Planet Gallifrey: September 2008

Friday, September 26


What with everyone wondering if Tennant will stay for series 5, heres a mini post from DigitalSpy about his withdrawal symptoms.

David Tennant has revealed that he is missing his Doctor Who colleagues during his sabbatical from the hit show.
"I'm excited to be doing Hamlet," he told Doctor Who Magazine, "but I have got very at home in Cardiff. I love that crew. I love that set-up. I love the show, so I'm missing that. I miss Russell's writing. Shakespeare's all right, but he's lacking in spaceships"
(Full article can be seen here)
And while we're on the subject of Hamlet and actors who are in it, some of the latest whisperings are that Patrick Stewart may be the 2nd big name to be cast for the 2009 specials (the first rumored to be Albert Finney)
This obviously depends on whether he has the time to to it, and whether he wants to accept the role. IF he does however, then according to the wonderful Eddie on the DWF:
  • There will be no facial prosthetics or heavy make up
  • There's a "killer" costume
  • Patrick is keen to play someone who is "not the good guy for a change" (although the character is "not all bad")
  • It's a significant enough character to be either moved, removed or revived later, depending on his availability
  • He's keen to work again with David Tennant and "have the relationship evolve"
So there we go! Obviously these are just rumors and aren't confirmed yet. But people have already began speculating about Time Lords and Gallifrey...
UPDATE: Now there are whisperings of Stewart playing the Meddling Monk - another renegade Time Lord (read about him here
And Lee (DWF) also put in these words:
  • Daleks (a Miff written 2-parter to open series 5)
  • Ice Warriors
  • Zygons
  • Celtic companion. Non contemporary (female)
Again, theres nothing to confirm any of these. But still... 
In preperation for the SJA (which starts on Monday!) DigitalSpy released this interview with Elisabeth Sladen. Yay!

How would you say this series of SJA is different from the first?
"It comes in the dialogue. It's just more explanatory and it doesn't cut off quite so quickly. There are more grown-up stories and it's much harder hitting, I think. We stay with the problem this time, therefore we have to have dialogue that will not patronise."

Have you learnt more about Sarah Jane this series?
"I learn more about her every day. Russell [T Davies] said 'There are so many places she can go. We're only just starting to find out about her'. When the series started, I did think 'where is this going?' Quite honestly, when the pilot went out, I thought I was going to get so much stick from journalists. I love the programme, and always thought it was very good, but that's not always other people's perceptions. It's lovely how people have been so embracing of it."

How did you react when you were offered Sarah Jane Adventures?
"I went for a meal with Russell and Julie [Gardner, BBC Wales head of drama] and I actually thought I was going to be offered to go into Torchwood! Then I thought it was going to beK-9 and Sarah Jane, after what happened in 'School Reunion'. I loved K-9 to bits, but I wondered if that could work. They would have had to do something with the dog - they really would - because all you could do is crouch down and talk to it. That's very limiting, so I am blessed that I have the kids instead!"

How did you feel about The Brigadier coming back?
"I've seen Nick on and off over the years, but he was so pleased to be asked back. It's a lovely thing to do because he's spoken about doing it and it's really nice for the fans."

Did he expect to be asked back?
"I don't think he did. I think he thought his time had gone, because now there's a different UNIT in place."

Is it a reunion for the two characters on-screen?
"They kind of muzz over that a little, but it has been a long time, so that leaves it open to how long it's been. Sarah Jane doesn't really want to introduce the kids to UNIT, because they use guns. Sarah Jane doesn't think a gun is a good thing, not even as a last resort, so it must be pretty special to have to go to The Brig."

It's often rumoured, but do you think the Doctor could ever appear in SJA?
"Well, who would have thought Sarah Jane could have been working with Torchwood? I never thought that could happen! That's what was so amazing about the Doctor Who[finale]. The prospect of crossover between the programmes is quite incredible, so 'yes' in answer to your question, I don't see why you couldn't have the Doctor on this show."

Would you go back to Doctor Who again?
"I actually think that was the last time. But then again, I thought 'School Reunion' was the last time! I thought 'what a lovely send-off, thankyou so much', but now I think that actually might be the last time. I would be really happy if it ended there."

How do you feel about Russell leaving?
"I don't know if he's leaving us, though. I truly, truly don't know that. Steven [Moffat] is taking over Who, which will be really interesting. I am really looking forward to seeing what happens there."

Will there be a third series of Sarah Jane?
"It's in the offing. It depends on this [series] and there are a lot of ifs. I think they're planning it, and it would be lovely to see where we go next

By Neil Wilkes
Thank you!

Tuesday, September 23

DigitalSpy on SJA

Nice little hints, redherrings and whatnot from those glorious people on DigitalSpy.

The Last Sontaran (pt 1)
The legendary Sarah Jane Smith and her young gang of fellow nosey parkers are back for more adventures. Like last year, a familiar foe from the Whoniverse is in town with a cunning plan for global domination. Can a lone Sontaran succeed where the Slitheen failed? 
  • Sarah Jane uses her sonic lipstick on a Sontaran ship.
  • Clyde and Luke use Mr. Smith for computer games.
  • The Rutans pop up during the episode.
  • Sarah Jane speaks to old friend Sir Alastair on the phone to find out a vital piece of information.
  • A Sontaran is accused of being a fan of the Arnold Schwarzenegger Conan movie franchise.
  • Predator-style cloaking device is deployed in Goblin's Copse.
  • Maria's dad Alan receives a very important letter.

The Last Sontaran (pt 2)
The stakes are high during the concluding part of the season's opening story, as Sarah Jane and her pals are holed up in the radio telescope centre. There's plenty of chasing around corridors to pad out the episode, but can you hunt down the red herring amongst the following spoilers?

  • Sarah Jane is shot.
  • One of Maria's parents doesn't survive the episode.
  • Luke has a gas problem.
  • Chrissy meets Mr. Smith.
  • A Sleeper Agent is on the loose.
  • Law Three of Sontaran Battle: Always have a Plan B.
  • A Sontaran's stumpy fingers are used to thwart the alien invader

Thanks DigitalSpy!

Chrismas Special Title

Straight from the BBC Press office:

"Doctor Who will return to BBC one this Christmas in
The Next Doctor
filming resumes early in 2009 on a number of specials, followed by Series five."

There you go, we have a title!
And only 93 more days to wait!

Children in Need

"Something Special" indeed. Straight from the BBC.

Fans of Doctor Who, Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures are being offered a once in a lifetime opportunity to go behind the scenes at the studios where the shows are filmed.

On Saturday and Sunday, November 8 and 9, the BBC will be opening the studio doors just outside Cardiff to 100 lucky competition winners and their friends and families. The money-can't-buy-experience is being run to help raise money for this year's BBC Children in Need appeal.

Doctor Who: Backstage will take fans to the heart of the action at the BBC Wales studios. Visitors will tour the closely-guarded sets, come face-to-face with some of the Doctor's mortal enemies, and meet the behind-the-scenes teams who make it all happen - including the set designers, costumiers and make-up artists.

To be in with a chance of winning a place on the tour, all people have to do is answer one multiple-choice question. The all-important question will be announced on Friday, September 26, live on the Chris Moyles Show on BBC Radio 1, between 6.30am and 10am. It will also be available here on the Doctor Who website - along with the full terms and conditions.

Entrants must be over 16. Each winner will be able to bring up to three guests, who must all be aged 5 or over. Entrants must be UK residents.

Sorry all ye Who lovers from across the seas

Monday, September 22

Chris Moyles DW Special

There'll be a special Doctor Who related show from Chris Moyles this Friday.

He'll be broadcasting right from the set of the TARDIS and covering the launch of Something Special for Children in Need!

As well as this there'll be an interview with RTD, and David Tennant & Billie Piper will also be phoning in for a talk.

You can hear the announcement about this Who special over on Blogtor who, featuring Chris Moyles, his chums, and a Dalek.

The Chris Moyles Show starts on BBC Radio One
6.30am, Friday the 26th September!

Series 4 Soundtrack

The date of release hasn't been confirmed yet, but at least we know its coming!


The Writers Tale

RTD's new book "The Writers Tale" has now hit the shelves.

It follows Davise's life as the head writer and God of Doctor Who as he talks about his experiences, fears and excitements of the Whoniverse.

You can read a small preview of the book in this article from the Times. It features Davies e-mailing Benjamin Cook, his co-author.

As well as this, there are several pictures in the book that show a deleted scene from Journey's End, where Cybermen enter the TARDIS

A huge thanks to Blogtor Who for providing the pictures!
In the end the Cyber-scene was deemed unsuitable by the production team, but it will be included as an extra on the series 4 DVD boxset.

Sunday, September 21

More special info

Hey hey!
Due to the recent DWM coming out here's a little more info on the 2009 Specials for ya!

"We've already cast two huge parts, which had us all skipping with glee. Even though pre-production won't officially start for a while, the writing has started, and we're already having detailed conversations with the design department, so you could say that work has begun..."
RTD - DWM #400

Also, according to BlogtorWho (who I have infinite faith in) one of these big names is Albert Finney. As of now, theres no news as to who he is playing, but rumors and speculation suggest that it could be Winston Churchill

And now on with the Specials and what we know!

4:14 - TBA (Christmas Special)
Written by RTD
For filming pictures, videos, rumors and hints see here

4:15 - TBA (1st 2009 Special - Easter)
Written by RTD & Gareth Roberts
Features "a new monster" and contains the words 'jewel', 'fly', and 'chamber''

4:16 - TBA (2nd 2009 Special)
Written by RTD & Phil Ford
Produced by Nikki Smith

Nikki Smith reports that she will start work on this special "around December/January" - dates are still being finalised. She has read the story line for this episode and was on the edge of her seat reading it.

The treatment for the second special contains the words 'oxygen', 'probe' and 'tree'

4:17 - TBA (3rd 2009 Special)
Written by RTD
Producer: Tracie Simpson

4:18 - TBA (4th 2009 Special)
Written by RTD
Producer: Tracie Simpson

Thar we go!
For any more info I've got, I suggest you take a looky here at the 2009 Special post

Sarah Jane' preview special

Just some more info on the oncoming SJA from DigitalSpy. I think a lot of the stuff is already covered in the general SJA post, but its more of an official confirmation of some things.

Goodbye Maria...
In the second episode we wave goodbye to original gang member Maria Jackson (Yasmin Paige), her dad Alan (Joseph Millson) and her mum Chrissie (Juliet Cowan). Maria is forced to bid farewell to the group after Alan lands a new job in the US. Chrissie doesn't go with them but will no longer feature in the show.

On hearing the news of Maria's departure, Sarah Jane has a funny turn and starts to blank the youngster. "People have left Sarah Jane's life over the years, and never come back," explains Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane). "All of a sudden, she's left herself open to someone that she's very fond of, and she puts up a wall." Eventually SJ sees the error of her ways and helps give Maria the send-off she deserves.

For those who asked, Maria is off the regular cast but be assured that it definitely isn't the last we see of her (or Alan) this series.

...Hello Rani!
No sooner has Maria been shipped off in a taxi than a new female character is on the scene. Rani (Anjli Mohindra) arrives in episode three as the daughter of new school headmaster Mr. Chandra (Ace Bhatti) and immediately starts poking her nose into the business of Sarah Jane & co. And before too long she becomes a fully paid-up member of the team.

The Episodes
Once again each Sarah Jane "story" comes in two episodes, with a total of twelve episodes in the series (up from ten in the first series). The titles of the six stories are:

1. The Last Sontaran
2. The Day Of The Clown
3. Secrets Of The Stars
4. The Mark Of The Berserker
5. The Temptation Of Sarah Jane Smith
6. Enemy Of The Bane

The Enemies
As the title of the first story suggests, the Sontarans (last seen in Who series four) are back again in this series. The gang happen across the last remaining Sontaran, Commander Kaagh, wandering around the forest and must thwart his plan to destroy the Earth with kamikaze satellites.

In story two we meet Odd Bob The Clown, played by Bradley Walsh, who is stalking new girl Rani. "This clown transforms into different things," Tom Knight (Luke) tells me. "For each transformation Bradley does a different accent - it's very funny."

He adds: "We have other enemies too. Some guy turns evil - he finds this medallion and it turns him crazy! It's all about mishandling power."

Evil schemer Mrs Wormwood (Samantha Bond) also returns later in the series as part of a frightening new alliance.

The Brig
OK, so it's not been the best-kept secret but The Brigadier (Nicholas Courtney) - fan favourite from the classic series - is making a special appearance (after an absence of almost 20 years) in the series finale. "I've seen Nick on and off over the years but he was so pleased to be asked back," says Elisabeth Sladen. "It's a lovely thing to do because he's spoken about doing it and I think that's really nice for the fans."

Of the character's return, she adds: "Sarah Jane doesn't really want to introduce the kids to UNIT, because they use guns. Sarah Jane doesn't think a gun is a good thing, not even as a last resort, so it must be pretty special to have to go to The Brig."

The finale
Maybe it's way too early to be thinking about exactly how this series will end, but I'm sure you'll appreciate the following hints, courtesy of the cast.

"I don't think it's a very steep cliffhanger but it's not a terrible ending," says Tom. "You're going to sit there and think 'I want to see what happens next'."

Anjli adds: "I like the ending because we've got a really nice combination of people and monsters. It's not just one monster either... we've got two different monsters who I don't think have been together before. They unite and form an evil pair."

The new series of Sarah Jane Adventures begins Monday, September 29 on BBC One and the CBBC Channel. Check back in next week for more news on the new series and our full interview with Elisabeth Sladen.

Cheers Neil!

Saturday, September 20

The Next Doctor for Xmas?

I was going to give the title of this post something witty like "on the 2nd day of Christmas my true love gave to me: 2 Doctors, and a TARDIS in a pear tree" but I didn't have the space...

ANYWAY! Thanks to Colin Robertson, reporting for The Sun, this might possibly maybe be happening for the Christmas Special

DOCTOR Who will become Doctor Two this Christmas, when the Time Lord meets a future version of himself.

Show creator Russell T Davies revealed: “The real heart of it is the beginning.

“The Doctor arrives, hears a damsel in distress, he steps forward to save her when this other man swings in, dashing, brilliant, amazing, clever, witty, saves the day.

“The Doctor says: ‘Who are you?’ The man says, ‘I’m the Doctor!’ The Doctor becomes his companion. There will be a beautiful woman too, of course, but really it’s the Doctor paired with a new Doctor.”

David Morrissey plays Time Lord No 2 in the festive episode called The Next Doctor.

Russell added the next series of the hit BBC1 show would be sexier under new lead writer and executive producer Steven Moffat.

Russell, who is stepping aside, added: “Look at Steven — he’s a writer clearly driven by sex.”

He also admitted that Hollywood superstar Kate Winslet had turned down a role in the last series to play the Doctor’s wife.

So there you go!
Whether this actually is true or not is unknown, but it certainly sounds interesting!

'I'd return for Who film'

A nice article from DigitalSpy. Yay for DigitalSpy!

Exiting Doctor Who showrunner Russell T. Davies would consider returning to the franchise if a movie is announced.

Speculation has been rife that a film version of Time Lord's exploits is to be made, with a recent survey showing that TV fans would prefer a Who movie over any other TV adaptation.

Davies claimed that he thinks the BBC will get around to greenlighting the project "some day", although at the moment the corporation is at its "absolute limit".

"I'd be very interested in going back for it. I think it could be lovely and could work as an idea. They did one in the 1960s and that worked and it didn't affect the TV series at all," he said.

The showrunner announced in May that he would be leaving the show before the next series of the sci-fi hit, with Steven Moffat taking over.

He said: "It's been a delight and an honour working with Steven, and I can't wait to see where his extraordinary imagination takes The Doctor. Best of all, I get to be a viewer again, watching on a Saturday night!"

It still doesn't answer the question of if there actually WILL be one!

Friday, September 12


Right, well... first off, here's a nice article from DigitalSpy about those wee McGann rumors:

BBC refutes McGann return story

The BBC has rejected tabloid claims that Paul McGann has been cast in a forthcoming Doctor Who special.

McGann portrayed the eighth incarnation of The Doctor in a 1996 television movie and a series of spinoff audio adventures. The Sun claimed that he will reprise the role in a 2009 special written by RTD.

BBC refutes McGann 'Dr Who' return story

The article stated that he is "expected to begin filming in October or November" and will shoot scenes set during the Time War, an event that is key to the current mythology of the revived series. However, a spokeswoman told Digital Spy: "There is no truth to the story at all."

And secondly... just to keep the wheel spinning and whatnot... similar articles like this were released when the rumors of Kyle being in Voayage of the Damned and Rose coming back were started. Some people believe that the BBC only seem to go into denial when there actually is some truth to it.

And thirdly, just because it makes me happy:

"McGann is DEFINATELY back.
It has been confirmed to me this morning.
The source is cast iron and there is no room for doubt in my mind.
And if I'm wrong then may one of Ghengis Khan's Elephants try to sit on me (you'll understand this last comment when the epsiode airs)"
(The Doctor's Trainers, DWF)

So, who believes it and who thinks its all a load of twaddle?

Children in Need?

An article by Simon Brew, from DenOfGeek

Doctor Who & Torchwood Children In Need Special?
Are Doctor Who and its spin-off coming together in the name of charity?

Last year for Children in Need, the Doctor Who team brought Peter Davison back to the Tardis for a short but very welcome Steven Moffat-scripted episode, set between seasons three and four. And this year, it seems that they’ve got more up their sleeve.

"Plans are afoot in the Doctor Who and Torchwood production offices for a fantastic one-off event to coincide with this years Children In Need. We're not allowed to tell you what just yet , but we'll have the full details very, very soon"

It seems that the plan is to put together a special episode that would bring together Doctor Who and Torchwood. This is according to the new edition of the Torchwood magazine, and while no further details have been forthcoming thus far, it’s almost certain – given the success of last year’s special – that something will be prepared for Children In Need. Expect official confirmation shortly. And a Radio Times cover…

Wednesday, September 10


Torchwood: Lost Souls
Wednesday 10th September, 2.15pm
BBC Radio 4
John Barrowman, Freema Agyeman, Eve Myles, Gareth David-Lloyd, Lucy Montgomery and Stephen Critchlow

"Somewhere out there in that chaos of darkness and light, of science and protons, of gods and stars and death... somewhere there's an answer."

Where have the missing scientists gone? What is the secret of the glowing man? What is lurking in the underground tunnel? And do the dead ever really stay dead?


Sarah-Jane Adventures

Series 2
29th September

The series starts transmitting at 4:35 pm on BBC One with the second episode is shown immediately afterwards at 5:15 pm on CBBC. The following week has ep 2 at 4:35 pm on BBC One, and episode 3 on CBBC at 5:15 pm.

More info and pictures can be seen here, but here a few extra bits:

Rani Chandra ... 15, inquisitive, smart and sassy. Wants to be a journalist, and thus idolises Sarah Jane just a little. In return, Sarah Jane takes her happily on her investigations. She gets on well with her parents, although she's always embarrassed that her dad is the new Head Teacher at Park Vale.

Gita Chandra ... Rani's mum is a strong-willed, independent businesswoman, who runs her own flower shop called Bloomin' Lovely. She likes Sarah Jane - she appreciates the fact she wants to help Rani be a journalist. Gita is a lovely person, although she can occasionally be a little overpowering and tends to burst into things uninvited, not taking the hint.

Haresh Chandra ... The new Head Teacher of Park Vale and Rani's dad, he can be prone to slight pomposity, due to the authority at the school. A great cook, he adores Rani and is very pleased that she has befriended Luke Smith, whose intelligence he respects. He's decidedly less impressed by her friendship with Clyde, who he sees as trouble.

Ep 1 - The Last Sontaran
Part One - Reports of strange lights around the Tycho Radio Telescope lead Sarah Jane, Luke, Clyde and Maria into a terrifying forest encounter – and Sarah Jane comes face to face with her oldest enemy. Meanwhile Maria wrestles with a huge decision when her dad is offered a new job in America.

Part Two - Sarah Jane and the gang have only 40 minutes to save Earth as Sontaran Commander Kaagh plots to bring the world's orbiting satellites crashing down on nuclear installations across the world. And Maria's Mum finally gets to the truth from Alan – but will they be in time to save Maria?

Ep 2 - The Day Of The Clown

Part One - New girl in Bannerman Road, Rani Chandra, is being haunted by a sinister clown – does it have anything to do with the local children that have gone missing? When Clyde's friend disappears the trail leads them to a strange circus museum – and the legend of the Pied Piper!

Part Two - Sarah Jane's investigation into Spellman and Odd Bob the Clown takes her to a meteorite at the Pharos Institute. But Spellman's plot to make all of Park Vale's pupils vanish leads Sarah Jane into a confrontation with her own childhood fears in a bid to save Luke.

For all of you who are suffering from lack of Who, well at least SJA can keep you going!

Recent Media news

The media amuse me more than anything else I think, especially in the ways of Doctor Who. So here is a sum up of all the recent Whoniverse news.
  • 8th Doctor may be coming back and appearing in a Time War flashback scene (The Sun)

  • For the TVQuick and TVChoice awards David Tennant won best actor, Catherine Tate won best actress, and Doctor Who won Best Loved Drama Series! (TV Quick, Herald)

  • Apparently there might be a Doctor Who movie coming up
    (the Sun, Telegraph, DigitalSpy)

  • And apparently RTD would love to have Catherine Zeta Jones as the assistant (The Sun, Wales Online)

  • Cardiff's popular Doctor Who exhibition is to undergo a massive revamp costing tens of thousands of pounds. New Daleks with their own "Dalek zone" (Wales Online)

  • A general report asking how good an actor Tennant is (Guardian)

  • A general interview with Billie Piper (Guardian)

  • And I'm not sure if international people will be able to view it, but theres a parrot that does Dalek impressions (among others) which you can see here
And I think thats it for now. Isn't life fun?

Radio play!

Torchwood: Lost Souls
Wednesday 10th September, 2.15pm
BBC Radio 4
John Barrowman, Freema Agyeman, Eve Myles, Gareth David-Lloyd, Lucy Montgomery and Stephen Critchlow

"Somewhere out there in that chaos of darkness and light, of science and protons, of gods and stars and death... somewhere there's an answer."

The Torchwood Institute was founded by Queen Victoria in 1879 to protect the British Empire against the threat of alien invasion. By 2008, all that remains of the organisation is a small team based in Cardiff. And now, following the tragic deaths of two of their colleagues, the remaining three - Captain Jack Harkness, Gwen Cooper and Ianto Jones - have to protect the human race against another unknown force from the darkness.

Martha Jones, ex-time traveller and now working as a doctor for a UN task force, has been called to CERN - the world's largest particle physics laboratory in Geneva - where they're about to activate the Large Hadron Collider. The LHC is a particle accelerator, which has been built deep underground in a 27 km tunnel under Switzerland and France. Once activated the Collider will fire beams of protons together recreating conditions a billionth of a second after the Big Bang - and potentially allowing the human race a greater insight into what the Universe is made of. But so much could go wrong - it could open a gateway to a parallel dimension, or create a black hole - and now voices from the past are calling out to people and scientists have started to disappear...

Where have the missing scientists gone? What is the secret of the glowing man? What is lurking in the underground tunnel? And do the dead ever really stay dead?

Have no fear if ye can't listen to it. Sometimes I'm glad I live in England, even if its never dry. I'll get it up here as soon as possible for all you TWoodians.

Monday, September 8

Who's Comming Back?

Sorry for lack of posts recently, I've been distracted by this walking ball of fluff:
Anyway, back to Whoniverse related events!
DigitalSpy have released an article talking about the return of Donna, Wilf and the Master for one of the 2009 specials.
The Sun also released a similar one

NOTE: This information was most likely taken from rumors already circulating the DWF, and its most certainly not confirmed!

Catherine Tate and John Simm will return to Doctor Who next year.

Tate will reprise her role as assistant Donna Noble for one of the four specials planned for next year, while Simm will return as villainous Time Lord The Master. Veteran actor Bernard Cribbins will also be back to play Donna's grandfather Wilf.

A Who source said: "Fans will be delighted to see Catherine back. She was one of the wackiest companions of all time and she brought heaps of humour. And it's great to have John back - he and David Tennant have a real nemesis chemistry."

Tate, whose character's memory was wiped in last year's series finale, earlier expressed her desire to return to the cult show, saying: "In science fiction, anything is possible."

So there you go, exciting stuff!
More of whats going on for the specials can be seen here. And as for the latest whispers...

"... so Harriet Jones... She's dead isn't she? We saw her die right? Didn't we? What do you mean we didn't?... And what of the Osterhagen key? Have really seen the last of it? Now that would be a Master stroke now, wouldn't it. A terrific way to conclude the specials.

Hell hath no fury like a women scorned and Revenge for HJ is a dish best served cold.

And from what I'm hearing... McGann. Filming. A couple of weeks time. Studio based... and it takes place right at the end of the Time War"

NOTE: There is nothing to confirm this, they're only rumors. But still... we should all bow down to Doctor's Trainers and buy expensive things as offerings.

Saturday, September 6

Torchwood S3

Torchwood: Children of Earth

Due to transmit in 2009, Cildren Of Earth sees the team embarking on a single action-packed adventure as they battle for the future of the human race against the fiercest force they have encountered.

The highly-motivated Torchwood team, plus other regular cast are:
  • John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness
  • Eve Myles as Gwen Cooper
  • Gareth David-Lloyd as Ianto Jones
  • Kai Owen as Rhys Williams
  • Tom Price as PC Andy
Special guests in the five part series are:
  • Clem – the survivor still haunted by his past
  • Mr Frobisher – a civil servant who is hiding a terrible secret
  • Johnson – the cynical covert government agent determined to expose Torchwood.
  • Dr Rupesh - A junior doctor who gets involved with Torchwood
  • Lois Habiba - A secretary who hacks into some vital info
General Info
  • The series will have a "ticking-bomb" theme to it
  • The start of the series will show the team working with depleted numbers
  • The team dynamic will change in several ways and some of the characters may have to make personal sacrifices
  • There will be "red herrings" when it comes to new team members
  • Rhys will play a significant role and PC Andy will be back
  • Gwen & Rhys will face a major crisis
  • A few scenes will be filmed in London
  • More secrets about Jack will be revealed
  • Ianto's family will be explored
  • There will be a relationship development between Jack and Ianto
(Much thanks to tigercheetah for collecting that info!)

Rumors & Speculation
  • The evil aliens are simply called The 456
  • There will be a flashback with Owen and Tosh

3.1: Children of Earth 1

Written by RTD

Scene 1
A nice beginning to the series!

Thats the Hub going boom.
From what we know, Ianto is definitely inside and Gwen is definitely outside (she's blown backwards by the force of the blast)

Cue opening titles!

Scene 2
The first thing that flashes up after the boom is "yesterday" meaning that most of this episode is flashback!

So! A house has been altered to look like No 25 (possibly Ianto's home) and the SUV was parked outside. Ianto comes running out of the house, as two guys have stolen the SUV and are speeding away down the hill. One guy in the SUV flashed his arse out of the car window

Scene 3
There was a small scene shot with Jack and Ianto sitting on the steps of the oval basin (in the plaza) No dialogue was heard, so I've got no idea what was going on.

Oh, and also at some point we see this woman, Johnson, who seems to look generically evil. Or at least, she's walking around in leather with lots of gun clad people.

Scene 4
Introducing Dr Rupesh Pattenchali who may only be appearing in these stories, and therefore isn't an official member of the team, or he may become one by the end, I just don't know.

Anyway, apparently Rupesh is already aware of Torchwood, he's looking around in another part of the plaza when Gwen approaches him saying something like "You're Rupesh, right?"

He and Gwen the go up to One (a café) and he explains why he's interested in Torchwood, almost sounding like a job interview. During this he mentions that he's from Chesterfield, Derbyshire, and has been in Cardiff 18 months. Hes also noticed how much weirder things are here. He tells a story of a devout Christian who seemed to have killed herself because "science has won", and she'd seen her place in the universe and "thought she was nothing".

Suddenly, Gwen looks up (seeing/hearing something?) swears, and runs off

The young girl is called Sasha and seems to be in some sort of trance. Her mother crouches before her, unsure of what to do. Just then Gwen comes running up, followed by Rupesh.

Gwen calls Jack, saying something like "It's happening again! The children!", and Jack and Ianto promptly arrive, running towards them. Jack shouts something to Gwen and she replies, "I don't know!"

Ianto then runs over to another pair of children with their mother, and stars recording them. Rupesh follows him, saying to the mother "It's okay, I'm a doctor. My name's Dr Pattenchali"

And then the beat begins, and the kids start eerily chanting. It goes on for a long time and it seems (judging by the video) that other passers by don't seem to hear the voice. The beat stops and the kids snap out of it, the boy asks why Ianto's filming them, and Sasha runs off followed by her mum.

Scene 5
Hub running!

The team run as fast as they can to the Hub door, Ianto goes straight inside
Jack: Gwen, I'll get on to the Home Office. This things gone public they're gonna need us
Gwen runs inside and Rupesh tries to follow but Jack pushes him back
Jack: Woah woah woah, big fella. Where do you think you're going?
Rupesh: I don't know, I... I could help
Jack: Doing what?
Gwen comes back
Gwen: Your beepers going
Rupesh: Shit... yeah sorry
Jack: The whole city's gone to a halt, they're gonna need you in A&E
He then goes inside and Gwen starts to follow
Gwen: Good luck
Rupesh: Whats in there?
Gwen: A big science-fiction superbase.... Honestly! See ya!
She goes inside and and leaves Rupesh looking rejected.

(Apparently there were a few bloopery variations on that scene. Like when Eve said "A big super... super super", and when John came back out afterwards saying "Rats! Lots of rats!" and "It's a Carmarthen coal mine!", waving a spade he found in there. But the best take was when Eve slammed the door behind her and the handle fell off)

3.2: Children of Earth 2
Written by John Fay

1st Scene
Following on from the last episodes cliff hanger, we see the aftermath of the explosion and the wreckage of the Hub

First we find out how Gwen is (after being hurled backwards by the force of the bang)

The paramedics take her away to an ambulance waiting just outside. As you can see at the end of the video, Gwen decides to steal the ambulance, rather than go quietly, but more on that in a moment.

Also on the site of the explosion we have Johnson who methinks is possibly the cause of the explosion.

And this is a video of that confrontation. Unfortunately its hard to hear what Johnson is saying but Andy mutters to himself "if she's anti terrorist, I wouldn't mind being uncle terrorist"

And now back to Gwen who doesn't like going quietly, so instead she decides to pretend to be unconscious, soot at some people, and then steal the ambulance.

And here's some videos of it.

2nd scene
And who else should survive the explosion? Well of course Ianto does! From the looks of it, he emerges from the rubble and then climbs down, obviously a little shocked.

Although he doesn't have much time to gather himself together since some people start shooting at him and he runs off.

After this, we see Ianto wandering about the streets, there's a pair of drunks stumbling past and a big black van approaches from behind him. He looks worried when the van stops but then a man gets out and drops a bundle of newspapers.

Ianto tries to look inconspicuous, then once the van has gone he goes over and grabs a paper.

3rd scene
In other places in Cardiff we can see Jack wandering about. From the looks of it he might have indeed been in the explosion as his coat is ripped at the back

4th scene
By the time it gets light, the fires have been put out and the paramedics/firemen are attempting to clear the rubble.

And wouldn't you know, Johnson is still on the scene as well.

As the firemen hurry in, the woman tells them that there's no rush. She then makes a phone call while the paramedics search the rubble, and eventually take away what looks like a small body bag on a stretcher to a van. The woman watches this.

And so does Ianto, who's now got himself onto the top of a nearby building. As the van drives away, he takes down its license plate number

So what, or who, is in the bag? As long as its not Myfanwy then I'll be happy.

3.3: Children of Earth 3
Written by James Moran

1st Scene
A building was transformed into a police station and a scene was recorded where Gwen heads up the steps, talking on her phone to someone. 

Several people have noticed that the black cabs being filmed aren't usually seen in Cardiff and the police are wearing different uniforms. So perhaps this is London?

2nd Scene
A scene was filmed involving Gwen and Clem (Paul Copley) in a car stuck in a traffic jam. The other people in the traffic jam were beeping and getting out of their cars to express their displeasure. In the end, Gwen suddenly weaves her car through the traffic and smashes through a stack of cardboard boxes, wheelie bins and binbags.

Now this either happened just before the traffic jam, or just after, but Clem points up at the sky showing something to Gwen. As this was happening, the guy calling out the stage directions said something like "Fire!... Coming down... Hits the horizon... And it's gone..."

3rd Scene
We see Capt Jack speeding up the street in a porsche. He gets out of the car, looks up to the sky, then walks away from the car.

From vague overheard dialogue, it appears that Jack might have been kicked out of Torchwood. Although this is unconfirmed, it can be specualted due to Johnson "the cynical covert government agent determined to expose Torchwood."

4th Scene
Small filming was seen involving a house. Most of it was obviously done inside, so there's no information about that but there were some extras dressed in military uniforms standing in the house's front garden

5th Scene
Gwen and Rhys were seen stalking the streets. While Gwen sat on a bench and distraced a man with flirty talking, Rhys stole his laptop.

6th Scene
A scene was filmed with Gwen going into a cafe called AJ's. There was then a scene shot where she was on the phone to someone whilst walking up the road and carrying the laptop.

7th Scene
A scene involving Rhys and Ianto, where they pretend to fight in order to make a distraction. While this is going on, Gwen steals someone's briefcase.

Video of fight

From what I can work out, after this Gwen and Rhys go off together to a cash machine, Gwen carrying the newly stolen bag.

As for Ianto, he was filmed coming out of a restaurant, with a cloth over his arm pretending to be a waiter. He goes up to a couple sitting outside and they hand over a credit card. Ianto turns back to the door, and then starts running full-pelt down the street.
Video of Ianto running

8th Scene
Some school kids were seen, standing in the middle of the street and chanting the same eerie chant.

"We, we, we, we, we are, we are, we are, we are, we are coming, we are coming, we are coming, we are coming"

3.4: Children of Earth 4
Written by John Fay

1st Scene
Scenes were filmed with Jack and Ianto sitting in their shiny porsche, talking on their phones and running up and down the street.

No dialogue was heard but there was a suggestion that they were in London a long with Gwen. This isnt confirmed though

2nd Scene
From what it looks like, Jack and Ianto are snooping about in the corner, acting suspicious. Something is then passed between them, but what we dont know.

3rd Scene
I dont know whether this is back in Cardiff, but the Torchwood SUV is back in action! As is doctor Rupesh.

Jack and Ianto pull up outside a hospital in the SUV and have a wee conversation

And I'm assuming Rupesh meets up, and has a conversation, with Jack and Ianto about whatever disaster is going on.

3.5: Children of Earth 5

1st Scene
Gwen, Rhys and PC Andy get out of a police car. Rhys stays by the car while Gwen and Andy go to the front door of a house together. They knock and a woman answers. Theres a short conversation that follows along the lines of "I've got the parents permission, you can ask" and then all three go inside the house and shut the door

2nd Scene
Gwen, Rhys and Andy are seen leaving the back door of the house and escorting some children. They go quickly round the corner, along the road, down some steps and across the next road over some grass.

3rd Scene
A line of rioters and a line of uniformed soldiers go head to head. The rioters are screaming about how they can't take their children away

After a while, PC Andy (who is on the scene but not taking part) takes off his officers uniform and joins in on the side of the rioters.

A huge thank you to everyone from the DWF who have provided information, reports, videos and photos - you deserve a medal!

NOTE: If I have inadvertently used any material that the owner did not wish to share, please leave a message here or contact me and I will remove it immediately. Apologies in advance.

SJA cinema trailer

Still not really any Who news to go on... Torchwood has started filming though, and SJA airs on the 29th

Hence this wee trailer here:

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