Planet Gallifrey: June 2008

Sunday, June 29


Bit slow on the uptake today, sorry about that!
Right, heres the Journey's End trailer.

I love Davros ranting. And it looks like the TARDIS is on fire again...
As some of you have said, there are no new Doctor scenes, but that makes perfect sense to me. If he was regenerating, would you really ruin the suspense of what (or who) he was regenerating into?

Saturday, June 28


Right, hope you all enjoyed it! Did ye dissolve into a complete and utter mental breakdown at the complete fantasticness?

With everyone returning it really WAS a continuous squee-fest. Hooray for everyone!

FULL episode here

Other places to find it:

And we found out about the bees! And the disappearing planets! And the Medusa Cascade! And the Time War (vaguely) and Davros!

BUT, we still don't know which companion will die, what the Dalek master plan is (other than ruling the universe) and what the FLIP is going on?!

Hands up who squeed at the Doctor/Rose moment... and lets begin speculating Donna and the heart beat sound, ey?

Friday, June 27


Daleks, New York, Martha, UNIT, Supreme Dalek, space ships, human harvest, great special effects, fear, flying, chanting, evil...ness.
I'll stop now.

Daleks are the masters of Earth!
Daleks are the masters of Earth!

Freema & Elizabeth

Just another interview thingy in preperation for the finale, theres a preview clip but its almost the same as the one on the BBC site, just with a little extra Gwen at the beginning.

Still... theres some nice talk of the rumored companion death - apparently a Dalek says something about it in the Stolen Earth. Oh, and its not Sarah-Jane

Much thanks to gjwilson, who uploaded it.

Thursday, June 26

Wilf vs Daleks!

More clips from Stolen Earth? My my, they are spoiling us!
This is from the One Show which had a lovely interview with Bernard Cribbins and then showed a clip on Wilf in action.

Much thanks to Combom, who provided the clip!

Will I 'ek!

Wednesday, June 25

Yay! BBC! Stolen Earth!

Wayhay for the BBC and their glorious updates. As per usual there be some exciting stuff going on, and if you live in the Kingdom of United then I suggest you check out the BBC website.

If not, then I shall indulge you in Stolen Earth joy.
So, we have this wee Jigsaw:

That gives away this wee Script extract:

DOCTOR: There's no readings. Nothing. Not a trace. Not even a whisper. Ohh thats fearsome technology.
DONNA: So what do we do?
DOCTOR: We've got to get help
DONNA: Where from?
DOCTOR: Donna. I'm taking you to the Shadow Proclamation. Hold tight!

The DigitalSpy stuff has been updated to. You can see that here. "NO SLEEP AND PROHIBITED TRAVEL MAKE CAAN A CRAZY DALEK."

We've got this preview clip:

And the usual Fear Factor:
  • 0 min - The kids look for 'Bad Wolf'. Everyone likes Saturdays.

  • 1 min - Adam enjoys a milk shake.

  • 3 min - Amy's delighted!

  • 4 min - The credits earn a big cheer from the kids.

  • 5 min - A visit makes Samuel go: "Woohoo!"

  • 6 min - Samuel and Adam do an impression.

  • 7 min - "This is immense!" Samuel boggles.

  • 10 min - Adam is shocked. Amy is nonchalant. Samuel's reaction makes Mum stares at him in amazement.

  • 11 min - Harry remembers a phrase from years ago.

  • 12 min - The kids' eyes are popping out of their heads.

  • 13 min - "Coooool!" smiles Samuel. A fresh surprise makes the kids yell and laugh.

  • 14 min - Harry punches the air in triumph.

  • 15 min - "Better do as he says," suggests Adam.

  • 16 min - Samuel tries to work out an anagram.

  • 17 min - The kids go: "Ooooooh!"

  • 18 min - Harry sits bolt upright. Samuel bounces up and down on the sofa.

  • 19 min - Adam has a suggestion. Samuel grumbles.

  • 20 min - The kids shout advice at the screen.

  • 21 min - "Look at that bed of needles," says Adam.

  • 23 min - Amy bites her lower lip. "Oh, wow!" murmurs Samuel.

  • 24 min - "Where's that?" asks Samuel. Amy boggles at what the Doctor reveals.

  • 25 min - The kids are dismayed.

  • 26 min - The kids are delighted!

  • 27 min - The kids bounce on the sofa with excitement. Samuel thinks there's room for one more.

  • 31 min - The kids are grinning wildly at the screen.

  • 32 min - Samuel: "There it is!" They all want to use this new information. Whoops of delight from the kids.

  • 33 min - "Aagh!" shouts Samuel.

  • 34 min - A nervous smile from the kids.

  • 35 min - Something makes the whole family go: "Awwwww!"

  • 37 min - Amy wonders about the singing.

  • 38 min - The kids recoil in disgust.

  • 39 min - A piece of news makes Samuel sad. Harry makes a note of some numbers.

  • 40 min - "Don't leave them!" shouts Samuel.

  • 42 min - A thrilling conclusion. The kids are aghast!

  • 43 min - "That was very, very good!" says Samuel. Amy is already speculating about the next episode...
Well, that gave loads away...

Plus, the Stolen Earth page has been updated with all the new info and such. I think it makes more sense now than it did before. Hooray!

Tuesday, June 24

Blue Peter!

Blue Peter had a special Doctor Who show where one of the team (Gethin) got to be a Dalek for a while, and they showed a clip from Journey's End!

This is Sarah-Jane, Jackie and Mickey as prisoners aboard the Crucible!

Journey's End will be a whopping 65 minutes long and jam packed full of squeetastic goodness!

And, for those who are interested, this is how Gethin got on when he became a Dalek... not the best quality, sorry.

Did you notice the tiny tiny scene at the beginning where Jack was lying on the floor and bathed in red light? Looks to me like he'd just come back from the dead. As he does.


In preparation for the finale (yay) all the magazines and whatnot have gone Doctor Who mad! With red Daleks, the Time Team, and Davros talk. Unfortunately I don't have my own copies, so can't show them to ya...

BUT, the ever wonderful Cameron does!
So just head over to BlogtorWho and bask in the gloriousness of finale type stuff.

"This episode ends with the biggest cliffhanger known to humankind. You will lean out of your window and hear children screaming" (RTD)

Sunday, June 22

TV Trailer

Usually I just stick these in the sidebar as theres not much new, but this one has even more squee than the last trailer! How is that possible?!

Oh, and the Stolen Earth page has been updated with the new stuff from both trailers. Tis definitely jam packed with spoilerific squeeness


Saturday, June 21

DigiSpy Stuff

Hints are fun!
The full article can be seen here and is jam packed with lovelyness. But for now, here be the important spoilerific bits!

"For now, here come the drums, the spoilers and three red Daleks. Sorry, we mean red herrings..."
  • Wilf wields a cricket bat.
    Yup, as seen in the trailer.

  • Davros has been harvesting bees into a new army of Daleks.

  • The Daleks know the identity of a certain former Prime Minister.
    Quite possible, we all know those rumors

  • Captain Jack becomes angry at Paul O'Grady's effect on Ianto Jones.
    Paul O'Grady does have a cameo in the finale playing himself, so it could happen.

  • A certain body part in a jar is bubbling.
    I see no reason why not, hints of the Master and all that...

  • A Dalek exterminates the Torchwood pterodactyl.
    Oh no! Not Myfanwy! But yes, possible

  • The fate of a character from 'Voyage Of The Damned' is revealed.
    Meh, maybe... Mr Copper? Wilf?

  • Wilf was banned from using a webcam as there were suspicions over what he might use it for.
    Ah!! Curse my imagination!

  • Project Indigo holds the key to salvation.
    Project Indigo is definitely part of the episode

  • The Doctor's daughter Jenny is trapped near a black hole, but K-9 is sent to rescue her.
    Could be a neat way of explaining the absence of the characters I suppose

  • A Dalek speaks to Mr. Smith.
    In the cast list there is someone playing the "voice of Mr Smith" aka, the computer from SJA. So this is a possibility.

  • The Time War was 'time locked', or so thought The Doctor.
    Apparently yes. "time locked" is the same idea as things being fixed, or in flux (like the fate of Pompeii) And it was thought that the Time War was fixed as well... but thats apparently not going to stop Caan finding a way to change it, and stop Davros getting killed.
DigitalSpy has given us even more stuff! Hooray for them! You can see the full article here and tis fantastic!

First off a few hints... they say a female we know very well will be exterminated this weekend. The question of bees is not why they're going, but where. Theres no K9.

Right, onto the quotes:
"I like Saturdays."
"You cannot possibly *****."
"I'm sorry for your loss. I mean the loss that *** *** (yet?) to **** (come?)"
"My vision is not impaired."
"Who's she?!"
"Tell the Doctor from me, he chose his ********** (companions?) well."




Squeeing is what I assume many a person will be doing at the end of this episode. It is definitely a few minutes worth of OMGness!

I liked it muchly. Love all the references to Sarah-Jane, Martha and Torchwood. Don't we all need the Doctor so much!

The episode can now be seen here, here, here, and here

And if people are questioning how come the Earth even existed since there was no one to save the world from the Pyroviles/Daleks/Carrionites/Gelth/all other aliens from past episodes... all I have to say is Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey.

The trailer for next week looked so good I'll probably end up taking it to teeny tiny pieces pretty soon, with pictures and pretty things.


Thursday, June 19

Journey's End synopsis

Eek! I don't want it to end... ah well, here are some goodies for you.

Journey's End

The entire universe is in danger as the Daleks activate their masterplan. The Doctor is helpless, and even the Tardis faces destruction. The only hope lies with the Doctor's secret army of companions – but as they join forces to battle Davros himself, the prophecy declares that one of them will die.

And here's an Ultimate (yes, with a capital "U") squee picture, if your into that kinda thing. If not, then its still very very cool.

That's the real Time Team!

PLUS just letting you know, the Stolen Earth page has been updated and its got even more spoilery goodness and pretty pictures.


Wednesday, June 18

Turn Leftness!

Waaah! Tis exciting!
Lets pay homage to the BBC and bow before them... or not, either way, lets be thankful. If you live in the land of rain and crumpets then I suggest you head over to the BBC site pronto!

If not, then I suggest you remain here where you can share in the excitement and whatnot... wait till you see the preview clip!

Anywho, as usual we begin with the lovely jigsaw, which looks like this:

And give away this script extract:

But was there ever a choice? This job of yours, what led you there?
CU Donna, she flinches -
Whoosh! FLASHBACK, but to a new scene, the next scene, sc.3, glimpsed images, the car, her mum
CUT BACK TO DONNA; transfixed by the Fortune Teller's stare
There was a choice. Six months before. Cos the agency offered me a contract as H.C Clements...
Whoosh! White flashback -

Then we have the preview clip:

And the Fear Forcast!
  • 0 min - The BBC One ident provokes discussion.

  • 1 min - A strange drink and a sinister figure intrigue the boys.

  • 3 min - The boys shudder and grimace.

  • 5 min - Harry speculates about Cyber technology.

  • 6 min - The kids are tense. Dad giggles. Mum slaps him.

  • "Oooh! Oooh! I remember that!" cries Harry. "Watch out for the xxxx!" warns Adam.
    Why is this given no time?

  • 8 min - The kids don't believe it, and exchange astonished glances. "That's freaky," decides Samuel.

  • 9 min - The boys cheer. Amy is reassured.

  • 10 min - The family guffaw.

  • 11 min - Harry: "Oh yeah, xxxxxx!" Samuel grins in anticipation.

  • 12 min - A terrible incident. Amy is appalled.

  • 13 min - Samuel has career advice for Gramps.

  • 15 min - "Perhaps saying xxxx (Rose?) makes her xxxxxxxx?" ponders Adam.

  • 16 min - The kids laugh and relax.

  • 17 min - Samuel has a linguistic challenge for Adam.

  • 19 min - That's not what happened! The kids are horrified, and the whole family sit in stunned silence
    I'm guessing death of Doctor?

  • 20 min - "What about xxx xxxxxxx?"(the adipose?) asks Adam. "And the xxxxxxxxx,"(pyroviles?) says Samuel.

  • 22 min - Adam: "Oh, no!"

  • 23 min - Amy looks sad. Samuel makes a connection.

  • 24 min - The kids delight is abruptly turned to shock.

  • 26 min - "Who are they?" asks Amy. Harry shakes his head in dismay.

  • Amy is baffled. Harry rolls his eyes.
    Again, no time is given

  • 28 min - Samuel sings.
    DigitalSpy hints at Wilf & Donna singing?

  • 29 min - The kids gawp in horror.

  • 30 min - Something Very Bad is happening. It's Mum and Dad's turn to be horrified.

  • 34 min - "She's going to xxxx!" (live?) grins Samuel. The kids are all delighted.

  • 35 min - The boys look glum.

  • 37 min - Adam grimaces. Harry's fascinated. Samuel is impressed. Mum shrinks into the sofa.

  • 40 min - Harry slaps his forehead. Adam and Samuel laugh.

  • 41 min - The kids are shocked, but Samuel has a suggestion.

  • 42 min - "Run!" yell the kids, on the edge of their seats.

  • 44 min - Harry puts in head in his hands. Adam and Samuel fidget in agitation. Amy stares at the screen, mouth agape.

  • 45 min - The boys shout advice. Mum groans. Amy is hopeful.

  • 48 min - The kids chatter animatedly: "Smart! Freaky! A really good one! One of the best ever!"
Eeep! Well, there you go... commence speculation and all round chat!

Monday, June 16

Time Team!

Well... not the complete Time Team, otherwise Jack and Sarah-Jane would be there as well I suppose. Although I have heard that there is a promo picture coming out sometime that has all of them.

Ah well, until then you can looky at these and be filled with joy.

I must thank the people from the DWF for providing these photos and even cleaning them up and making them look better, so MUCH thanks to Cameron, whovidan, Roamed, Katie, TardisKid, and Eternal!

Clicky for bigger versions!

UPDATE: If you want to see all the info and stuff from inside the magazines, then I suggest you check out Cameron's fantastic blog, BlogtorWho

Taken from the Radio Times:

And a slightly freaky, finger pointing one from TV & Satellite week...

Hooray! Rose excitement!
I hope people don't forget about everything else in their climactic joy of seeing Miss Tyler again...

Saturday, June 14

Red Herrings

And as usual, DigitalSpy step up in their brilliance and give us some tasty spoilerness. Obviously 2 are red herrings, but lord knows which they are.

The original and full post can be seen here

  • The true mastermind of the ill fate that happens to Donna in this episode will be familiar to fans of one of the Doctor Who spinoff shows.
    There is a throwaway line at the end of the episode that relates the Time Beetle to the Trickster (from SJA)
  • Oliver Morgenstern from 'Smith And Jones' is back and in fine form.
    Yup, he appears on a news report saying Martha Jones is dead
  • Donna suggests that footage of a Titanic replica spaceship flying towards Buckingham Palace is actually from a sequel to the famous Leonardo DiCaprio/Kate Winslet film.
    Most probably, since the Titanic crashes into Buckingham and wipes out South England.

  • There's a Wayne's World moment where Donna and Wilf sing Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody'.
    There's a possible hint to this happening in the Fear Forcast, as one of the boys begins to sing.
  • Rose Tyler tells Donna that The Darkness is coming. Donna tells her that she saw them live in 2004 and they only had one good song.
    Don't know about Donna's snappy reply, but Rose definitely talks of the coming dark.
  • Donna insults someone by calling them Vera Duckworth.
    From set reports, yup, this is true.
  • Mr Chaudhary's wandering hands cause Donna some consternation.
    Possibly, don't really know anything about the character.
  • Rose tells Donna two vital words to pass onto The Doctor. The first one is a name of an old enemy last seen in an escape pod. The second is "lives".
    This apparently happens at the end of the Stolen Earth... old enemy in space pod be Davros, and the second one be about a certain other Time Lord who is still alive.
  • Donna has a beetle on her back and soon Wilf finds antlers on his head too.
    Well, Donna definitely has a beetle on her back. Tis a time beetle that she picked up in a carnival on Shan Shen.
And, here are the usual quotes and whatnot. The full article can be seen here and is well worth a read.

"It's like there's something I can't see."
"This stapler says '***'."
"I think you should leave me alone."
"You're not going to make the world any better by shouting at it."
"Why won't you tell me **** **** (your name?)"
"England for the English."

One more thing...
Something BIG is coming


Well, Midnight hasl hit our TV screens with a loud whumph of excitement. Why is it a whumph? I have no idea... I just like the word.

Anyway, this episode was most definitely dark, claustrophobic and intense, exploring the true side of human behavior under extreme fear and pressure.

In my personal opinion, it was the most disturbing and frightening episode I've ever seen. More so than Blink or any other scary episode you care to think of.

The episode can now be seen on Youtube here, here, here, here and here

And Rose did indeed make a wee appearance! And it was so agonizingly missed by the Doctor as well... shame!

Plus, there was also mention of the Medusa Cascade, which we haven't had in a while. Maybe its still got some importance in the final 3 episodes.


Friday, June 13

Davros & Red Dalek picture

Hooray! New picture of Davros and the Red Dalek!

The original posts of these were taken down due to copyright, but since then, these pictures have appeared in newspapers, so I don't expect them to be taken down again as they're now more "official"

Thursday, June 12

Drum Roll please!

I'm not going to attempt to type a drum roll, but I'm sure you can use your imaginations.

Episode 12

The Stolen Earth

And the synopsis for you:

Earth's greatest heroes assemble in a time of dire need, in tonight's penultimate episode. But can the Doctor's secret army defeat the might of the new Dalek Empire?

With battles on the streets and in the skies, the Doctor and Donna must brave the Shadow Proclamation to find out the truth. However, a fearsome old enemy waits in the shadows...

Wednesday, June 11

More Midnight Madness

I love alliteration.
Anyway! Once again the BBC site has updated and showered us with much Doctor Who goodness. Lets all be hugely thankful to them.

So here we go.
We have the usual jigsaw:

Which gives away this extract of script:

Enjoy your trip
Oh, I can't wait! Allons-y!
I'm sorry...?
Its French, for lets go!

All the previous DigitalSpy stuff can be seen here if you want a reminder of those hints and quotes.

Theres the usual preview clip:

And, of course, the fear factor!
  • 0 min - The kids marvel at the view

  • 3 min - Harry decides that the Doctor's going to have to wear xxxxxxxx (suncream?)

  • 5 min - Terminology baffles Harry

  • 7 min - A tough decision. Harry has advice. Samuel thinks it can be avoided.

  • 8 min - Why are the kids so unconcerned?

  • 10 min - Adam whistles in amazement.

  • 11 min - Amy chews her finger nervously.

  • 13 min - "Oh no..." says Adam.

  • 14 min - Amy clutches a cushion.

  • 15 min - Harry vanishes behind the sofa. Samuel and Adam debate monsters.

  • 17 min - Someone's missing. Samuel wails.

  • 18 min - "This is getting freaky," mutters Samuel. Adam fidgets anxiously: "Maybe she's got xx xxxx?"

  • 19 min - Samuel has to find someone to snuggle against.

  • 21 min - "Whoah!" says Harry.

  • 22 min - "Ooh," says Adam, "she's stopped xxxxxx (moving? Crying?)

  • 24 min - The kids eye the proceedings warily.

  • 26 min - "Bad idea!" warns Samuel.

  • 29 min - Amy, Harry and Adam are dismayed. Samuel is biting his nails.

  • 30 min - "That is his real name."

  • 33 min - Samuel: "Ohhh dear."

  • 34 min - "Don't do it!" implores Harry.

  • 37 min - The kids are alarmed. Samuel wails again.

  • 39 min - Adam and Samuel gasp.

  • 41 min - Samuel gives Dad a hug.

  • 42 min - "Scary!" says Harry.

  • 43 min - The kids make Dad shiver.
So, there we go! Overall verdict: very scary, though the kids don't give much away... its all hiding behind large, soft, inanimate objects.

Tuesday, June 10


The internet has gone mad!
Well, not the whole internet, just the small Doctor Who section of the internet where I spend most of my time.

Anyway, to the point, a new picture of Davros has been leaked, and from the thousands of comments and speculation over it, it seems more likely to be genuine than anything else so far.

So where can you see this picture you ask? Well right here

I didn't post the picture directly as methinks some people don't like to be spoiled... but it really does seem like its the real deal!

Saturday, June 7

Midnight and Herrings

Well, once again Digitalspy are extremely quick off the mark as they give us some more spoilery goodness and possible red herrings (there are two of them)

The full page can be seen here, and I strongly recommend you check it out, But otherwise, here is what may, or may not, be popping up in Midnight.
  • A sinister shadow poses a threat to the Crusader 50 vessel, according to a crew member.

  • Betty Boop is seen doing the do in front of The Doctor.

  • A Professor is carrying a hidden bomb strapped under his jumper along with a unique ultimatum.

  • The Doctor toasts the Lost Moon of Poosh.

  • It's Election Day on the planet Midnight, prompting The Doctor to discuss Arcadia.

  • Rose Tyler trades places with a pop singer.
    Apparently true - she mouths the Doctor's name briefly replacing an Italian singer who is part of the automated intro

  • Fans of a certain French phrase will be happy.
    True - see quotes below

  • The Doctor tries to force a pi into the mouth of an alien.

  • One of the characters tells the Time Lord: "Oh Doctor, you're so handsome." He agrees.

  • A famous poem by Christina Rossetti is analysed by The Doctor and one other character, in reference to ongoing events.
And in addition to this, here are the usual missing words that DigitalSpy so kindly revealed to us. The original post can be seen here

"The history is fascinating because there is ** (no?) ****o**(history?)"
"98 **i** (trips?) later."
"You seem to have a certain glee."
"She said she'd get me."
"The *ed*** *a*****."

Oh, one other thing...
Don't blink - or you might miss it. (Referring to the brief appearance of Rose?)

Thanks DigitalSpy!


Forest of the Dead has been and gone in the realms of tea and crumpets, and the confusing, fantastical, scary, Alice-in-wonderland madness of a 2-parter has been resolved!

So, River Song was not the Doctor, the Master, Jenny, Rose, Jack or K9... she was just someone close to the Doctor... very, very, very close.

You can now see the full episode on youtube: here, here, here, here, and here


Wednesday, June 4


Hooray for all things BBC and their glorious updates!

If you live in the land of tea and crumpets then I suggest you check out the BBC site nowish for some pretty pictures and all things Who.

For those who come from far off places, then I shall relay all to you!
So, we have the usual jigsaw which looks like this:

And gives away this bit of script:

Who is he? You haven't even said, you just expect us to trust him.
He's the Doctor.
LUX (joining them)
And who's the Doctor?
The only story you'll ever tell - if you survive him.
You say he's your friend. But he doesn't even know who you are.
All you need to know is this: I'd trust this man to the end of the universe - and actually, we've been.

Theres the preview clip

And, of course, the Fear Factor!
  • 1 min - Harry shakes his head. "Too many shadows!"

  • 2 min - "Cool!" grins Samuel. "Different music for different scenes!"

  • 3 min - "Hey, he knows her!" realises Samuel. "He's the bad guy now!"

  • 4 min - "Very, very interesting," says Samuel and strokes his chin pensively, and decides: "This is getting really strange."

  • 6 min - The kids go "Oooooh" with delight. And then... Harry chews his t-shirt nervously.

  • 7 min - "So has Martha!" says Samuel. Amy smiles.

  • 8 min - "What did she say?" asks Amy. The boys enter into a frenzy of speculation. And then they whoop with delight!

  • 10 min - The kids look at her sadly.

  • 12 min - There's a strange shape.

  • 13 min - Amy knows that something's very, very wrong...

  • 14 min - "This is so cool!" yells Samuel.

  • 16 min - "They've got him." Harry winces.

  • 18 min - A very scary moment! Amy and Harry jump! "Woah!" says Adam.

  • 23 min - "What does that mean?" asks Samuel. "What are they teaching kids in Maths these days?" grumbles Dad.

  • 24 min - Harry's delighted! "Don't get any ideas," says Dad.

  • 25 min - The kids' faces light up with excitement.

  • 27 min - Amy bites her bottom lip. Samuel snuggles up to his own Dad.

  • 29 min - The family goggle in amazement.

  • 33 min - Samuel goes "Ooooh" because he's sure he's heard that somewhere before.

  • 35 min - Mum and Amy are upset. "That was cool and strange and sad," whispers Samuel.

  • 36 min - "And so's the train!" grins Adam.

  • 39 min - "Don't leave them there!" shouts Samuel...
And if you want a reminded of the Digitalspy hints and whatnot, then I suggest looking here

Monday, June 2


There are many people out there forming giant speculations about who the flip the girl is in Silence of the Library (the most prominent is that she's the computer)

Anywhoo, heres a little something to add to speculation!

An interview with Eve
One of the best bits about being in Doctor Who was that I got to have make-up done as I turn into something in the second episode.

I had something stuck on with glue and then to activate the make-up they put alcohol over it so I smelled like alcohol! It took about an hour and a half to put on and they had to pull it all off afterwards!

Whatddya think about that then!?

Sunday, June 1

Episode 9

The Forest of the Dead

Episode Location: The Library, 51st Century
Vashta Nerada, the suit creature
New Characters: The girl, Doctor Moon, Miss Evangelista, River Song, Lux, Anita, Other Dave, Ella, Lee, Joshua, Miss Evangelista
Gadgets Used: Psychic paper, Sonic screwdrvier x2, Squareness gun
Episode Objective: To find out why no one is in the Library, and then to help the explorers and escape the shadows.

As the shadows rise and march, the Doctor forges an alliance with the mysterious River Song. But can anyone stop the Vashta Nerada? While the Doctor discovers long-buried secrets and revelations about his own future, the sinister Nodes declare that Donna is doomed.

Right, we know theres a central intelligence that runs the Library, the "data core of a triple grid security processor" or something. And this is clearly something to do with the little girl.

The Library was sealed off 100 years ago, but all the people who were on it were saved (except there were no survivors) and the same thing has happened to Donna.

I propose this: the central computer thingy, in an attempt to save all the people, somehow created a world within the Library and put all the people there (maybe saved them as data files or something) which is where Donna and Miss Evangelista are now.

Set Reports
1st Report of Filming
Filming has taken place both in a children's playground and in a suburban street where a child called Ella is bundled into a car...

2nd Report of Filming
Donna and a mysterious woman wearing a veil were seen walking together in the park. Also with them, and playing in the playground were 3 boys and 3 girls

The kiddies were all dressed identically, almost like clones. And its now been speculated that they might not be real.

Two pieces of dialog was also overheard, both said by Donna:
  • "Why are you wearing that stupid veil for?"
  • "Stop talking about my children like that."
Just stop it! Why are you doing this?

And (thanks again to Scooty) we now know the face beneath the veil.

Gasp! Is that Evangelista? Why yes it is!

So perhaps the computer not only put the people in this world, but created a new life for them. Perhaps they're even in a story, one of the books? Who knows... but Donna certainly seems to have a new life:

Apparently, she gets married to a character called Lee (who stutters) and both live at 42 Palace Road with 2 children - there is a scene of him carrying Donna over the threshold

As well as this, filming took place at Dyffryn House - a scene with Donna being taken out of an ambulance on a stretcher... (?!)

So, if Donna is leading a "normal" life, then perhaps Miss Evangelitia is almost like a ghosts, or an echo of a memory long forgotten. Something poetic like that anyway.

Meanwhile, back in the Library, we still have the suit creatue/Vashta Nerada/Proper Dave wandering about as well... and maybe these shadow creatures are getting a little smarter, they seem to be trying to communicate.

The Doctor's having none of it though...

Don't play games with me.
I'm the Doctor, and you're in the biggest Library in the universe.
You just killed someone I liked, that is not a safe place to stand!

But somehow or other the Doctor, River Song and Lux (I don't know about the others, some of them might have survived, but then again, they could have been eaten) manage to escape.

It seems that the Vashta Nerada are ganging together or something, at least it gives our team a bit of time.

Doctor: It wont attack until there's enough of them.

And now they're trying to fix everything.

This planets going to crack like an egg.

We need to stop this, we've gotta save Cal!

What is it? What is Cal?

Um... the name of the central computer/the girl maybe? I dunno, its all just guesswork here.
BUT, we must remember the important thing here:


Yup, the Library is full of books and spoilers. RTD said himself that they play a key part and so far they haven't done much. The spoilers are very important...

Could thus mean that one of the suggestions by DigitalSpy is true?
"The Shadows take hold of River Song's diary and coerce The Doctor into using a gun because of what they discover."
Its sounds very interesting if it does happen. But it could just be a red herring.


Of course, these scenes will probably be spread out between the ones with Donna and the little girl, but putting them all together makes them look neat.

And then of course theres the big big question that we all really really want to know:

Who are you?!

Yes! Please tell us who you are!
You know the Doctor, it sounds like you were very close, he gave you his screwdriver, AND his book to look after (can we assume its his?) and all you're telling us is:

"I trust that man to the end of the universe. And actually... we've been."

But since the synopsis says "the Doctor discovers long-buried secrets and revelations about his own future" then I'm gonna assume that we do find out. And their relationship seems to pick up well...

I hate you sometimes!
I know!

And, while Donna is liver her new crazy life, and the Doctor and River Song are running about and arguing all over the place, we also have the girl who's desperately trying to understand what the flip is going on.

I don't think Doctor Moon is helping...

...And then, you forgot

What did she forget? Is Doctor Moon trying to explain the incident where he told her the Library was real? Is he even a good guy?

I don't know, but apparently both the Doctor and Donna meet Doctor moon as well... so I hope he'll help them, or at least explain some things.

Meanwhile, the girl is not having a very good time as the Library in her head is breaking up (or "cracking like an egg") and people keep trying to talk to her via TVs

No, no don't tell! You mustn't tell!

Daddy! No, Daddy!

She really doesn't look like she's having a good time. But, as Doctor Mood said, she's the only one who can save everyone, and fix everything.

No pressure...

And then theres probably a huge dramatic finale where this happens:

At least I hope its part of the dramatic finale... its certainly looks interesting. And maybe it has something to do with this:

Is that a hole to the centre of the Library... to the big computer thingy perhaps? And we can see River Song and 2 figures wearing helmets. But one of them is standing is a quite awkward way.. perhaps its the Vashta Nerada/suit creature?

Who knows... and wheres the Doctor? Hes he already gone down the hole? Well, he's a Time Lord after all.. I'm sure he's got some fiendishly clever plan. Or he's just making it up as usual.

We shall have to wait and see!

These hints are from Digitalspy, but there are also two red herrings lurking in the spoiler shadows this week.
  • River Song sometimes shows The Doctor a little respect and asks him about erasure.

  • The Shadows have a proper vocalist that's not Cliff Richard.

  • Doctor Moon challenges someone to a game of chess on which millions of lives depend.

  • The Shadows take hold of River Song's diary and coerce The Doctor into using a gun because of what they discover.

  • A Gareth Gates-style affliction prevents Cupid from firing his arrow.
    True according to another digitalspy report, Donna soon gets "a stuttering spouse"

  • River Song tells The Doctor that he is not The Doctor.

  • The little girl destroys every idiot's lantern to prevent the shadows seeping into present day Earth.

  • A familiar female face from the past returns to give Donna some advice.

  • Donna ties a very important knot.

  • The Doctor is stunned by something River Song whispers in his ear.
    True according to another digitalspy report "To say that, by the end of the episode, we find out what she said would only be a half-truth."
And here be some quotes. You can see the full article here
"I trust that man to the end of the universe - and we've been."
"There are no ***** (books? Souls?) in a library."
"The world is wrong."
"Nobody can open a TARDIS by ******** (clicking?) their ******* (fingers?)"
"If he **** (dies?), I'll kill him."
"I've been treating you since you came here two years ago."

(Thankee to Scooty, Brian_Damage and Cameron for the pictures & info)