Planet Gallifrey: March 2008

Monday, March 31


"The single best piece of family-orientated entertainment the BBC has broadcast in its entire history"

Can't really argue with that!


So, more pictures are about! I dunno where these originate from so I don't know who to thank... ah well, Thanks anyway!
These are from episdoe 12, the moment where the Doctor is... incapacitated... and they're lovely!

The Doctor and Donna arriving

Watch out! Rose is about!

And now, the moment of sqeeness!

(or just plain brilliantness if sqeeing isn't your thing)

And from a different shoot, Wilf and Sylvia talking about Daleks and paintguns!


Saturday, March 29


I have a new god... or at least, a new addition to my large god-pile that I've accumulated... His names Cameron and he's brilliant! And its thanks to him, and also the very very kind people at, that I can now share this with ya:

Friday, March 28


First off: New episode titles!
Episode 5 = The Poison Sky
Episode 9 = River's Run

So yes, the BBC site has been updated with a nice pretty new picture and also a new trailer...

Now, I'm posting this at least an hour after I've seen the trailer as before then I've been tad too excited... and here we go!


The Friday Night Project

So Tennant was on the Friday Night Project, and he was guuud! And he wore a waistcoat! And was tied to a bed in a t-shirt and pants! Joyous!

Anyway, here is the new Partners in Crime snippet that was shown!

Donna: But if we go down in that they'll just haul us back up again!

Doctor: No, no, no. There's a lot of controls for the sonic cage, I'm the only one who can control it... Not unless she's got a sonic devise of her own, and thats very unlikely...

[Miss Foster stalks the halls with her own sonic devise]

Foster: Out of my way

[Pandemonium ensues!!]

And there we go!
As soon as I find the whole episode, it'll be up on PlanetGallifreyTV


I uploaded these photos... then I took them down... and now I'm uploading them again. I was warned that these are not actually released until the 1st of April, so I don't know how they were spread around the web but hopefully I wont get in trouble for it!

So here we go!

(and thanks Cameron!)

Thursday, March 27


I do love The Doctor's Trainers.. he is like a god.. (I seem to have a lot of them don't I?) Ah well! He's just turned up and said this:

Davros has a nice metal claw and the guy who posted about the tunic - spot on

Word has reached my ears that the series 4 major villain is something of a red herring. Simm's that behind Davros in the Finale there is a very familiar foe of the Doctor who is in fact calling all the shots.....

Awesome v faithful classic series style Davros and botched regenerations with poss. character split/swap

And, if you'll excuse me for a moment...

Right... As always, I have no idea if this is correct, but if, if, IF its right...
  • Well, the Masters back for starters.

  • Someone (or more than 1 person) will change (regenerate?) be it the Doctor, the Master, Davros, Harriet Jones etc

  • The Doctor and the Master could actually swap bodies as I've heard in some rumors.

A wee report

Hmmm... nothing much is happening at the moment. Filming is just finishing this week and next week Tennant and Tate will be appearing on a few shows to promote series 4 (hooray!) so we might not get any more fabulous set reports...

Oh, yeah, apart from this mini one:

Sarah-Jane was in a car and Daleks were threatening to "Exterminate" her. Then they shot a bit where Mickey comes in and gets Sarah-Jane out the car, and Jackie comes in asking where her daughter is.

Filming went on till quite early in the morning.

So there we go! At least its something!
The theories I've heard are that this is possibly during episode 12 and its when Jackie, Mickey and Sarah-Jane meet up for the first time (later appearing to see the TARDIS disappear)

Which means there are 2 (or possibly 3) teams running about
Team 1 - the Doctor, Rose, Donna, Jack
Team 2 - Sarah-Jane, Jackie, Mickey
Team 3 - Martha??

(thanks to Emilyd187 for the set report)

Saturday, March 22


As promised, here we go:
The new/old cinema trailer that has just been released by the BBC


And this is a youtube version:




(Did you notice the Doctor's face reflected in the Daleks eye?)

Wednesday, March 19

Mickey and Martha

More set reports!

Teej71 has just commented that he saw a farewell scene being filmed with Mickey walking away with Captain Jack and Martha, and leaving the Doctor alone!

Clashtafari was there and has taken a few photos... which'll be around soonish I'm sure. Yay for Martha and Mickey!

There are a lot more pictures of David, John, Freema and Noel which can be seen here. I don't feel I can post them since I don't have permission, but I recommend you have a look!

Tuesday, March 18

Round Up

Another general Who news round up for you all!
(It may keep us going until more news and updates arrive)

  • David Tennant is doing another audio book, for the Doctor and Donna, which'll be out on the 8th of May. Its titled Pest Control and a glimpse of the script can be seen here
  • And since we're on the subject of consumer goods, another Doctor Who Book thingy is coming out as well, also on the 8th of May. Its called Starships and Spacestations and is basically about all the ships and such that the Doctor has visited in the new series.

  • AND, there are 3 new Doctor Who books coming out:
    1. Ghosts of India
    2. The Doctor Trap
    3. Shining Darkness

  • Doctor Who has been nominated for the Royal Television Society Programme Awards: Doctor Who is up against Skins and The Street in the Best Drama Serial category, with David Tennant also nominated for Best Actor.

  • And now, since we're on the subject of awards, the Doctor Who interactive services (like the internet and that red button on TV) has been nominated for an International Interactive Emmy Award.

  • Theres an article in the Daily Star stating that the Cybermen will be the main villains in this years Christmas special... Not that I really believe newspapers as a rule, but heres hoping!

  • Media Watch: David Tennant is hosting The Friday Night Project on the 28th March

  • And Thanks to Stcoop, we know that Tennant and Tate are on Jonathan Ross on the 4th of April

  • And finally, the series 4 cinema trailer will be finally making its way on to TV, and will debut on 22nd March
    (and then of course it will be all over the internet and youtube in a matter of minutes, isn't modern technology wonderful!)
And thats it for now... its definitely not the most exciting of posts, but at least its something. Hopefully there will be new set reports soon of Davros stalking the street of Leeds and whatnot.

Episode 12

The Stolen Earth

Episode Location: Earth,
New Characters: Captain Jack, Gwen, Ianto, Sarah-Jane, Luke, Martha, Rose, Mickey, Jackie, Wilf, Sylvia, Francine Jones
Gadgets Used: Unknown
Episode Objective: To save the universe

Earth's greatest heroes assemble in a time of dire need, but can the Doctor's secret army defeat the might of the new Dalek Empire?

With battles on the streets and in the skies, the Doctor and Donna must brave the Shadow Proclamation to find out the truth. However, a fearsome old enemy waits in the shadows...

Who are the children of Time? What is the secret of the Vault? And surely, this time, not everyone can make it out alive...?

*cough* Children of time *cough*

And yes... "One of them will die"
DigitalSpy say a female we know very well will be exterminated this weekend. And just because I live in denial of any of them dying, I'm going to say its the TARDIS.

In this episode, there is the line:
"Don't use project Indigo, it's not safe!"

Oh, and according to Freema "the disappearing bees play a big role" but the question isn't why the bees are going, but where. Could they REALLY be making bees into a new Dalek army?
Nope, they couldn't. They just went home... like Elvis.

Set Reports/Trailer Shots
(I believe that these reports & shots fit into the episode, either because I've been told, or because its obvious. But REMEMBER, theres a chance I could be wrong)

So, in the previous episode the Doctor was dead, there was an alternate world, and Donna and Rose teamed up to make sure Donna met the Doctor in the first place. We ended on a fun note of seeing the words "Bad Wolf" everywhere, and the Doctor stating it was the end of the universe.

1st Scene - TARDIS Troubles
Right, so we ended with a red TARDIS, perhaps its wise to assume we might start the episode with a red TARDIS?

And it seems to be on fire as well...

If I had to make a guess, I'd say somethings going wrong in the timelines/vortex/universe and its effecting the TARDIS. And this change in the fabric of time would probably have something to do with the Time War, its outcome, and Davros.

Hmm, but it seems to calm down again as the Doctor and Donna arrive back at earth

Or... at least where Earth used to be.
But now all there is is empty black space. It can't be an encouraging site really.

DOCTOR: There's no readings. Nothing. Not a trace. Not even a whisper. Ohh thats fearsome technology.
DONNA: So what do we do?

DOCTOR: We've got to get help
DONNA: Where from?
DOCTOR: Donna. I'm taking you to the Shadow Proclamation. Hold tight!

And off they go!
Now, this scene must fit in somewhere, and I reckon that it'll probably be earlier on in the episode (no idea why, just a complete guess)

I suppose when they're traveling, the Doctor will say something about Rose and Bad Wolf and how they link etc etc. So Donna catches onto the important bit:

"Rose is coming back!
No matter whats happening..."

"Isn't that good?"


2nd Scene - On Earth
Right, so, Earth's gone. Doctor and Donna trying to find it again. But what about the people actually on Earth? What about the Doctor's chums?

Who do we have? Well:

Sarah-Jane - Her and Luke are at home
Martha & UNIT - Currently in New York
Torchwood - Jack, Gwen & Ianto are in the Cardiff base
Wilf & Syliva - At home wondering what the hell is going on
Rose - What looks like the same place we last saw her, the big warehouse. UNIT/Torchwood? Parallel UNIT/parallel Torchwood?

In case people don't really know about the SJA, the boy, Luke, was created by aliens and is very very clever, but lacks some understanding of social expectations - he questions what fun is etc. Since he has no family, Sarah-Jane adopted him.

Anyway, they all must know that something has gone wrong. Perhaps they see all the stars have gone out since they're now in a new galaxy and whatnot?

"It can't be..."


"Oh My God, Its them alien lot... WHAT DO YOU WANT THIS TIME YOU BLIMMIN SWINES?! Now you get back inside Sylvia. They always want the women."

"Oh my god... look at the sky"

2nd Scene - Whats going on?
Right, so Sarah-Jane & Luke rush inside to talk to their super alien computer Mr Smith, Torchwood rush to their computers, and UNIT rush to their technology in a bid to find out what's going on.

From the looks of the screens in the background of UNIT, and the images from Mr Smith, Earth has been taken somewhere new with lots of other planets nearby, and some strange atmospheric reading.

Hokay, so not good. Earth is clearly completely somewhere else. And there's no sign of the Doctor. Where are they? Who did this? What are they going to do?

This is General Sanchez, who I presume is in charge of the New York section of UNIT. But that doesn't matter, Martha's still there and she's got a certain amount of experience with this kind of thing.

Bet she's saying they should ring Torchwood and collaborate their info. Obviously she might not be, just guessing.
I dunno if Sanchez agrees, but Martha rings them anyway.

And then we get the big reveal of whats going on... whats coming through the Darkness...

Yup! Daleks!

3rd Scene - The Invasion
Daleks are the masters of Earth!
Daleks are the masters of Earth!

So... we've got Daleks attacking, the world in peril. And it looks like they're under orders from this guy.

Yup! This is the new Dalek Supreme, and is definitely a bit different. Its got three head lamps and what looks like some big clamps as part of its casing.

What are the clamps for? To keep something secured inside? Well, the the rumors are that inside this red casing is Harriet Jones herself... All lies!

Well, she's certainly in the episode...

Note that other sources suggest that Harriet is NOT inside the Supreme Dalek.
And theres have been suggestions for her fate:
  • Harriet Jones is exterminated simultaneously by three Daleks.
  • We do not actually see her exterminated, just surrounded by Daleks who say they know who she is before the screen goes blank
  • She "doesn't apologise for anything"
  • What is said when she is exterminated is "succinct" and sad.
Whatever's really going on, the Time Team are going to fight back aren't they? Course they are!

Sarah-Jane & Luke
Well, there are hints from DigitalSpy that suggest "A Dalek speaks to Mr. Smith", so I suppose we can assume that one of them breaks into Sarah-Jane's house

And do you know what I think? I think the Dalek takes Luke away... back up to its big Dalek ship. He's a super genius after all and can probably help them with their diabolical plans
Completely wrong with that guess. Never mind.

Luke doesn't look to happy

So, Sarah-Jane is left on Earth, in her car, and fleeing. Unfortunately, while she's driving she's attacked by some Daleks

She's been seen wandering about with her giant gun and blowing things up... maybe Daleks but who really knows. Sounds super fun.

As well as this, there was a milk float being filmed which was being rocked about (presumably driving away from something very fast) while Rose was hanging about (near, or even on) the float. She's got a very very big gun, which she cocks, and she then looks up into the sky, presumably at a Dalek.

And what happened to the milk float? Well it crashes, smashes all the milk bottles, the Milkman gets out and looks up at (Dalek) whatever's in the sky as well.

"Right, now we're in trouble..."
"It's Only Just Beginning"

Looks like the Daleks are inside the UNIT headquarters... if you look carefully at the first pic, you can see what looks like the UNIT logo above the doorway.

And this below almost looks like an action shot, doesn't it? Lets hope we get some Martha action. Martha action is always fun.

And the Daleks aren't just in UNIT, nope, they've also appeared in Torchwood as well. Eliminating all the people who have a chance of standing against them. aka. the Time Team.

As the Torchwood team try to fiddle with computers, there's not much they can do as they go haywire, and something approaches the Hub.

Gwen and Ianto approach the huge doorway (which nothing can apparently get through) I dunno where Jack is at this point, maybe he's vanished away.

And then the door begins to open... and what should appear?

A Dalek?! Who would have guessed it!

Somehow I don't think guns are going to work, but what else can they do? Maybe they manage to damage the eyestalk and blind the Dalek.

4th Scene - Human Hostages
So Daleks are attacking the Earth's defences, but the Time Team are fighting back! However, this doesn't seem to be worrying the big bad behind it all.

The children of time are moving against us... But everything is falling into place.

So I guess he sends out more Daleks now... and they're not just any Daleks either, they're shiny gold Daleks! Shiny, gold Daleks who are taking people prisoner? How unlike Daleks!

All humans will come out of their homes. The males. The females. The descendants. You will follow us. Resistance is useless.

But, as what happens most times, there's a family who would rather not listen to the giant space dustbins.

Laura, get back in the house! Simon, get inside! What do you want with us?
Daleks do not answer human questions!
Leave us alone. Go back in the sky where you came from!
[DALEK trundles forward threateningly]

Maximum extermination!
[A giant explosion follows]

So, lesson learned, do not cross the Daleks.

Halfway up the road, three Daleks have appeared and are trundling around on the pavement outside a house. The people are ranged up in the road behind the Daleks, hands on their hands in a prisoner-of-war style.

A flash of red light? Something like a transporter type thing? Either way, these poor people are being taken to the Dalek Cruciform. Are we going to see another Dalek generation created out of people?

5th Scene - Wilf & Sylvia
Theres someone watching all these hostages
. While the evil gold Daleks are stalking the streets and red light is flashing everywhere, Wilf and Sylvia are in an alleyway.

Then... probably the same scene, or possibly a different one, they have a nice conversation about paint guns.
WILF: I've got a weapon.
It's a paint gun!
Exactly! Daleks have only got one eye. One splodge of paint and they're blinded!

In a different, or possibly the same scene, we see Sylvia and Wilf running quickly across the street, before suddenly pulling up to a stop in front of a Dalek. Wilf is armed with his paintgun.

DALEK: Hostility will not be tolerated. You will come with me
WILF: Will I 'eck!
[He raises the paintgun and fires at the Dalek]
DALEK: My vision is *not* impaired. EXTERMINATE!!!!

Following on from this, theres a flash of red light and the Dalek's death cry trails off into an anguished wail. So lets assume the Dalek was shot.

And apparently the shooting of the Dalek is all down to Rose, who appears on the scene.

There was some dialogue that followed which was something along the lines of:
ROSE: Are you Donna Noble's grandfather? I'm Rose Tyler - and I need you

Rose apparently spends a large part of the episode helping Wilf and Sylvia, and not really getting much of the action. Or, at least, not as much as everyone else.

6th Scene - Shadow Proclamation
I guess its time to see what's happening with the Doctor and Donna and the Shadow Proclamation.

They apparently find it providing refuge for those species whose planets have already disappeared. (aka the Slitheen and the Adipose, yup, we see them again.)

And Judoon!

The Judoon are apparently policing the Shadow Proclamation (asserting their authority and all that) and we know how they like to execute extreme justice.

But, the Doctor plunges on, taking the floor, talking very fast and intelligently like he always does while Donna sits in the back and listens.

I have no idea what the Doctor is talking about to be honest, but he clearly wants to know something. Most likely along the lines of: Whats going on? Where's the Earth? Why is Bad Wolf everywhere? Why did my TARDIS internally combust? What are you going to do about it? What can I do about it? Whats the danger?

But, as the synopsis says they must "brave" the Shadow Proclamation, perhaps we can assume there something sinister about them? Theres definitely something there that takes the Doctor by surprise.

"It can't be..."

He doesn't seem that scared though, so nothing horrifically shocking or life threatening... maybe just something else bad.

And who's he talking to you may ask?

Well, these strange blond people are known as the Shadow Architects, and they're in charge of the Shadow Proclamation. I assume this one below is the leader or the head Architect.

"Doctor, come back!"

She doesn't seem to want the Doctor to go... maybe he's stormed off as they wont help, or maybe they just don't want him to go and do something life threatening like, oh, I don't know, save the whole of time and space?

I'm just guessing here.
But we don't even know what the Shadow Proclamation knows. They're a UN type organization, but of what? Time and Space? The Universe?

7th Scene - Reuniting
A heartbreaking scene at the end of the episode that involves, the Doctor, Donna, Rose and Jack.

NOTE: The scenes were most likely not filmed in order, and I have attempted to put them into some sort of coherent storyline, but of course, I could be way off.

From how desolate and empty the set it, I'm guessing that everyone has either been killed, or has been taken to the Dalek Crucible.

Part 1
Simply Captain Jack on his own. So he somehow escaped the Daleks in the Torchwood Hub. No sign of Ianto or Gwen though. He walks up the street, looking upwards

"That's just impossible"

So has he seen the sky as well?

According to Barrowman: "There's always the possibility that when the Doctor needs help, he calls on Jack... He's the muscle and guns man"

Jack is allegedly the last of the companions to be introduced to the plot and meet up with the gang. He's brought in as the gang realize they need more muscle, Jack is very much in "Save the Day" mode for the finale

Part 2
The Doctor and Donna arrive in the TARDIS, and walk out into the rubbish strewn street.
Something catches the Doctor's eye, and he remarks on it to Donna.

Part 3
Rose emerges from the darkness at the end of the street carrying a ridiculously over-sized gun.
And then the long parted lovers set eyes on each other!

And off he goes! Its Rose! Go to her!

And heres a video (thanks to Simon!) of the Doctor pelting it along the street.

This is apparently one of the best moments of the whole episode. Full of squee I'm sure!

BUT, methinks there isn't a happy reunion at all as a Dalek appears and begins chasing one of them (dunno if its the Doctor or Rose) screaming "Exterminate!"

And ye can see a video of that here:

So thats not a good thing, and the Doctor certainly doesn't look as happy anymore as he runs down the street.

And its during this running that he seemingly gets shot down, and collapses in the middle of the road.

Part 4
Rose is the first one who rushes to the Doctor's aid, and apprently takes out the Dalek who shot him. It seems that, although the Doctor is initially unconscious, he wakes up long enough to have a few words with her.

Apparently, according to Loucyuk who was eavesdropping during their rehearsal, the dialogue just possibly might, maybe, apparently be:
Rose: "Missed you"
The Doctor: "Missed you to"
(she did stress that it was said very quietly and might no be the case)

Part 5
As Donna rushes over to join Rose and the Doctor

Captain Jack then appears from another side street, also equipped with a gun, and he to rushes to the Doctor's side.

The Doctor, Rose, Jack and Donna

Captain Jack says "Get him into to the Tardis, quick !" and Donna and Rose carry him back inside. Jack picks up Roses gun that she dropped and follows them.

And heres two few videos of the filming that can also be found on youtube:
(all credit to Simon!)

Rose trying to help the Doctor

Jack and Donna rushing in to help


Welcome to my new empire, Doctor

Lurking mysteriously in the shadows? Why hide such a pretty face?

Davors apparently doesn't feature hugely in ep12. My guess is he remains somewhat illusive in order to build up some suspense. But how did he get here?

Well, its all down to the last Dalek. Yup, Dalek Caan is who we've got to thank for all this. At some point (presumably when he temporal shifted at the end of Evolution of the Daleks) he went back to the Time War and managed to save Davros.

There is a small hitch. Doing this sent poor Caan completely insane. Madder than a box of frogs!

Theres a nice scene with him apparently, where he makes the most creepy Dalek ever.

And then we enter into the realms of speculation in terms of what happens next, because the episode apparently ends with the Doctor beginning to regenerate.

The full DigitalSpy article can be seen here:
"For now, here come the drums, the spoilers and three red Daleks. Sorry, we mean red herrings..."
  • Wilf wields a cricket bat.
    Yup, as seen in the trailer.

  • Davros has been harvesting bees into a new army of Daleks.

  • The Daleks know the identity of a certain former Prime Minister.
    Quite possible, we all know those rumors

  • Captain Jack becomes angry at Paul O'Grady's effect on Ianto Jones.
    Paul O'Grady does have a cameo in the finale playing himself, so it could happen.

  • A certain body part in a jar is bubbling.
    I see no reason why not, hints of the Master and all that...

  • A Dalek exterminates the Torchwood pterodactyl.
    Oh no! Not Myfanwy! But yes, possible

  • The fate of a character from 'Voyage Of The Damned' is revealed.
    Apparently yes, something to do with Mr Copper

  • Wilf was banned from using a webcam as there were suspicions over what he might use it for.
    Ah!! Curse my imagination!

  • Project Indigo holds the key to salvation.
    Project Indigo is definitely part of the episode

  • The Doctor's daughter Jenny is trapped near a black hole, but K-9 is sent to rescue her.
    I don't think K9 is even mentioned in the episode

  • A Dalek speaks to Mr. Smith.
    In the cast list there is someone playing the "voice of Mr Smith" aka, the computer from SJA. So this is a possibility.

  • The Time War was 'time locked', or so thought The Doctor.
    Apparently yes. "time locked" is the same idea as things being fixed, or in flux (like the fate of Pompeii) And it was thought that the Time War was fixed as well... but thats apparently not going to stop Caan finding a way to change it, and stop Davros getting killed.
You can see the full article here:

Right, onto the quotes:
"I like Saturdays."
"You cannot possibly *****."
"I'm sorry for your loss. I mean the loss that *** *** (yet?) to **** (come?)"
"My vision is not impaired."
"Who's she?!"
"Tell the Doctor from me, he chose his ********** (companions?) well."


  • Rose is much more grown up and in fact is in a relationship with somebody from Pete's world, somebody other than Mickey.

  • There will "definitely" be a regeneration in the series, but its unconfirmed as to who will be regenerating.

  • The Bees are definitely important, but the important thing is where they've gone rather than why. Rumors are that they've been used to create the new Dalek empire

  • The Bee rumors however don't fit in with others I've heard. The reason Davros has a robotic hand, and we only see his head is that he has given his own DNA and tissue to clone a new Dalek army. In fact, all thats left of him is his head and spinal chord.

  • Although the Master was rumored to be appearing, apparently they changed their minds (deciding to bring him back for a bigger part on one of the specials) so there will be no Master.

  • osterhagen key
    This is apparently very relevant. Martha and Jack know about it but are reluctant to talk about it. Whatever it is, it plays a major part in the last two episodes.

(And a huge thanks to Scooty, Brian_Damage, Brigade_Leader, PMount, Simon Watkins, Jon, Mugim0e, SpaceyGal and IanB)