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Thursday, January 22

Recent Doctor Who news

Woop! News is always fun :)

Northampton Chronice - Backing for our new Doctor
The Metro - Freema Agyeman praises Matt Smith
Pisquita - La ex mujer biĆ³nica va a encarnar a la ayudante del Doctor Who
SyFy Portal - Doctor Who finds its bionic companion
Press Association - Mat: I'd love to be Doctor Who
Digital Spy - Mat Horne: 'I wanted Doctor role'

Chortle - Lee Evans to star in special?!
This story has now been removed.. so maybe theres some truth to it.. either way Lee Evans is starring in the Jonathan Ross show tomorrow. So I guess we'll find out then :)

"Bionic Woman and EastEnders star Ryan plays the mysterious Lady Christina de Souza, who joins the Doctor on a bus trip which takes a "detour into danger", the BBC said.

Funnyman Evans plays a character called Malcolm, whose life becomes connected to the Doctor's under extraordinary circumstances. " 

The Specials:
Den of Geek - Casting news on the Doctor Who specials
London Paper - Ex - Eastender to star in Doctor Who
Business Intelligence Middle East - Doctor Who and the Daleks landing in Dubai

The Sun - David Tennant needs to renew his tax disk
WA Today and The Age - Not quite the new Doctor Who
Halstead Gazette - John Scott Martin obituary
Newspost Online - David Tennant tops ‘Metrosexual Role Models’ list
HowDo - Winters and Burnell named new Cbeebies presenters

And because its funny:
Cracked - The 11 most retarded fictional weapons (Check out number 1!)

As always a massive thanks to everyone on the DWF, especially baraduim, who are the ones that find all of this info!


sean stokoe said...

im a big lee evans fan so i do hope he will be in doctor who :D