Planet Gallifrey: Midnight and Herrings

Saturday, June 7

Midnight and Herrings

Well, once again Digitalspy are extremely quick off the mark as they give us some more spoilery goodness and possible red herrings (there are two of them)

The full page can be seen here, and I strongly recommend you check it out, But otherwise, here is what may, or may not, be popping up in Midnight.
  • A sinister shadow poses a threat to the Crusader 50 vessel, according to a crew member.

  • Betty Boop is seen doing the do in front of The Doctor.

  • A Professor is carrying a hidden bomb strapped under his jumper along with a unique ultimatum.

  • The Doctor toasts the Lost Moon of Poosh.

  • It's Election Day on the planet Midnight, prompting The Doctor to discuss Arcadia.

  • Rose Tyler trades places with a pop singer.
    Apparently true - she mouths the Doctor's name briefly replacing an Italian singer who is part of the automated intro

  • Fans of a certain French phrase will be happy.
    True - see quotes below

  • The Doctor tries to force a pi into the mouth of an alien.

  • One of the characters tells the Time Lord: "Oh Doctor, you're so handsome." He agrees.

  • A famous poem by Christina Rossetti is analysed by The Doctor and one other character, in reference to ongoing events.
And in addition to this, here are the usual missing words that DigitalSpy so kindly revealed to us. The original post can be seen here

"The history is fascinating because there is ** (no?) ****o**(history?)"
"98 **i** (trips?) later."
"You seem to have a certain glee."
"She said she'd get me."
"The *ed*** *a*****."

Oh, one other thing...
Don't blink - or you might miss it. (Referring to the brief appearance of Rose?)

Thanks DigitalSpy!


James said...

a pi??
a pie, did they mean? lol what

Anonymous said...

Well, I can see the French phrase thing being real.

n.t. said...

A highly original villain - not Daleks, then...

Anonymous said...

PI is a gun I think.

Anonymous said...

or the mathmatical symbol pi

Anonymous said...

I agree that pi is probably the mathematical symbol... Christina Rossetti - The Goblin Market? That's what comes to my mind when I think of her.

Rose Tyler will trade places with a pop singer - I thought she wasn't back til the episode after this? Maybe there's a pop singer on Midnight that looks like her, (Or maybe they're big fans of Billie Piper, lol)

twood said...

Here's what I think about the pop singer comment...

On this site's page for Midnight, "Rafaella Carra (Italian singer) appears "in all her glory" as part of the in-shuttle entertainment package" is mentioned, and not as a hint, from someone that has actually seen the episode.

I think this person most likely appears as a hologram- she's Italian, so who's to say the production team didn't get some footage of her while they were filming at Cinecitta in Italy for Pompeii? It makes sense.

That hologram is disrupted very briefly (probably while the Doctor has his back turned to the hologram - it seems very likely to be a cue for him and some other character to have an important discussion - with an image of Rose.

Problem solved. :)

Rossy said...

maybe Pi is something to confuse some-one/disable a droid, and the dr asks said someone/droid to give the answer of a formulae?

n.t. said...

Twood - problem solved indeed, that's clever!

daystardragon said...

My theory about Rose thing is that the Doctor will watch her singing and do another "Flashback" thing, like in 'The Runaway Bride' where he sees someone dancing and thinks it is Rose. Rafaella Cara looks a bit like Rose, enough for this to make sense. However, Twood's hologram theory makes sense too. If he misses her when she shouts 'DOCTOR!' I may scream.

Also, I'm worried about the phrase "characters tells the Time Lord" Why not say "The Doctor"? Is it crazy to suggest that it could be the Master, also on the ship, masquerading as the Doctor, but unseen by him? Before this season I wouldn't have believed it, but I would not be surprised if they had a sweeping shot showing Simms as the Master and then they don't show him for a while after that. (next season or whatever)

!RICH! said...

Fans of a certain French phrase will be happy.

probably allons-y but could it be deja vou?...

twood said...

Daystardragon, that is also a very good idea... after seeing pictures of Rafaella Cara, I can definitely see that happening. RTD might be combining elements from two of the Christmas specials here... :)

Betty Boop is definitely a herring. This is the low-budget episode (or so it is rumoured), so getting permission to use the character would be likely an astronomical amount of money for a TV program and a low-budget episode. (Granted, there has been a running theme of cartoons in Series 4, but that is just ridiculous.)

The Lost Moon of Poosh: Why not? Only one that hasn't been seen/lined up to be seen... perhaps the Professor knows a bit about the Lost Moon and why it is lost... (I have my own speculations on the subject)

In brief, the Medusa Cascade is a planet, yes, but one with a rift that has the ability to turn planets to stone. (Hence the Medusa part of its name). It was sealed by the Doctor, and this was obviously a big thing as it was mentioned by the Master. As of late, however, the rift has become active again... and the Doctor doesn't know.

The Adiposian Breeding Planet, Pyrovillia, and other planets have been turned to stone, therefore. When the Doctor mentions the 15th broken moon in TSS, he likely still believes the Cascade has become a peculiar tourist attraction, with some of its planets cracking (hence the broken stone moon).

I also believe that, to make sure that all the kid viewers were familiar in some part with Medusa and the Gorgons' power to turn things to stone, he deliberately requested there be a story about Gorgons in SJA so that kids could have some knowledge of Medusa, etc. and not have to go through a history lesson, wasting plot minutes.

Arcadia: There was a Fall there, and it was in one of the New Adventures books... could there be some political unrest there (I haven't read the book myself, so I'm not sure)

Pi: If it's numerical, then maybe. I don't know.

Handsome Comment: Likely.

Professor Bomb: Judging by the fact that this episode leads its characters to do and say some terrible things, perhaps the Professor has become tired of all he's seen... or is that way too dark for DW? Torchwood, probably, but DW?

Christina Rossetti: Only one I can think of is Goblin Market... and that's about two sisters, each tempted by evil but one, I think, is resolute... perhaps Sky and another woman are both offered/forced possession, and Sky submits?

Sinister Shadow: Most likely spotted on the radar.

French Phrase: Could be allons-y, could be deja vu (as !rich! as suggested). Again, likely.

There you have it. Hope none of you have fallen asleep.

Anonymous said...

I have an idea about the french phrase and Rose trading places with a pop singer. Could the song be "Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi", and the singer being replaced by Rose being Kylie Minogue? This would solve both of those and is quite feasible seeing RTD's love for Kylie and 2oth century dance music. This would also make Billie Piper happy as she was annoyed about not being in "Voyage Of The Damned", as she wanted to meet Kylie. Well its a thought, anyway......

Tom Foss said...

I'm reading Rossetti's poetry, and this one ("Dream Land") looks like it might be interesting.

"Led by a single star,
She came from very far
To seek where shadows are
Her pleasant lot."

Shaun said...

A highly original villain...

Macra? They might bang on the side of the bus... ?

Anonymous said...

refering to what someone said about a hologram being replaced by Rose and The Doctor not seeong it what if he does. The bit in the cinema trailer were he looks shocked could be when he sees Rose. (Robin)

Mel said...

LOL, did the trailer remind anyone of The Horror at 37,000 Feet? From the plot details we know, it's unlikely to be like that, but I definately got that kind of vibe. If only Shatner were there...

Mel said...

LOL, did the trailer remind anyone of The Horror at 37,000 Feet? From the plot details we know, it's unlikely to be like that, but I definately got that kind of vibe. If only Shatner were there...

n.t. said...

For some reason I thought you meant "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet," the Twilight Zone episode. That would be quite a laugh...

Anonymous said...

anyone seen airline? ;)

twood said...

Anonymous (that person that made the hologram comment was me), you have a good idea, but it lessens the emotional impact when the Doctor DOES see Rose in Episode 12. Check the filming reports for that episode on here; you'll see what I mean.

I think that is far more likely a scene of the Doctor staring at something in utter despair, quite possibly a shadow or something (as hypothesized by the hints).

But you never know.

Shaun, it's not going to be the Macra. Macra do not possess people. I suspect it'll be some sort of psychic beast that can possess people (like Sky).

And Kylie in Midnight? Doubtful, considering Rafaella Cara, an Italian singer, has already been confirmed as part of the entertainment package. To throw Kylie in just to please ONE person would be ill-advised on RTD's part. Even if that person is Billie Piper.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the ship is being attacked. And at the end. The door opens. A Dalek comes through. Doctor does that dispair look thingy. And then he gets taken away for one episode.

Probably won't happen. But if it does. OMG!!!!!!!!

daystardragon said...

A bit more of DREAM LAND

'Where sunless rivers weep'
Maybe a reference to River Song? Unlikely but just throwing it out there.

'She sees the sky look pale,
And hears the nightingale
That sadly sings.'

Now this is where it gets interesting. the Nightingale could be Rose, taking place of the singer. Nightingales are symbols of, among other melancholy things, loss of love. (Rose, Duh) And of course, Sky is there.

n.t. said...

The Doctor is in the beginning of Turn Left when they visit Shan Shen! He doesn't get taken away in Midnight...

Ticker said...

Is this a bad episode to watch 3 days before I enbark on a 10 hour flight?

Beard said...

I don't think it's nessicarily true, but that is a pretty cool thought. And a nice ping back to those old cliffhangers where the Master's just chilling out, laughing evily to himself while the Doctor's in mortal peril.

I keep picturing Simms growing a little soul patch, now, though. Just because the Doctor reacting to that would be hilarious.

Anonymous said...

It's kinda funny: next week I'm going to be on vacation and will spend all Saturday coming back home, and I won't get home until midnight, so I'll be watching Midnight on YouTube at Midnight. :D

Lilith said...

"One of the characters tells the Time Lord: "Oh Doctor, you're so handsome." He agrees."

Exactly the same scene was in "Casanova", written by RTD, played by DT. I'd say it is not true. Could be a reference though.

Maybe Donna sees (or was distracted and missed) Rose interfering with hologram at spa? Remember, both Rose appearances was missed by Donna, while Doctor was nowhere near. Maybe it has something to do with Donna "missing the big picture", like in "Runaway Bride".

Chris said...

I get the impression that this is going to be a bit of a sleepy episode. Several of the previous series have a sort of calm before the storm - Blink was a great episode but didn't lead into Utopia at all, it stood alone as far as I recall.

Can't wait a fortnight to hopefully see Davros.

Anonymous said...

REMEMBER me when I am gone away,
Gone far away into the silent land;
When you can no more hold me by the hand,
Nor I half turn to go, yet turning stay.
Remember me when no more day by day
You tell me of our future that you plann'd:
Only remember me; you understand
It will be late to counsel then or pray.
Yet if you should forget me for a while
And afterwards remember, do not grieve:
For if the darkness and corruption leave
A vestige of the thoughts that once I had,
Better by far you should forget and smile
Than that you should remember and be sad.

sounds like Rose to the Doctor if you ask me :)

Loving the hologram idea twood!

Anonymous said...

If not a hologram it may be shown on a screen
like when you can watch doctor who on an aeroplane ;)

Tom Foss said...

Anonymous: I saw that poem too, and I thought this line: "Nor I half turn to go, yet turning stay" was particularly relevant. Gosh, I wonder which direction that half-turn might be in...

Then again, it also says "famous poem," and the one people seem to know is "Goblin Market." There doesn't seem to be much literal connection, but there's definitely a thematic one: a young woman has a single, brief taste of wonderful, one-of-a-kind fruits, but then is wasting away when she can't experience that wonder again. Sounds more than a bit like the kind of things we've heard said by former companions (Sarah Jane especially), and the kind of thing that prompted Donna to search for the Doctor in "Partners in Crime."

daystardragon said...

I agree with Lilith about the big picture thing.

Also, when do we predict "Whatever happens, Rose is coming back. Isn't that good?" will be said? If it is put in this episode then Donna would have to have at least a bit of a conversation. Then again, she might just see rose, who sees her and says something along the lines of, "I'm coming back" before she vanishes. Then Donna tells the Doctor about "That strange lady, the blonde I told about the Car Keys, said she wuz coming back and then she vanished."
Doctor: "Blonde? was she [describes Rose/shows picture]?"
Donna: "Yes."
Doctor: :)

Jess said...

I don't think there'll be the "whatever happens, Rose is coming back" moment in this episode, the characters aren't wearing the same clothes as they do in that scene.

My guess is it'll either be at the end of ep11 or beginning of ep12

n.t. said...

Who said What?
Here are some select quotes from the episode, with the now-customary stars inserted to keep you wondering. Add your guesses at the end of the column!

"The history is fascinating because there is ** ****o**."
"98 **i** later."
"You seem to have a certain glee."
"She said she'd get me."
"The *ed*** *a*****."

Oh, one other thing...
Don't blink - or you might miss it.

n.t. said...

And here's a guess:

"The history is fascinating because there is NO HISToRY."

daystardragon said...

Miss what?

n.t. said...

They could be referring to the potential Rose appearance, but it doesn't say what on the site!

Anonymous said...

"98 **iNG later."
something- ing i think

Val said...

The last one could be The Medusa Cascade

James said...

I think it's Medusa Cascade too. But I think it's

98 trips later.

And yeah, "no history" sounds about right.

Anonymous said...

Ok, here's a thought. Do I believe RS is Rose, yes. Could I be wrong, of course.

Here's my theory:

How is it possible that Rose wasn't fundamentally changed when she absorbed the time vortex. First of all, we are talking about a very old and very powerful energy. Secondly, she brought immortal life to Jack with just a touch of that power, so, it must have affected her physiology.

Moving on, The Doctor makes references in Jon Pertwee's era and later on that the Timelords were much like humans until the harnessed the power of a blackhole. Until that point, Timelords didn't regenerate. When Rass, Omega and The Other harnessed the power of a collapsed star (The Eye of Harmony) then the people of Gallifrey became the Timelords we know and love today.

Think about, Rose absorbed all that power. It changed the physiology of the Timelords; therefore, it quite possibly changed Rose's physiology as well. Not to mention all the coincidences that tie RS and Rose together, as previously mentioned by another blogger.

But, it's just a theory like any other.

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

"no history" fits in with the preview clip because the doctor is going on about no one having been there before

Anonymous said...

The part about Rose appearing must be true because on the cast list for Midnight on the Radio Times website, it says Rose Tyler -Billie Piper!!!!!!!!!!

Doctor who fan said...

midnight is night afler evening and before morning not midnight the planet

Anonymous said...

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