typing, it's really hard to stop...

Michelle said...

one last thought and then I promise I'll stop posting!!

I think it would be cool if the Doctor's half-humanity came into play for the finale. It's interesting that it's mentioned explicitly on the website now, given that (I gather) it's always floated in the limbo-space of uncofirmed wholore since it was first referenced.

I promise that I read everyone else's ideas just as avidly as I blather on about my own! Thanks for your patience.

Anonymous said...

ok Im really confused, the time you sent your last two comments are further than what my time is now and I checked the time throughout the house including sky. ??????????????????????????????

Anonymous said...

And also, how did you find out that the title was "the stolen earth"? Sorry I havent checked the site out for a while, well, this section anyway. SORRY!

Jess said...

Um, I'm not really sure what you mean there anonymous - different times from posting what?

The title The Stolen Earth is from the official press release. Its fun to go back and look at all those guesses above, none of them were right!

Anonymous said...

how do you know? have you already seen 'The Stolen Earth' ??

Jess said...

What? No. A few weeks before every episode theres an official press release that gives the name of the episode and a synopsis.

This happens for most (if not all) BBC programs.

Sam said...

Jess, were you referring to none of our guesses of the title being right, or the episode synopsis?

Jess said...

I was referring to the previous guesses about the title of the episode. I haven't checked all of them, but most were along the lines of War on Skaro and The Oncoming Storm, which are reasonable guesses, just not correct.

Anonymous said...

Its alright in saying all this stuff about davros/daleks returning and rose [[wich I'm very glad about]] but don't u remember at the end of doomsday wer Rose was telling the doctor about jackie having another baby. Wel RTD wouldn't jus write that in the scripts without it having some significence..surley the baby might have something 2 du with this bcos A parallel human[pete] and a normal earth human [jackie] having a baby..? wat wud such a baby become like..?

Anonymous said...

how do you know our universe is the original? we could be a parallel of something else! and i agree good idea btw a mixed universe child would be interesting and what if this child could jump universes because of it.

TimLord said...

All universes are parralell, and there are no 'originalss'.

Sam said...

timlord is right! according to the Doctor, every choice we make creates another parallel universe, so therefore there can't be an original. Just putting that in before anyone tries to argue it.

Anonymous said...

All Good and well but does anyone have any ideas about the 3 or 4 specials we can expect next year ????

Special 1
The finale of the torchwood (shortened) series. We've never had the Doctor on Torchwood, barely even mentioned ?????

Special 2
The pilot for the launch of UNIT ?????

Special 3
The regeneration into the new Doctor. Please not James Nesbitt ???

TimLord said...

If the Doctor was removed from time then wouldn't the Time Lords return?

Anonymous said...

Radio Times has confirmed Gwen and Ianto will have parts in the Series Finale with Jack (no wonder why he didn't leave at the end of Series 2).

Anonymous said...

blasted delinquent daleks going around nicking planets!
they should get ASBOs!

Anonymous said...

not EVERY time a decision about direction has been made they go left.In the sound of drums,while doctor,martha and jack are on telly,the master tells the doctor to turn to the right.I quite like the idea of harriet jones as the red dalek!I've heard that donna gets hit by a car.what's interesting me is...WHAT HAS DONNA GOT ON HER BACK?I mean i think that she has been bitten or used by the racnoss to breed more.if earth has been taken,is that why the stars are going out?or are they lights on the cruciform/crucifix/crucible?

Anonymous said...

Aren't they going overboard a bit?i mean,all these returning characters and monsters!It'll be hard to follow

Anonymous said...

Is Turn Left/The Stolen Earth/Journeys End all one story?

Jess said...

RTD has said that he wants people to make their own mind up about whether the Stolen Earth follows on from Turn Left.

I think it does in terms of timelines and events, but it doesn't necessarily form a 3 parter, i.e the plot of the Stolen Earth doesn't rely on Turn Left as a starting point.

Thats what I make of it anyway.

Anonymous said...

yeah jess,but if rose comes back and the doctor dies in turn left,they wouldn't make that just one story cos rose might have to go back or something.besides,they did a three parter finale last year and that wasn't as big as this year

Anonymous said...

turn left does follow on to the stolen earth because in turn left wilf says ''there going out the stars are going out'' and there is high speculation that davros is behind the planets/stars disapearing.

Anonymous said...

if they go for the master being back because the doctor died with the racnoss then that is a huge plot hole as the master came back using the tardis and it was martha who made him recognise the fob watch etc

Anonymous said...

How come the Red Dalek is now fitted with a 'sucker' instead of the special weapon that we originally saw it with???

Sam said...

The Red Dalek wasn't fitted with a special weapon, it just didn't have anything! It was a useless stump, plain and simple, they hadn't put the sucker on yet. And is it just me, or do the two Daleks with the weird hollow gun-type things look weird on their sides closest to the edge of the picture?

Jack said...

prehaps the reason dalek caan is chained up is because he tells davros that he was involved in the final experiment and is chained up becaue he tryed to poisen the dna with humans!?

Anonymous said...

likley!great idea jack,that'd be cool!just don't let any time travellers near it!

Sander said...

I think Caan is all chained up as punishment for fleeing from the timewar, I guess that's how the Cult of Skaro survived.

Anonymous said...

I think unit may have captured Caan or either as punishment or because davros is using him to create new daleks.


Anonymous said...

Caan is chained up, true, but why does that necessarily mean he's being 'tortured'? His casing is open like the last Dalek's - which I thought was an indication that he opened it himself. Then again, I suppose that's not an explanation of why his dome's missing.

And actually, with his dome (the labelled bit) missing how do we know it even is Caan?

I keep saying 'he'. Do Daleks even have genders?

Tobi said...

If you look at the mid season trailer, the dalek that comes out of the darkness looks a lot like Dalek Caan pictured on this page, and anyway, davros has a different base

Chris said...

It's very easy to get carried away with complex storyline speculation, but remember that this show has millions of viewers, with only a small porportion actually spending all their lives thinking about it (must.... stop.... speculation.... about Saturday....), so it has to be within the grasp of Joe Public to follow the story. Harriet Jones as the Red Dalek, Master returning, Davros returning, Caan returning - or my giddy aunt, so much to take in. Then again, it is RTDs swansong, so perhaps he is just going to go for a mega-finale. Who knows?

Jess said...

>>Caan is chained up, true, but why does that necessarily mean he's being 'tortured'? And actually, with his dome (the labelled bit) missing how do we know it even is Caan?<<

Its been confirmed as Caan most definitely, and as for him/it being tortured... you're right, it might not be the case, but I've heard several strong confirmations that this is what is happening.

Anonymous said...

It might not be the daleks/Davros torturing him - it could be someone else. Van Statten did that before obviously. Perhaps it could be Big Bad Rose!

Davros_the_Creator said...

The more I think about it the more I think that the red "emperor' Dalek is Hariet Jones. She is suposed to be in the finale yet we've not seen a single pic of her. The Red daleks caseing is also significantly different to a standard daleks caseing it also seems to be bigger.

Davros_the_Creator said...

If you have another look at the Caan (damaged/chained dalek) look at where he is being held now have a look at the mid series trailer the bit with what is suposed to be Davros. The Caan pic has a circular blue light to the right, and theres one in the trailer, and the environment in both seems simmilar. I'd say that davros/daleks are punishing him.

James said...

o.O The BBC confirmed it's Caan?


I mean, why the hell would Davros torture him, just for trying to make the Daleks live for longer?

(OK, "poisoning DNA" may be true, but it was for the lengthening of the Dalek race.)

I think it's UNIT torturing him. If he is being tortured.

Sam said...

Sorry, but this is going to be a long one:

To anyone saying that it's Dalek Caan chained up and tortured in the mid-series trailer: how would he be moving forward? how would his gunstick and manipulator arm be gone? why would there be a blue light where his eye should be when the picture above shows that he has no dome, and therefore no eye? why can't anyone believe that the lighting has an effect on Davros's base?

In Doomsday when Dalek Sec was in the sky next to the Genesis Ark, his bumps looked blue, when in fact they were black and just reflecting the light.

Plus, the band of tortured/damaged/dying Dalek Caan is different than the band of the thing (most likely Davros) in the trailer. Whereas the band on Davros is the same, just a reflective silver.

Finally, Davros has some globe-type thing on his life-support chair next to the three switches, and that is most likely the light that was seen above the band in the mid-series trailer.

Sageeth said...

"And not just any Daleks either, shiny gold Daleks! Shiny, gold Daleks who are taking people prisoner? How unlike Daleks!"

Yeah it is always unlike the Daleks to do that every time they did in the old series too :p (they did a lot).

I think Dalek Caan or whatever Dalek it is might be the one who went to Davros and ended up like this because though they came to him they were still AN ENEMY, OF THE, TRUE DALEKS.

Sure it isn't Sec in the alternate time line? Black Dalek and all, though those bumps are goldish and not black. Probably nicked his since it was the only one in proper condition. Whatever the case I love it. It's probably meant to make us horrified, "what's so evil and powerful it could torture a Dalek". Well I'd think torturing a Dalek wouldn't register so high on my evil scale. "Have Pity", "Why?! You never did!"

Ian said...

Ive just been on this website

and at the bottom of the paage it says "The scenes recorded saw the Doctor being exterminated by a Dalek; and Jack lead the injured Time Lord back to his TARDIS"

Ian said...

Former PM Harriet Jones, is consumed with rage that the Doctor was responsible for her getting deposed, when she blew the Sycorax from the sky.

Her rage is only fueled, when she learns that the Doctor took no such action against Harold Saxon, who, exactly one year later; gave the order to blow the Racnos from the sky.

Her own investigations unerath the true nature of Harold Saxon, (ie: that he is the Time Lord known as 'The Master') and beleives that the Doctor, allowed him to destroy the Racnos unpunished, was some sort of special TimeLord dispensation.

Having stowed-away on the Valiant, (during the events of 'Last Of The Time Lords'), she has witnessed the entire 'year that never was', and now knows the power that the TimeLords posesses. She lusts for this power, for herself.

She also witnesses the Master reminissing with the Doctor, about the time the Doctor 'Sealed the Medussa Cascade', before the Master finally dies.

She steals the Masters ring from his funeral pire, and is soon overwhelmed by the sound of drums herself. But unlike the derranged Master; Harriet Jones knows immediately what the sound represents - and from where it originates.

An army of unimaginable size exists, beating down the walls between realities, tearing open the fabric of the universe in an attempting to escape thier prison, buried as they have been beneath the Medusa Cascade, imprisoned since the closing moments of the time war; sealed outside of time and space, as even the time lords were aware of it.

Anonymous said...

OH.MY.GOD!That'll rally work.and if the sealed monsters were new daleks,BRILLIANT!

Sander said...

Ian how could this be true if we've seen the Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead and there was no evidence of Donna dying at the hands of the Racnoss?

I've seen this text before and it was almost confirmed as fake. (It even forgot the Midnight episode!)

Anonymous said...

i am sorry if someone has posted and it has been answered but there are a lot of posts

has anyone noticed that the symbols on the daleks underneath their eye stalk, it looks like they are all different and the two that are either side of the surpreme dalek look like they mirror each other.

also the supreme dalek doesnt have one at all

so what do people think they are

Anonymous said...

MAYBE THE DALEKS have perfected cloning?

Sander said...

Just noticed something in the episode "Dalek" the Dalek looks all chained up and everything similiar how Caan looks here. Is this relevant?

Anonymous said...

Ian, that synopsis you posted has been doing the rouds for a while. I think it originally appeared on Digital Spy's board.

Jargo said...

just a thought about the bit way up there that mentions the doctor heading over to 'the shadow proclomation'. a proclomation is a decree or statement of binding finality. it's not a physical entity. so the doctor would discuss the shadow proclamation but would be headed to a high council or select committee who issued the proclamation. which is undoubtedly to do with the rules and regulations of time travel, time wars and that sort of thing. bit like the geneva convention.

and with the Judoon present at the place the doctor heads to it would seem that it's a council of various alien races who govern infringements of the shadow proclamation. a sort of United Nations or rather, United Planets.

Sam said...

Anonymous, I noticed that too about the two Daleks' flanking the Red Dalek and the Red Dalek's ID tags. I don't think it's all that important, just laziness on the prop maker's part, or a means to show that those two Daleks are equal. Anyway, Ian, that synopsis has been everywhere just about, and proven false by Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead, the Time Beetle leaked/preview information, the fact that it totally ignores Midnight, and many other things. I don't mean to be rude, but you've fallen for a very elaborate yet false plotline for the finale, though some of the stuff was before speculated to be correct.

Scorpio said...


And davros came down from the heavens and spoke his words of wisdom. Why have i been mentioned?

Quiet possibly the biggest mistake in the universe doctor who released images of dalek caan and the red dalek when the series came out (Of course they were only drawings then)

Soon after rumours spread of the red dalek being the leader then shortly after they released Harriet jone`s name on the character list. Meaning the red dalek is Harriet jone`s.

When TUATW was released information on the last three episodes flew through the web.

Continues next post

Scorpio said...

Spoilers continued!

The name master and rani flew about conspiracy sites. It was then they let slip the images of davros.

Soon after the Judoon were also sighted. Having confirmed that there is no plan for the master`s return series 5 will most likely include . . .


With series four ending with two doctors and 2009 having rose saving earth from ice dragons and a new government group designed to kill off the doctor! (Kind of like torchwood gone way bad)

Continues next post

Scorpio said...

Spoilers continued again

As for the final three episodes here is what i know!


The doctor and donna visit a china like planet called shin shen. Donna`s future is foretold and a strange time beetle finds its way onto her back.

Living life if she had never met the doctor she finds him dead. With events from series 3 and four taking effect can donna reverse time?

This episodes includes the return/ mentions of the Sontarans, adipose, judoon and racnoss.


Time has been repaired, The doctor is back, however a rift has opened and davros has returned. Dalek caan has contacted him and they are on an uneasy alliance.

A strange ship is hovering in space and as the daleks attack the doctors companions join together to save the earth however a traitor is among them.

The traitor is Donna and she will somehow sell out the doctors location to davros.


The end is here. Davros controls the world and the doctor has been captured and inslaved. The tardis is know under davroses controll and as time is falling apart dalek caan betrays his master.

After an intense finally the doctor is almost killed and a second version of him is stuck in the parallel universe with rose.

Davros nearly kills the doctor but caan thinks Davros is inferior and not the true dalek form and kills him.

The rift seals and the doctor leaves alone as donna looses her memory of betraying the doctor.

The end . . .

At least till after episode 11

thedoctorwho07 said...

Sander, Doctor Who involves time travelling, something could happen to change time!

I myself think Ian's description of what happens to Harriet Jones is very plausable. Of course she'd be angry that the doctor punished her for shooting down the sycorax and didn't punish harold saxon for shooting down the racnoss.

Dan said...

Harriet Jones, Luke, Gwen, Ianto, Judoon. Next time trailer was wicked. Pity there was no Rose or Davros though...

TimLord said...

errmm... rose was in the next time trailer

TimLord said...

Have you noticed that the new dalek emperor has got no tag?

Matthew said...

Good old Mr.Russel T Davies has just said what an occuring theme is... lost planets... they pointed out the lost moon thing on midnight, the pyroville planet going somewhere and the adipose planet being stolen also... next episode!! stolen earth!! :O!!

sorry if anyone else has previously pointed any of this out :S

Anonymous said...

I've got Sky+ and I've watched this episode's trailer in slo-mo several times. I've broke it down to images:

-Rose Tyler (with gun)
-Doctor (looking at TARDIS console)
-Donna (looking quite scared)
-Martha (on phone, UNIT in background)
-Captain Jack (switching off mobile)
-Gwen and Ianto (from Torchwood)
-Wilf and Sylvia (Wilf w/cricket bat)
-Sarah Jane Smith (crying/upset)
-Doctor and Donna (what are they looking at?)
-Harriet Jones
-Luke (Sarah Jane's 'son')
-Judoon (in group)
-Rose (looking up)
-Doctor and Donna (looking again)
-Red Dalek
-Sarah Jane (in a car crash?)
-Grey finger flicking a switch (?)
-General Sanchez (UNIT Officer)
-Loads of Dalek ships attacking Earth
-Doctor "Can't Be"
-Explosion in Torchwood office.
-Jack "There's Nothing We Can Do"
-Dalek ship hovering over London
-Sylvia "Oh My God!"
-Sort of explosion
-Gwen "What is it?"
-Mr Smith from SJA?
-Opening shaft (could be Davros)
-Donna "What are we going to do?"
-Donna running down an abandoned street
-Another Torchwood explosion
-Sarah Jane and Luke next to car
-Sarah Jane and Luke being attacked
-Martha "It can't be"
-Dalek breaking into Torchwood HQ
-Ianto and Gwen shoting Dalek
-Dalek around a corner
-Jack "We're dead!"
-Malfunctioning TARDIS (from mid-series trailer)
-Unknown woman next to Judoon
-Doctor running through something that looks like a forest/street
-Rose looking up "It's only just beginning" (laughing Dalek in background)
-Dalek (up close)

There we go then, I hope there might be some spoilers and questions which connect to this. Hope I could of been and assistance.

Jargo said...

Well the next time trail and confidential on 'turn left' just confirmed that sarah jane and Luke, Gwen and Iantho are in the finale. there was a good shot of davros trundling towards camera, and lots of guns. also a dalek voice laughing. could be davros or the red dalek.

oh and the council of alien races which includes the Judoon and the curly blonde haired woman seen in set report pics. nothing of harriet jones though.

with regards to the shadow procclamation, which features in this story possibly it seems like the council of alien races issued the procclamation after the time war. to safeguard the universes against another war. bit like the treaties that the United nations comes up with regarding war crimes and illegal occupation of foreign lands.

the crucible seems to me like a melting pot. the stars and planets from all universes get pulled inside and melted down to form a huge source of energy. though to be honest if that amount of stars and planets are stolen it leaves nothing for the daleks to invade which seems like a pretty pointless thing to do. unless the daleks are going to create a fresh 'big bang' and create a new universe. wipe everything out to make themselves a lovely little playground universe populated with nothing but daleks. which is familiar story arc where the daleks are concerned, always wanting to ethnic cleanse a planet here and there, but this is bigger than anything they've done before. it's the biggest threat the doctor has ever faced if I'm thinking along the right lines.

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