Planet Gallifrey: 'I'd return for Who film'

Saturday, September 20

'I'd return for Who film'

A nice article from DigitalSpy. Yay for DigitalSpy!

Exiting Doctor Who showrunner Russell T. Davies would consider returning to the franchise if a movie is announced.

Speculation has been rife that a film version of Time Lord's exploits is to be made, with a recent survey showing that TV fans would prefer a Who movie over any other TV adaptation.

Davies claimed that he thinks the BBC will get around to greenlighting the project "some day", although at the moment the corporation is at its "absolute limit".

"I'd be very interested in going back for it. I think it could be lovely and could work as an idea. They did one in the 1960s and that worked and it didn't affect the TV series at all," he said.

The showrunner announced in May that he would be leaving the show before the next series of the sci-fi hit, with Steven Moffat taking over.

He said: "It's been a delight and an honour working with Steven, and I can't wait to see where his extraordinary imagination takes The Doctor. Best of all, I get to be a viewer again, watching on a Saturday night!"

It still doesn't answer the question of if there actually WILL be one!


Anonymous said...

Hold on. RTD said he wouldn't come back to WHO after his era. Fucking liar. Piss off Russell.

Anonymous said...

I doubt he believed at that time there was going to be a movie, and even now there's not going to be a movie - nobody involved has said there'll be a movie, the most people have said is that it'd be interesting. Moffat doesn't want to do one; RTD doesn't think there'll be one.

Anonymous said...

Moffat said he wouldn't mind as long as it didn't interfere with filming.

sillydoctorwho said...

why am i banned jess

Melissa said...

A major motion picture for Doctor Who COULD possibly work in this day and age. It worked for the Star Trek franchise.

Doctor who fan said...

many times doctor who has movies like Doctor who and daleks daleks invasion earth 2150 and Doctor who movie 1996 maybe in next year but we don t know I know I think the doctor who movie 2009 the time war afler the end of 2nd special 2009 and start of the 3 special 2009