Planet Gallifrey: Who's Comming Back?

Monday, September 8

Who's Comming Back?

Sorry for lack of posts recently, I've been distracted by this walking ball of fluff:
Anyway, back to Whoniverse related events!
DigitalSpy have released an article talking about the return of Donna, Wilf and the Master for one of the 2009 specials.
The Sun also released a similar one

NOTE: This information was most likely taken from rumors already circulating the DWF, and its most certainly not confirmed!

Catherine Tate and John Simm will return to Doctor Who next year.

Tate will reprise her role as assistant Donna Noble for one of the four specials planned for next year, while Simm will return as villainous Time Lord The Master. Veteran actor Bernard Cribbins will also be back to play Donna's grandfather Wilf.

A Who source said: "Fans will be delighted to see Catherine back. She was one of the wackiest companions of all time and she brought heaps of humour. And it's great to have John back - he and David Tennant have a real nemesis chemistry."

Tate, whose character's memory was wiped in last year's series finale, earlier expressed her desire to return to the cult show, saying: "In science fiction, anything is possible."

So there you go, exciting stuff!
More of whats going on for the specials can be seen here. And as for the latest whispers...

"... so Harriet Jones... She's dead isn't she? We saw her die right? Didn't we? What do you mean we didn't?... And what of the Osterhagen key? Have really seen the last of it? Now that would be a Master stroke now, wouldn't it. A terrific way to conclude the specials.

Hell hath no fury like a women scorned and Revenge for HJ is a dish best served cold.

And from what I'm hearing... McGann. Filming. A couple of weeks time. Studio based... and it takes place right at the end of the Time War"

NOTE: There is nothing to confirm this, they're only rumors. But still... we should all bow down to Doctor's Trainers and buy expensive things as offerings.


TimLords said...

luv the cat. hope mcgann returns. sincerely hope that donna doesn't. its crap when everybody returns tis boring

Anonymous said...


Brad said...

Awww. Your 'Ball of fluff' is sooo cute! I hope Donna is not coming back as it would ruin the end of journeys end. Dr 8 - yes. Master - yes!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new kitten, so cute!

Anonymous said...

Although I agree in principle, perhaps they could find some way to wedge her back in from some point in her series 4 timeline. After all, did seeing Jamie in The Two Doctors ruin the similar conclusion of his character in The War Games?
Unfortunately, John Simm (although a favourite actor of mine) did not play a favourite Master. If it were possible, I would wish for either Derek Jacobi or one of the three who are dead.

Also, cute kitten. I'm struggling not to make "awwww" sounds.

Ella said...

Cute cute kitten! I have one too, though she's a little over 5 months now.

I'll be interested to see if they use mcgann, and HOW they use him, how it ends up and such.

Donna coming back? It will be interesting if it's donna AFTER the memory wipe, or before. And if it's before and the doctor didn't know about it, then will that memory still be in her head after the memory wipe? so confusing. Timey-wimey wibbly wobbly.

Michelle said...

I would love to see McGann with an RTD script. He's an amazing actor, and it's such a shame that his outing as the Doctor was so disappointing.

As for people coming back...Donna, Wilf, Master...bring it on! I personally would love to see Donna in a multiple-doctor episode, drawn into it because she's the Doctor-Donna, and have a central tension be the attempt to allow her to play her role without remembering who she is and dying. Nice dramatic irony for the audience. I have no reason to think this will happen, though. :)

daystardragon said...

The kitteh!1!!!

Also ty for the data!

Jess said...

Oh my! I thought the Doctor Who news was more exciting than the kitten...

Although he is adorable. Thanks for the kind comments everyone!

Simon said...

I hate to be rude but I don't believe ANY of those so-called rumours for a second.

McGann is never coming back. The Time War will never be shown. Donna's story is over. Harriet Jones is as dead as the idea of her being inside the Red Dalek. (Remember how that was an absolutely definite fact from highly reliable sources?) And while I'm sure the Master will return one day it won't be John Simm playing him.

Anonymous said...

The Donna and John Simm rumours are from The Sun. There's a long way to go before anyone should be taking them at all seriously. Ditto that other rumour - sounds like pure sensationalist nonsense. Harriet Jones who picked up the Master's ring? Seriously, now, people. Even in the unlikely case that it were true, it'd still be a rubbish idea.

TOCS said...

Wow, cute cat.
Nice posts by the way, it amazes me how you go into so much detail!
I suppose Im kinda new to posting comments on here, but I think I will from now on :)

TOCS said...

Wow, cute cat.
Nice posts by the way, it amazes me how you go into so much detail!
I suppose Im kinda new to posting comments on here, but I think I will from now on :)

TOCS said...

Arrgh, Im new and my first comment I send twice. Darn. Sorry :P

Ember said...

Can't wait for Donna and the Master! Also, that's great that it's almost been confirmed David's gonna do a series 5!

PS: I LOVE the kitten! Totally adorable.

Joleen said...

Don't know if it's been posted yet, but check out this digital spy article claiming David Tennant would like to sign on for a DW movie:

Here's hoping there's some truth to it!

czechOUT said...


bring on Donna, the best thing ti happen to new Who since David T.

well, at least in my opinion. Just search Donna on my blog!


cath-lovesyou said...

""Hell hath no fury like a women scorned and Revenge for HJ is a dish best served cold""

Id love to see that one! Go harriet Jones

Peter said...

The MASTER Hes my fav villan beside Davrose! He's Awsome!How do you guys think Donna Noble Returns? I mean there are some Poeple who think it has to do with the ring but I CANT WAIT !!! :)

Doctor who fan said...

great the master return in specials 2009 if he still had laser scewdriver and tolcafane to killing humans