Planet Gallifrey: Media & Doctor Who filming!

Monday, January 19

Media & Doctor Who filming!

Woop woop!

Okay, there will be filming going on tonight in a Museum. So it'll probably be inside though we might get some outside action as well.

According to Scooty (and his magical camera of delight) there are fake signs outside the building and a "weird semi circle globe lighting being put up around the exterior"

This was the same building that was used for the Lazarus Experiment

ETA- Scooty later added 
"it seems (a possible) Michelle Ryan is filming scenes inside a Museum that is having a display of Incan/Roman and Egyptian artefacts. From the outside we could see a series of ropes, pulleys and ballists being used to swing an actress around. 

"It looked like it could be Michelle Ryan, but I can't say for definate. She was wearing an all black cat suit and was blonde... A cat burgler type companion then?"

And alun.vega (Flickr account) managed to get a shot of the extras dressed as "International Gallery" security guards

And heres the recent media we have. Its mostly covering the same "Michelle Ryan as companion" story... so nothing much new really.

Mirror - Who's a metro? (article on David Tennant)
Telegraph - EastEnders actress Michelle Ryan could be Doctor Who's new assistant
Teletext - Michelle to help new Doc?
Digital Spy - Ryan tipped as new 'Who' assistant
Marie Claire - Michelle Ryan: New Doctor Who assistant?

(with thanks to baraduim, Scooty and alun.vega)


Rossy said...

that weird semi circle globe lighting thing is used to protect lighting equipment. Those things can be huge.
Totally forgot the name of the light we use them with, afterall Iam only a holiday/busy period warehouse assistant.

It shouldnt be nothing fancy, it'll be the sort of thing with moving lights and fancy effects etc.

Maybe the doctor goes to a grand opening of a new exhibition?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you know what? I used to have some sympathy for Doctor who fan, but it is just spam now, and what with Doctor who fan's frequent and nonsensical posts, and people replying to those, I've lost patience. Please just ban him/her. He/she has their own blog to express their opinions on.

Richard said...

Michellen Ryan has apparently been seen at the Museum, which would suggest that she's playing the one-off Companion for this story. (Which thankfully rules her out for Series 5.)

Anonymous said...

Tabloids getting it half-right again. She was alright in Merlin, so as a one-off companion I'm happy with her.

Jess said...

I have banned Doctor Who Fan 9 times, yet each time he returns to the site with a different IP address. I can't afford to create a larger account with the IP blocker I have, so unless anyone knows of a free tool that can block IP's...

Otherwise I suggest you just ignore his posts and I will delete them when I have time.

doctor who fan said...

no jess
ban me? why i didnt do things rong :( no!

Jess said...

I don't want to clog up this comment space with a conversation about it, but you must have got the hints surely?

You constantly comment on EVERY single post with sentences that make no sense and that have no point to them. No one could possibly have that bad grammar.

Its fine for you to leave your opinion if you have something of interest to say, but I'm sure you're aware that there isnt a single one of your posts that is worth reading. This is why I delete them and all posts relating to them.

If you wish to discuss this further then please email me.

Anonymous said...

You sound just like Doctor Who Spammer, Whoivan ? I take it you have the same English teacher ? Btw who is Ivan anyway ?

Michelle Ryan = Type Phwoar-ty !

Anonymous said...

You're going to have a job and a half deleting all of Doctor Who Spammer's posts. He's spammed on every page of this otherwise great blog of yours.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the ouside lighting I still think the globe dome is just a cover for weather.

And how can a kid know how to change IPs? I thought it was farely complicated software to have a rotating IP adress?...

Anonymous said...

This is filming for the specials, correct?

Anonymous said...


Well, thanks for trying, Jess.

Back on the main event: Cat burglar, huh? Sounds good.

Spacephantom said...

Interesting stuff as always Jess. It's this kind of info direct from the scene of filming that brought me to your blog in the first place - keep it up.

Michelle Ryan in the first of the specials - so this is probably what the newspaper stories are arrising from. Which means she's very likely not the companion in series 5 then.

Anonymous said...

Nice to have you back, Jess. After your post 'Hello, Goodbye' I thought you were calling it quits which made me very sad. Reading your blog is far more informative and entertaining than trolling the DWF.
As for the spammer, don't let him get you down. We appreciate you and all the effort you put forth on this site.
Much thanks!