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Friday, January 23

Doctor Who Media

Since there was the press release yesterday, theres quite a bit of coverage!

Michelle Ryan and Lee Evans:
CBBC - New stars for Doctor Who special
Coventry Telegraph - Ryan & Evans to appear in next Doctor Who
Telegraph - Michelle Ryan to star in Doctor Who special
Daily Mail - Michelle Ryan to liven up the Tardis
Western Mail - Will ‘Bionic Woman’ be the Doctor’s assistant?
The Sun - It's the Ender the road, Doc
Belfast Telegraph - Lee Evans and Michelle Ryan
Pop Culture - Michelle Ryan Visits “Planet of the Dead”
Digital Spy - Ryan, Evans for next 'Doctor Who'

Michelle Ryan:

Guardian - Michelle Ryan - would she make a good companion?
CourierMail - Michelle Ryan to liven up Tardis
Daily Record - Michelle Ryan to be Doctor Who's assistant
Press Association - Ryan and Evans appear in Doctor Who
The First Post - Can Doctor Who save Michelle Ryan?
My Park Magazine - Michelle Ryan's Doctor role
Hello Magazine - Leather-clad former EastEnder
Brand Republic - Michelle Ryan to star in Doctor Who special

In other news:
Wigan Today - Ian builds Dalek out of waste
Flick Filosopher - Matt Smtih and Billie Piper... ahem together
Times and Star - Keep the Doctor going - well into his own future
This is Surrey Today - David Morrissey on the Next Doctor teaser
The Mail - Peter Davison's daughter fell in love with Tennant
Shields Gazette - Meet the man who hunts monsters for a living

And as always we should bow down to the hard working people on the DWF, especially baraduim, who find all of these news stories.