Planet Gallifrey: The Writers Tale

Monday, September 22

The Writers Tale

RTD's new book "The Writers Tale" has now hit the shelves.

It follows Davise's life as the head writer and God of Doctor Who as he talks about his experiences, fears and excitements of the Whoniverse.

You can read a small preview of the book in this article from the Times. It features Davies e-mailing Benjamin Cook, his co-author.

As well as this, there are several pictures in the book that show a deleted scene from Journey's End, where Cybermen enter the TARDIS

A huge thanks to Blogtor Who for providing the pictures!
In the end the Cyber-scene was deemed unsuitable by the production team, but it will be included as an extra on the series 4 DVD boxset.


Cameron McEwan said...

Jess, could you please give BLOGTOR WHO credit for the Cybermen pics?


Jess said...

Oops! Yes, sorry, I did intend to give you credit but must have missed it out

Sorry again!

Cameron McEwan said...

No probs, I know you normally do.
Some sites have been nabbing my stuff without credit recently so I don't want to appear rude.

Thanks for the mention and kind words in your Sunday post, much appreciated.

You can hear the Chris Moyles 'announcement' over on Blogtor too.

daystardragon said...

Right, moving on from the advertisements,

pbellosom said...

Cybermen in journey's end?! How would they fit in? Or was season four supposed to end on another "what?!" moment?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I imagine that's what it was meant to be, but ultimately I can't imagine how it would actually happen and make sense with the following episode. Unless the Cybermen actually came along and asked the Doctor for help with the Next Doctor and the Cybershades.

Jess said...

Yep the cybermen in the TARDIS was supposed to be a "What? What? WHAT?!" moment

I kinda liked it without them though. Journeys End had enough in it as it was!

Anonymous said...

I agree; the ending was best as it was.

daystardragon said...

I agree, the ending would be good as is. Also, I like the idea of the Cybermen asking the Doctor for help.

Doctor who fan said...

you got be Kidiing me cybermen are in tardis what they want upgrade humans and the doctor to become a cybermen or they just delete the doctor because cybermen were fighting daleks and humans