Planet Gallifrey: January 2009

Saturday, January 31


All the recent news, gathered together by baraduim for us all to see!

Planet of the Dead:
Press Association - New baddies set for Doctor Who
Den of Geek - Doctor Who: Planet Of The Dead aliens announced
io9 - Doctor Who Villains Revealed, Insane Hyperbole Ensues
SyFy Portal - Doctor Who to meet new bad guys
Wired - Details Emerge on Doctor Who's Old Bus, New Monster
South Wales Echo - Doctor Who plot rewrite after prop bus is wrecked
Digital Spy - New 'Doctor Who' villains revealed
io9 - Will This Awesome Doctor Who Filming Go To Waste?
The Sun - Sonic screwdriver wont fix that, Doctor
CBBC - Bus damage causes Dr Who rewrite
The Sun - David's Doctor Who strife

Doctor Clunes:
Den of Geek - Did Martin Clunes turn down Doctor Who?
What's on TV - Did Martin Clunes turn down Doctor Who?
My Park Magazine - Martin Clunes' Doctor Who snub
Teletext - Martin Clunes came close to Who role

Derby Evening Telegraph - Crime drama first for the new Doctor Who
Lehigh Valley Live - Comic Con opens convention season

Plus, as far as people can work out, there might not be any more filming outside in Cardiff. So there might not be any set reports for a while.

Friday, January 30

Monster revealed!

This was reported earlier today in the Mirror, but it seems the page has gone now... perhaps the news wasn't meant to get out:

ETA: Nope, the page was there, it was just being elusive. You can find it here

New Tritovore baddies set to be scariest ever

He's dealt with some tough baddies, but Doctor Who will face his scariest yet - a halfman half-fly creature.

Called the Tritovore, it will be unleashed in the Easter special to do battle with the Timelord and sidekick Lady Christina de Souza - played by former EastEnders star Michelle Ryan.

Bosses want the monster to become as iconic as the Daleks and Cybermen.

A set source said: "Scriptwriters are confident they'll make a huge impact... Everyone remembers the Daleks and the Cyberman, but not a lot else if they're honest. The Tritovore will change that. They are disgusting and will last long in the memory."

Series boss Russell T Davies is hoping to use the creatures in three other special shows.

David Tennant quits as the doctor this year. The source added: "Russell is telling everybody to expect some real surprises. He wants him to go out with a bang."

Thar we go, secret uncovered :)

More Doctor Who filming, 28.01.09

Sorry! Bit slow on the uptake today, was a busy day yesterday.
Right! Here are some more videos of filming from 2 nights ago

First off, the entire scene as captured by Ahremsee

And Mugim0e uploaded some cut down versions of the same scene

While the above is going on, the other members of the bus are being decontaminated

And also these because they are possibly the greatest things ever

Above from Mugim0e, and this from alun.vega

There are LOADS more amazing photos and videos of the filming here:
Mugim0e's photobucket account
Ahremsee's photobucket account
Alun.vega's Flickr account


Thursday, January 29

Tennnat for Comic relief

Yup, according to OffTheTelly, David Tennant will be co-hosting some of comic relief this year!

Who’s hosting Comic Relief

David Tennant will be hosting the first hour of Comic Relief Night it’s been revealed today.
Due to air on 13 March, the Doctor Who star will co-present with Davina McCall. 

In a pre-recorded video screened at this morning’s press launch at The Empire Cinema, Leicester Square, he said: “It’s a great honour for me. I remember the first Red Nose Day when I was at school, buying the t-shirt and everyone joining in, And then, later, at drama school, me and my mate Alan McCue formed a Proclaimers tribute act and went busking in Sauchiehall Street. We were rubbish, but earned £65 in our lunch hour. The people of Glasgow are very generous.”

Also confirmed for this year’s bash, are Steve Jones and Claudia Winkleman, who’ll be hosting the celebrity-packed Let’s Dance for Comic Relief; Fearne Cotton, Denise Van Outen, Alesha Dixon, Cheryl Cole, Kimberly Walsh, Ben Shephard, Chris Moyles, Ronan Keating and Gary Barlow who’ll be attempting to climb Mount Kilimanjaro; a special episode of Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps and - best of all - Comic Relief Does the Apprentice.

Find out more about Red Nose Day at the official site:

You can read the full article here 


Just letting you know the Planet of the Dead summary has been updated will all the filming info so far.

Plus, some recent media since I'm to lazy to make another post.
The bus wreck, reported by Zawya, Waveguide, Bristol Evening Post
Michelle Ryan in the show, reported by OK Magazine, Western Mail
Mickey and Martha possible return, reported by io9, TV Squad, This is Bath,
Torchwood sneak peeks at the NY Comic-Con, reported by Sci-Fi and All Your TV


More Doctor Who filming, 28.01.09

Woop! We've got reports, pictures and videos!

Its probably safe to say that this is definitely the end of the episode. And the entire event is beautifully captured in this: 

The best video ever by ahremsee!

So we've got: 
  • Bus returning to present day, 
  • UNIT applauding
  • People emerging from bus, 
  • Doctor emerging from bus, 
  • Malcom running over and hugging him, 
  • Mogambo arriving, 
  • Malcom leaving, 
  • the Doctor doing some sonic action,
  • Mogambo saluting, 
  • the Doctor reuniting with the TARDIS,
  • Christina running over for a chat
And now, pictures!

There are loads more pictures & videos of all the filming so far, here:
A huge huge thanks to Scooty, alun.vega, Brian_Damage, ahremsee and mugim0e, you're all gods. You know that right?

Wednesday, January 28

Broken Bus

The first "official" report of the broken bus, from 7DAYS and complete with picture!

Time for the TARDIS

BBC editors are scrambling to rewrite a Dubai-based episode of Dr Who after the time traveller’s double-decker bus was smashed by a crane operator at Dubai port.
The damage, estimated at tens of thousands of dirhams, has delayed filming of the hit show, which is to base one of four special episodes in Dubai.

While the bus may look like it was attacked by the show’s evil Cybermen, it was an unloading accident that left BBC staff rushing to rewrite the plotline to Dr Who’s Dubai visit.

One person familiar with the bus accident said that the BBC will now make it look as if the bus was crushed by Dr Who’s enemies.

The show was due to revolve around a plot in which the time-travelling doctor is zapped to Dubai and faces an “unexpected detour into danger”.  

However, the detour will now appear more dangerous than previously anticipated, as his bus’ top deck shows extensive damage.

The left side of the bus has been crushed inwards, windows have been smashed, the frame has been bent and paint has been ripped from the roof.

Read the full story here
Yay, carnage :)

Doctor Who filming, 28.01.09

Right, so there's filming going on at the moment. No pictures yet.

Hopefully there will be some pictures and whatnot when our intrepid explorers return from the filming (at what ever ridiculous hour that happens to be!)

With thanks to alun.vega (see his Flickr account) we have the Doctor reunited with the TARDIS!


Tennant Tapes

Straight from the BBC site :)
The first wee snippet from David Tennants returning video diaries!

Looks like there are a few hints lying around... who was the person all in black?
And we even saw a glimpse of the script!

This is what I can make out from it:

A marble plinth, centre......
marble drinking cup. Solid.....
Gl...[BBC Logo]... levels. This is the CUP OF....

And, activating - 

He throws a big leaver on the wall

FX: There are four free-standing poles in a square around the plinth, and from them, a FLASH OF BLUE LASER BEAMS activates. Low hum of power. The square of guards are standing outside the fence, all facing out.

Night then boys

He leaves. Footsteps echoing. The door shuts, SLAM!
Silence. Guards on duty.

PAN up the room, from the plinth & FX beams to...
The ceiling, a panel slides open, silently - 

I think this is a description of the beginning of the episode, when Michelle steals whatever she does from the Museum.

Matt Smith in a hat

Is it me or does the Sun seem a bit desperate for Who stories?

Oh lord Matt!

NEW Doctor Who Matt Smith looks like one of the Timelord’s daft enemies in this wacky outfit. The star, 26, wore a tweed coat and multi-coloured scarf while out and about in central London.

And that is literally it.
Fun times :)

Doctor Who filming, 27.01.09

No sign of Tennant, but lots of UNIT and guns!

Back at the tunnel again, as you can see there are lots of UNIT soldiers gathering pointing guns into the tunnel. Theres a pause as something comes out of the tunnel, and one soldier runs off to get Mogambo. When she comes back the others are all looking up at the sky.

The stage directions say: "The bus flies over your heads. Monsters fly out of the tunnel." Mogambo declares a "Code Red" as the soldiers raise their guns as if tracking something flying over them.

Video courtesy of ahremsee

Video courtesy of Brain_Damage

Video courtesy of ahremsee

Video courtesy of Mugim0e

And now photos of the action, courtesy of alun.vega!

There was also a rocket launcher!

There are loads more pictures & videos here:

A huge thanks to Brian_Damage, ahremsee, mugim0e and alun.vega

Doctor Who news

News news!

The Sun - Doctor's Double Decker Wrecker
The Sun - Mickey set for Dr Who comeback
Digital Spy - Clarke 'wants Doctor Who return'

SyFy Portal - Freema Agyeman Finds Way Back To 'Doctor Who'
Littlehampton Gazette - Freema set for Doctor Who return

Press Association - Torchwood, Skins up for awards

Thanks to everyone on the DWF (especially baraduim) for finding all these links :)

Tuesday, January 27

Doctor Who filming, 26.01.09

A quick one from Scooty :)

The scene was DT and MR getting onto the bus. MR gets on first, looking rather paniced, talks to the bus driver, then takes her seat. DT follows, flashes his pyschic paper at the driver then takes his seat next to MR.

Followed by lots of pictures from Scooty, the Sun and Daily Mail
And yes, Tennant is eating a chocolate orange :D


News news

Right, media time! 

The Sun - Tennant's Eggs-Tra
Mail - Michelle Ryan slips into something comfortable
Telegraph - David Tennant and Michelle Ryan film Easter special
io9 - Small filming report on last night
Echo News - Doctor debut for Lee

Freema Aygeman
Den of Geek - Martha Jones back in Doctor Who special
Now Magazine - Freema Agyeman to return to Doctor Who
Digital Spy - Agyeman to make 'Doctor Who' return?

Pink News - Torchwood nominated for GLAAD media awards
Wired - Torchwood, New Season Coming to NY Comic-Con

EE Times - Steampunk TARDIS Control Console
Den of Geek - The Ingrid Pitt Column: the endurance of Doctor Who
CBBC - Tennant scoops award for Hamlet

A huge thanks to everyone on the DWF (especially baraduim) who actually find out all of this information :)

Sunday, January 25

Lee Evans on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross

Towards the end they start talking about Doctor Who.
Lee is playing a professor called Malcolm


Saturday, January 24

Doctor Who News

Filming is going on inside at the moment, so there might not be any set reports for a while.

The only thing to report is that a second bus was transported to Dubai for filming. However, during transit the bus was extensively damaged (a 30 tonne container was dropped on it) so the script is now being altered by RTD.
DenofGeek have an article on it

And thats it, apart from the NEWS!

Michelle Ryan:
Western Mail - Rhys Evans and Michelle Ryan in Cardiff for their new roles
Daily Record - Letter: Your View - A Welcome Return
Wired - Doctor Who to Meet Bionic Woman This Easter
io9 - Look Who's Bringing Leather Jackets Back To Doctor Who
SyFy Portal - Ryan Officially On 'Doctor Who,' But Is She Staying?
TV Guide - Bionic Woman Makes Appointment with Doctor Who
Discover - Who’s that girl?
Zap2It - 'Bionic Woman' Makes Appointment With 'Doctor Who'
Flick Filosopher - okay, okay: Michelle Ryan will be appearing on ‘Doctor Who’
Contact Music - Michelle Ryan - Bionic Woman to join Doctor Who

John Scott-Martin:
Telegraph - Doctor Who chief Dalek John Scott Martin dies aged 82
Daily Record - Doctor Who Dalek king John Scott Martin dies aged 82
Standard - Doctor Who’s chief Dalek dies aged 82
Suffolk Free Press - 'Chief Dalek' actor dies at 82
Colchester Gazette - Tributes for 'jobbing actor' best remembered as chief Dalek
The Sun - Dalek operator dies at 82

DenofGeek - Tate and Simm to return?
Now - David Tennant: Doctor Who's a bit hand-knitted
io9 - Science Fiction Stories That Make Gandhi Cry
The Spoof - Revealed, the future of Doctor Who

Image courtesy of Ron Killgore

As always, a huge thank you to everyone on the DWF (especially baraduim) who are the ones that find all of this info in the first place!

Friday, January 23

Doctor Who Media

Since there was the press release yesterday, theres quite a bit of coverage!

Michelle Ryan and Lee Evans:
CBBC - New stars for Doctor Who special
Coventry Telegraph - Ryan & Evans to appear in next Doctor Who
Telegraph - Michelle Ryan to star in Doctor Who special
Daily Mail - Michelle Ryan to liven up the Tardis
Western Mail - Will ‘Bionic Woman’ be the Doctor’s assistant?
The Sun - It's the Ender the road, Doc
Belfast Telegraph - Lee Evans and Michelle Ryan
Pop Culture - Michelle Ryan Visits “Planet of the Dead”
Digital Spy - Ryan, Evans for next 'Doctor Who'

Michelle Ryan:

Guardian - Michelle Ryan - would she make a good companion?
CourierMail - Michelle Ryan to liven up Tardis
Daily Record - Michelle Ryan to be Doctor Who's assistant
Press Association - Ryan and Evans appear in Doctor Who
The First Post - Can Doctor Who save Michelle Ryan?
My Park Magazine - Michelle Ryan's Doctor role
Hello Magazine - Leather-clad former EastEnder
Brand Republic - Michelle Ryan to star in Doctor Who special

In other news:
Wigan Today - Ian builds Dalek out of waste
Flick Filosopher - Matt Smtih and Billie Piper... ahem together
Times and Star - Keep the Doctor going - well into his own future
This is Surrey Today - David Morrissey on the Next Doctor teaser
The Mail - Peter Davison's daughter fell in love with Tennant
Shields Gazette - Meet the man who hunts monsters for a living

And as always we should bow down to the hard working people on the DWF, especially baraduim, who find all of these news stories.

Planet of the Dead press release

Straight from the BBC site :)

The BBC has confirmed that Michelle Ryan and Lee Evans will guest star in the forthcoming Doctor Who Easter Special which began filming this week in Wales.

Michelle, best known for her roles as Zoe Slater in EastEnders, and Jaime Sommers in the recent remake of Bionic Woman, will play the mysterious Lady Christina de Souza in the special episode entitled Planet of the Dead. Christina joins the Doctor on a bus-trip which takes a very unexpected detour into danger.

"I'm a huge fan of Doctor Who and very excited to be joining David Tennant and the Doctor Who team," said Michelle. "It is such a fantastic show and I can't wait to get started!"

One of Britain's best loved and biggest comedy stars, Lee Evans, will also be joining the cast playing a character called Malcolm, whose life becomes connected to the Doctor's under extraordinary circumstances.

Planet of the Dead is the first of four Doctor Who Specials which will air in 2009. Michelle joins David Tennant as he continues his role as The Doctor, and Noma Dumezweni who returns as Captain Erisa Magambo - last seen helping Rose and Donna save the world in Turn Left.

"Michelle is one of the most sought after young actors in the country and we are delighted to announce that she will be joining the team," said Executive Producer and writer Russell T Davies. "As always the script is being kept strictly under wraps - however we can reveal that Lady Christina is a woman with a mysterious past who's going to have a huge impact on the Doctor!"

Planet of the Dead, written by Russell T Davies and Gareth Roberts, is currently in production and will be screened on BBC One in Spring 2009.


Doctor Who Filming, 22.01.09

Woop! More filming! And in two locations as well!

The first location was in an alleyway in town. The shot was of Michelle Ryan, dressed seductively in a cat suit, bursting forth from a door and running into a packed city street. 

You can see more photos of this scene on Spoiler TV
Also armed police were seen to be arresting a businessman with a pink shirt.

Then the filming moved.

The new stuff covered Doctor and Michelle Ryan sitting on the bus, being followed by half a dozen Police cars. The Doctor was holding one of those flashy gizmos that he keeps on him at all times. I didn't recognise this one, but it looked like they were tracking some kind of phenomenom.

You can see more photos on alun.vega's Flickr account

As always, a huge thanks to Scooty, Brian_Damage, and alun.vega - who braved the horrific weather and managed to capture these Who images :)

Thursday, January 22

Recent Doctor Who news

Woop! News is always fun :)

Northampton Chronice - Backing for our new Doctor
The Metro - Freema Agyeman praises Matt Smith
Pisquita - La ex mujer biĆ³nica va a encarnar a la ayudante del Doctor Who
SyFy Portal - Doctor Who finds its bionic companion
Press Association - Mat: I'd love to be Doctor Who
Digital Spy - Mat Horne: 'I wanted Doctor role'

Chortle - Lee Evans to star in special?!
This story has now been removed.. so maybe theres some truth to it.. either way Lee Evans is starring in the Jonathan Ross show tomorrow. So I guess we'll find out then :)

"Bionic Woman and EastEnders star Ryan plays the mysterious Lady Christina de Souza, who joins the Doctor on a bus trip which takes a "detour into danger", the BBC said.

Funnyman Evans plays a character called Malcolm, whose life becomes connected to the Doctor's under extraordinary circumstances. " 

The Specials:
Den of Geek - Casting news on the Doctor Who specials
London Paper - Ex - Eastender to star in Doctor Who
Business Intelligence Middle East - Doctor Who and the Daleks landing in Dubai

The Sun - David Tennant needs to renew his tax disk
WA Today and The Age - Not quite the new Doctor Who
Halstead Gazette - John Scott Martin obituary
Newspost Online - David Tennant tops ‘Metrosexual Role Models’ list
HowDo - Winters and Burnell named new Cbeebies presenters

And because its funny:
Cracked - The 11 most retarded fictional weapons (Check out number 1!)

As always a massive thanks to everyone on the DWF, especially baraduim, who are the ones that find all of this info!

Wednesday, January 21

Doctor Who filming, 21.01.09

I still can't believe the bravery of some people, going out in horrific weather in order to bring us Who goodness!

Filming was of the Number 200 bus (although its destination had changed to Victoria) driving past, full of extras, and heading for the tunnel. 3 police cars were following it.

David Tennant and Michelle Ryan were on set, and they were riding on the lower deck of the bus and sat next to each other. Tennant had something in his hand that had a bright blue light shining (possibly his camera?!)

The scene was the bus coming over the bridge from ikea/morrisons direction and going through the tunnel with the 3 police cars following it with their lights on.

As well as this there was also some 70s-ish vintage cars at the filming base. As alun.vega cleverly pointed out, two of the cars had 'L' registration, which wikipedia dates as 1972-73. They haven't been seen filming though.

And thats it for now! You can see more photos & videos here:

Thanks to alun.vega and mugim0e for the photos and report.

Filming from last night, 21.01.09

Hooray! Seems I missed a lot of filming action whilst I was tucked up in bed last night. Exciting stuff!

From the looks of it, this scene might closely follow on from the earlier filming at the museum. It took place just outside a tunnel which was blocked off. There were lots of police around with some cars, looking inside the tunnel.

A rippling flash of light then came from the tunnel, followed by the still smoking remains of a skeleton.

The lead policeman (who people think is played by Adam James) comes forward to inspect it.

"Call in UNIT - Emergency code one!"

And then of course UNIT turn up in mass - at least 20 or so troops surrounding the tunnel.

Theres also discussion that the UNIT officer Mogambo from Turn Left was about, but this is unconfirmed

UNIT advance towards the tunnel, guns out. The leader tells Adam James that she's 'read the file', and basically ignores his comments, then he says something like 'you don't understand, there are still people on that bus, she's fine'.

So, the bus from the museum shoot Im guessing? There were reports of it being crushed in a photo in the makeup van.

Although this wasn't seen in filming, a big satellite dish was unloaded from the back of a van, along with a pair of trough-like objects...

And, for some very odd reason the trailer behind the Army truck had two canoes on the roof!

There are loads more photos that were taken during the night, which you can easily see on alun's Flicker account, or on Brigade Leader's photobucket account.

(with a huge thanks to alun.vega, Scooty, Brigade Leader, Brian_Damage, The Gather and Simon)