Planet Gallifrey: July 2007

Sunday, July 29

Rebirth - Chapter 2

There was a forest. Not just any kind of forest either; it was very big, very green and, more importantly, it was a rainforest - and at this point in time, it was fully living up to all expectations, and raining.

As the forest’s rivers began to swell, and the soft, moist earth that covered the ground became sodden, the TARDIS landed. Well… if you can call a large, blue police box screaming towards the treetops with smoke billowing from it a landing…Which you can’t… Not without putting the word ‘crash’ in front of it.

There was a distinctive flash that lit the sky as the ship shot through the planets ozone layer. This was shortly followed by a long drawn out whining noise and the TARDIS plummeting through the sky, leaving a tail of scorched fire. It hit the top most canopies of trees, plunged through the branches with a horrible cracking sound, and jolted to an unexpected stop several feet above the ground.

Deep inside, the console room was little more than rubble. Deep underneath the rubble, the darkness stretched away in an almost silent void… a deep, forgotten emptiness that devoured the light and sucked away the sound.

He felt it in the recesses of his consciousness… a rhythmic, pulsating sense, almost as if It were taking deep shuddering breaths… twitching spasmodically… Then suddenly, there was a release, although there had been no inclination of any kind of previous build up. The force jolted forward…painfully, angrily and with such power, that it was gone in an instant.

If anyone had been watching this crash, they would have said something like, ‘wow.’ They would have shaken their head at the sound of the snapping trees, and blinked in surprise at the faint explosion of light as the vessel crashed.

They would have been deeply impressed at the amount of smoke that billowed upwards and the occasional flashes of light from snapped cables… They would have watched in a confused wonder as a giant golden ball erupted from the smoking wreckage and cannoned away into the forests depths… and, after being suitably amazed and impressed, they would have rushed over to the crash to search for survivors.

Unfortunately, the only witness was a small koala-like creature with unusually large ears and a permanently bewildered expression.

The blue box hung from the tree, supported by two thick branches, with its doors facing vertically downwards. The smoke that poured off it snaked its way through the branches, gently caressing the wet leaves as it slithered past, and curling up into the rain spattered air above.

The rain pointedly ignored it and continued its journey downwards. Inside the overturned TARDIS, there was a brief flicker; a small, almost unnoticeable, spasm of light in the otherwise bottomless blackness. It wasn't bright enough to illuminate anything, but merely provided the vague impression of some sort of room.... if you could call what was left a room; it looked more like a scrapheap.
He tried to move and let out a small gasp of pain… it felt like… in his bewildered state he attempted to analyze himself… it felt like pain.

For a brief moment, he considered weather he should not bother... just stay smothered underneath the wreckage, give up. The Doctor sighed and let his head flop against the blackened remains of an unidentifiable lump of TARDIS.

After only a few minutes, he opened his eyes again and frowned.

Outside the TARDIS, the koala-like creature crawled along an outstretched branch and purred at the strange blue box. It had never met something like this and, like all of its kind; it aimed to welcome the ship to it’s planet through the ancient art of bum sniffing. However, before it was able to do this, the TARDIS doors slammed open with a thud and the Doctor fell out. He landed heavily; face down, onto the muddy ground and was promptly followed by a light shower of random lumps of metal.

There was a long, drawn out pause.

The koala-creature clambered slowly down the trunk of the tree and took a tentative sniff at the body.
In a muffled voice, it said; ‘Ouch,’ and very slowly rolled over.

The Doctor opened his eyes and looked up at a large, fluffy, and bewildered looking face.
‘Ah,’ he said and furrowed his brow.

His left arm hurt, and his shoulder, and his head. He blinked as the rain stung his face. There wasn’t much of him that didn’t hurt when he thought about it long enough.
He tried not to think about it.

The koala-creature sniffed him again and began to lick his ear.

Very slowly, the Doctor sat up and looked dazedly around. He tried to pull himself to his feet, but let out a secondary gasp and collapsed back onto the floor. A slow, pain-numbed thought came to his head.

It was really wet.
He stared blearily upwards. Ah, that would be because it was raining.

Another, much more urgent realization arrived, causing him to sit up sharply and wince.
There was the release, but there had been no inclination of any kind of build up. The force, the energy, had jolted forward…painfully and angrily and with such power, that it was gone in an instant…

‘No… No, no, no, no.’

The koala-creature made a quiet clicking noise.

‘It’s gone,’ he said blankly, ‘just gone.’ He let out a short laugh, more out of shock than anything funny. That’s what was missing; he’d never realized it before. How much a part of him it had become…

His gaze landed on the bundle of clicking fluff.
‘Ha,’ he said, now with no hint of amusement.

The TARDIS was gone.

Not dead, not like when it fell out of the void. Then it had died, if only temporarily. Oh, it had still been there, but was just dead. Like a corpse. Now… he glanced up at the shell of the ship and winced. Now it was just... gone.

The koala-creature approached him again and head butted his arm. Probably in what it thought as an affectionate way, since the welcoming butt-sniff had failed. The Doctor flinched, and recoiled.

‘Ouch,’ he murmured again. 'I forgot how much hurting hurt.' He frowned as he tried to understand what he had just said, and then his thoughts returned to the empty husk of his ship.

Very slowly, his head turned upwards again to stare morosely into the belly of the TARDIS. It was completely black, completely gone, completely empty and full of noth – there was another brief flicker of light.

The Doctor hearts suddenly leaped as he squinted at it. There was something, one small something, left! And what ever it was, it was the last living part of his ship. The only thing that remained of her…

It was a type C sensor crystal.
It blinked at him in a happy, mauve way.
Then the branch snapped.
And the TARDIS fell on him.

Rebirth - Chapter 1

There was an echoing, grating sound… a faint impression of gentle movement, and a warm sensation of life that radiated throughout the TARDIS…

The Doctor lent against the central console and chewed his thumbnail absentmindedly. On the grated floor in front of him lay a heaped up assortment of wires and screwed up pieces of metal. But it wasn’t this mess that was worrying him, not now anyway. Not since the little mauve light had repeatedly begun to flash… Mauve…the universal colour for danger…

‘What’s this about, then?’ he said to the general space around him.
The TARDIS whirred back at him in a general TARDIS-like way.
‘Flashing lights…,’ murmured The Doctor, ‘I didn’t even know this part of you had flashing lights.’ He bent down to peer through the metal grating. ‘What do you want to flash for?’

There was no response from the ship, well… why would there be? It was a ship after all. A living, telepathic ship true… but it wasn’t like it was human. It couldn’t talk back.

The Doctor straightened up and prodded at the console. It bleeped once... and that was it. That was it. The TARDIS just ignored him... just continued to nonchalantly whirr through the vortex, almost as though everything was normal... like it wasn’t flashing mauve coloured lights in an irritating manner.
But it was. And it was irritating.

Temporarily giving up with the console, the Doctor sighed and ran his fingers through his hair.
The light blinked cheerfully at him.
‘Please, please, please… don’t make me look through the manual,’ he said to the mauve flicker.
It ignored him.

The Doctor gave the console an irritated kick, paused until he could feel his toes again, and stalked off into the depths of the ship.

Five hours later, he returned with a triumphant grin.
‘You’re a type C sensor crystal, connected to the Telepathic Circuits!’ he told the blinking light gleefully.
Then his face fell.

‘Wait…,’ he said slowly.
‘You’re flashing,’ he told it.
‘Flashing,’ he said again. ‘In a distinctly mauve colour…’
‘Mauve is bad,’ he reasoned.
He squinted at the light
'Mind you… it could be magenta…maybe even indigo…’
He put on his glasses. His face fell.
‘Mauve,’ he confirmed, ‘damn…’

Alright, so something was going on with the TARDIS’ telepathic circuits… It wasn’t that unusual. In fact, the Doctor couldn’t really remember a time when he wasn’t fixing his ship in some form or another, except this time there was nothing to fix.

‘I even looked in the damn manual,’ he complained sullenly to his feet, ‘that thing’s over two hundred million pages long… A2 pages and all…’

A sudden thought occurred to him. He blinked, and then rushed around the central column until he was facing the small TV screen.
‘Where are we?’ he murmured to himself.
The TARDIS whirred at him, and the mauve light continued to flash smugly.

After several minutes of flicking switches and buttons, the screen flashed a name. The Doctor considered this name. It wasn’t an unknown name, he had definitely heard of it. However, whenever it had appeared, it had always been followed by the words:

If the Doctor had had time, he would have bullied the TARDIS into making a sharp u-turn and gone as far away as possible. Every single Time Lord that had ever gone to that planet never came back. No, not just that. It wasn’t that they had died… it was that they had completely ceased to exist… gone, erased, non existent… only remaining in others memories.

The Doctor blinked. Like being sucked into the void… except you never existed in the first place… like a parallel world where you'd never been born, and you now suddenly had to live there… because you couldn’t go home… it was to late, the walls were sealed.

You knew it would happen, said a little voice somewhere inside the Doctor’s head. You knew it couldn’t last forever…it had to end. All things end. And you’re always left…all on your own…alone.

The TARDIS gave a giant shudder and emitted a deep bellowing sound, like a wounded hippo. Without warning, a large part of the domed ceiling flung itself violently downwards, accompanied by a horrible gut-wrenching crack. It swung madly, still attached by several wires, and thudded into the Doctor.

He felt the weight of it as it cannoned into him, and fell heavily onto the grated floor. For a brief moment, he wondered why he hadn’t decided to refurbish the room with some sort of mattress base… so he could land softly, bounce up unharmed if he ever fell, and even sleep where ever he wanted… it seemed like such a good idea…

Part of the console crackled, and sparks showered everywhere.
Ah, yes,
thought the Doctor madly, Mattress flooring would never work… I set fire to things far too easily… Another lump of ceiling fell and the ship shuddered again. Temporarily winded, the Doctor screwed up his eyes in response to his aching ribs, and tried to pull himself to his feet, but the floor lurched and he was sent sprawling onto the floor again.

From the depths of the vessel, there quivered up a strange, unforeseen noise which the Doctor had never heard before. The kind of noise as would be expected if a large dinosaur attempted to eat an oversized crunchy bar… not that it would ever happen. But if it did, then the noise it would make would be very similar to the sound that now rumbled out of the TARDIS.

The mauve light turned off. Although this was of little joy as, unfortunately, so did every other light within the ship. Dragging himself unsteadily from under the rubble, the Doctor raised a hand to his head, swore, and attempted to thump the console.

In retaliation, it creaked harshly at him, and then proceeded to explode.

Friday, July 20

Many Faces

1st Doctor
William Hartnell
2nd Doctor
Patrick Troughton
1966 - 1969
3rd Doctor
Jon Pertwee 1970 - 1974
4th Doctor
Tom Baker
1974 - 1981

5th Doctor
Peter Davison
1981 - 1984

6th Doctor
Colin Baker
1984 - 1986

7th Doctor
Sylvester McCoy
1987 - 1989

8th Doctor

Paul McGann


9th Doctor
Christopher Eccleston
10th Doctor
David Tennant
2005 - 2010

11th Doctor
Matt Smith
2010 - ???

The Runaway Bride

Episode Location: Earth, London 2007
Aliens/Enemies: The Racnoss, the Santa-droids
New Characters: Donna, Lance
Gadgets Used: Sonic Screwdriver, Bio-damper, Segway
Episode Objective: To get Donna to the church, rescue her, and find out why she is full of Huon particles

Bullet-point Plot
  • Donna walking down the aisle
  • She begins to glow
  • And appears in the TARDIS
  • She's shocked
  • So's The Doctor
  • She rushes to the doors
  • Sees space
  • Realizes The Doctor's an alien
  • Demands to be taken to the church
  • They land
  • Donna runs off
  • The Doctor follows
  • They try to get a taxi
  • But have no money
  • The Doctor goes to get some
  • And sees some Santa-droids
  • Donna gets into a taxi
  • But its driven by a droid
  • Donna is confused
  • The 'driver' is going the wrong way
  • She sees its a robot
  • And calls for help
  • The TARDIS appears
  • Chases the taxi
  • And pulls up beside it
  • The Doctor opens the door
  • Tells Donna to trust him
  • And catches her as she jumps
  • The Doctor gives Donna a bio-damper
  • Which will keep her hidden
  • Donna tells him about H.C Clements
  • Where she met Lance
  • They go to the wedding
  • The Doctor watches a replay
  • Of Donna disappearing
  • And realizes she infected
  • With Huon particles
  • So the bio-damper wont work
  • The Santa-droids appear
  • The Christmas tree goes crazy
  • The Doctor stops them both
  • He, Donna and Lance go to H.C Clements
  • Go to a hidden basement
  • And find that:
  • They're under the Thames
  • Theres a laboratory
  • Where liquid Huon particles
  • Were being created
  • Santa-droids appear
  • Holding guns
  • There a hole
  • To the center of the Earth
  • The Racnoss appears
  • Lance sneaks up behind her
  • But they both laugh
  • He was working for her
  • And was the one who doused Donna
  • With the Huon Particles
  • To make her a key
  • So the Racnoss
  • Will gain her ancient power
  • The Doctor uses Donna's Huon particles
  • To summon the TARDIS
  • They go the the formation of Earth
  • To find out whats in the center
  • Its a Racnoss ship
  • With sleeping Racnoss in it
  • They arrive back in H.C Clements
  • Donna is captured
  • Lance is thrown down the hole
  • The Doctor appears
  • The droids try to kill him
  • But he has a remote control
  • He disables them
  • And frees Donna
  • Using explosives
  • He blows up a wall
  • So the Thames water
  • Comes pouring in
  • Into the pit
  • The Racnoss retreats to her ship
  • But it is blown out of the sky
  • The Doctor takes Donna home
  • And makes it snow
  • She doesn't want to travel with him
  • But says he should find someone

Best Bits
- In the TARDIS
- Mentioning Rose
- Taxi vs TARDIS
- Killer Christmas tree
- Doctor vs Racnoss
- Fire and Water
- 'Her name was Rose'

Favorite Quotes
Where am I? I demand that you tell me right now, where am I?!
The Doctor:
Inside the TARDIS.
The what?
The Doctor:
The what?!
The Doctor:
The what?!
The Doctor:
It's called the TARDIS!
That's not even a proper word! You're just saying things!
Who was it? Who's paying you? Was it Nerys? Oh my God, she's finally got me back! This has got Nerys written all over it!
The Doctor:
Who the hell is Nerys?
: Your best friend!
The Doctor:
Yeah. Is that optional?
The Doctor:
It is with me.
The Doctor:
You've got a mobile?
I am in my wedding dress. It doesn't have pockets! Who has pockets? Have you ever seen a bride with pockets?! When I went about fitting it, the one thing I forgot to say was GIVE ME POCKETS!
No stupid Martian is going to stop me from getting married! To hell with you!
The Doctor:
I'm... I'm not... I'm not from Mars!
The Doctor:
Donna, you've got to jump.
I'm in my wedding dress!
The Doctor:
Yes! You look lovely! Come on!
The Doctor:
Weird, you're not special, you're not powerful, you're not connected, you're not clever, you're not important...?
This friend of yours, just before she left, did she punch you in the face?
Lance: I was stuck with a woman who thinks the height of excitement is a new-flavored Pringle! Oh, I had to sit there and listen to all that yap-yap-yap. 'Brad and Angelina, is Posh pregnant, X Factor, Atkins does, feng shui, split ends, text me, text me, text me!" Dear God, the never-ending fountain of fat, stupid trivia! I deserve a medal.
The Doctor:
Guess what I've got, Donna? Pockets!
How did it fit in there?
The Doctor:
They're bigger on the inside.
The Doctor:
I don't need anyone.
Yes, you do. Because sometimes, I think you need someone to stop you.
The Doctor:
This friend of yours, what was her name?
The Doctor:
Her name was Rose.

The Sound of Drums

Episode Location: Earth, London 2007
Aliens/Enemies: The Master, The Toclafane
New Characters: Lucy Saxon, Vivien Rook, Mrs. Jones, Clive Jones
Gadgets Used: Sonic Screwdriver, Vortex Manipulator, Laser Screwdriver
Episode Objective: To stop The Master

Bullet-point Plot
  • In an alleyway
  • A blue vortex appears
  • The Doctor, Martha & Jack
  • All appear from the vortex
  • They walk the streets
  • Jack talking about:
  • His vortex manipulator
  • Which is how they escaped
  • From the Futurekind
  • They sit down
  • And talk about the Master
  • Wondering who he is
  • The Doctor stares at a man
  • Who is tapping a rhythm
  • The sound of drums
  • A TV screen goes on
  • With the news broadcasting
  • Featuring the new Prime Minister
  • Which is Harold Saxon
  • Martha recognizes his voice
  • The Doctor realizes its the Master
  • And he has a wife
  • Saxon enters the cabinet
  • And talks to the chairmen
  • He says they are traitors
  • And then gases them
  • Killing them all
  • The Doctor, Martha & Jack
  • All go to Martha's house
  • They go on the internet
  • Onto Saxon's homepage
  • He seems to be genuine
  • But the Doctor knows hes not
  • A reporter - Vivian Rook
  • Talks to Lucy Saxon
  • She says Mr Saxon is a fake
  • And warns her about him
  • But Lucy already knows
  • And Saxon appears
  • Vivian asks who he is
  • He says hes the Master
  • Toclafane appear
  • And kill Vivian
  • Lucy is worried
  • She thinks others will find out
  • About the Archangel Network
  • Saxon comforts her
  • Martha asks who Saxon is
  • And says that:
  • She was going to vote for him
  • The Doctor asks why
  • But Martha doesn't know
  • She says he sounded nice
  • And begins tapping
  • The Doctor asks what she's doing
  • But they hear a broadcast
  • From Mr Saxon
  • He talks about aliens
  • And a new species
  • That he called the Toclafane
  • The Doctor is confused
  • Before Saxon drops a hint
  • About Martha
  • The Doctor looks at her
  • And finds a bomb
  • On the back of the TV
  • They all run
  • And the house explodes
  • Martha rings her family
  • Mrs Jones talks to her
  • Saying she should come round
  • Martha asks whats wrong
  • Mrs Jones says that
  • Her & Mr Jones are there
  • And thinking over getting back together
  • She hands the phone to him
  • But Martha thinks somethings wrong
  • She asks Mr Jones
  • If someone is there with him
  • And if there is, just to say yes
  • Mr Jones says yes
  • And tells Martha to run
  • Martha gets in her car
  • The Doctor & Jack follow
  • They speed away
  • To the Jones' house
  • Mr & Mrs Jones
  • Are being arrested
  • Martha appears
  • And they are shot at
  • They drive away
  • Leaving the Jones
  • Jack says they have to leave the car
  • As police will be looking for it
  • Martha tries to ring Leo
  • And tell him to hide
  • But Saxon is on the phone
  • The Doctor takes the phone
  • And speaks to Saxon
  • They talk about Gallifrey
  • And the Time War
  • And the drumming
  • Inside Saxon's head
  • To be continued

Best Bits
- Appearing in the alleyway
- Exploding flat
- Crazy driving
- RUN!
- Seeing Gallifrey
- The phone call
- Doctor vs Master

Favorite Quotes
Mr Saxon
: No. No. That wasn't funny. You see, I'm not making myself very clear. Funny is like this. [exaggerates a grin.] Not funny is like this. [exaggerates a frown.] And right now, I'm not like [grins ], I'm like [frowns ]... because you are traitors.
: Excuse me, Prime Minister, but do you mind my asking, what is that?
Mr Saxon
: Mpits a phas maskph.
: I beg your pardon?
Mr Saxon
: [lifting gas mask up.] It's a gas mask. [smiles pleasantly and replaces it]
: Yes, but why are you wearing it?
Mr Saxon
: Well, becphause of the phas.
: I'm sorry?
Mr Saxon
: [lifts it again.] Because of the gas.
: What gas?!?
Mr Saxon
: [leans back, muffled.] This phas
The Master: I like it when you use my name.
The Doctor
: You chose it. Psychiatrist's field day.
The Master
: As you chose yours. The man who makes people better; how sanctimonious is that?
The Master
: The Time Lords only resurrected me because they knew I'd be the perfect warrior for a Time War. I was there when the Dalek Emperor took control of the Cruciform. I saw it. I ran. I ran so far. Made myself human so they would never find me, because I was so scared.
The Doctor
: I know
The Master: What did it feel like, though? Two almighty civilizations, burning. Oh, tell me, how did that feel?
The Doctor
: Stop it.
The Master
: You must have been like a god.
The Doctor
: Don't you see, all we've got is each other.
The Master
: Are you asking me out on a date?
The Master
: The drumming. Can't you hear it? I thought it would stop, but it never does. Never ever stops. Inside my head. The drumming, Doctor, the constant drumming.
The Doctor
: I could help you. Please, let me help.
The Master
: It's everywhere. Listen, listen, listen! Here come the drums... here come... the drums.
: Doctor, what do we do?
The Master
: Run, Doctor! Run for your life.
The Doctor
: We run.
The Master
: I said "run"!!
Martha: Thought you were going to say he was your secret brother or something
The Doctor: You've been watching too much TV.
The Doctor:
We stand there, eight years old, staring at the raw power of time and space, just a child. Some would be inspired. Some would run away. And some would go mad. [beat.] Oh, I dunno.
: What about you?
The Doctor
: Oh, the ones that ran away! I never stopped.
The Doctor
: Oh! I know what it's like. It's like when you fancy someone and they don't even know you exist. That's what it's like. Come on!
[Martha looks despairingly after him, then glances at Jack.]

Captain Jack
: You too, huh?
Mr Saxon: Anything I can do? I could make the tea, or isn't that American enough? I dunno, I could make grits. What are grits anyway?
The Master: And look, it's the girlie and the freak. Although, I'm not sure which one's which.
The Master
: Laser screwdriver! Who'd have sonic? And the good thing is, he's not dead for long; I get to kill him again!
The Doctor
: Who are they?
The Master
: Doctor, if I told you the truth, your hearts would break.


Episode Location: Malcassairo, the year 100 Trillion
Aliens/Enemies: The Futurekind, The Master
New Characters: Jack Harkness, Professor Yana, Chan-tho
Gadgets Used: Sonic Screwdriver, The TARDIS
Episode Objective: To help the surviving race of humans get to Utopia

Bullet-point Plot
  • The Doctor & Martha in Cardiff
  • Refueling the TARDIS
  • Jack runs towards them
  • Yelling for The Doctor
  • The Doctor sees him
  • But tries to leave
  • Jack grabs onto the ship
  • Making it spin out of control
  • And hurtle to the year 100 Trillion
  • A.k.a The end of the universe
  • The Doctor says they should go
  • Then runs outside
  • They find a dead Jack
  • Who comes back to life
  • Jack & The Doctor say hi
  • Its a little awkward
  • Jack tells Martha how he was left
  • But had a vortex manipulator
  • So jumped in time back to Earth
  • They see a man running
  • Being chased by Futurekind
  • They realize it's a hunt
  • And rush to help the man
  • He tells them to get to the Silo
  • They all run, and are chased
  • But make it inside
  • They discover refugees
  • Who are waiting
  • To be taken to 'Utopia'
  • They also find a rocket
  • Which is incomplete
  • Professor Yana & Chan-tho
  • Are working on the rocket
  • When they hear about a doctor
  • Yana rushes to find him
  • Jack flirts with Chan-tho
  • Martha finds the Doctor's hand
  • Yana hears drums in his head
  • The Doctor helps with the rocket
  • Solving the problems with its drive system
  • By bringing in the TARDIS
  • They need to enter a radioactive room
  • And only Jack can do it
  • He goes in
  • The Doctor stays outside
  • They talk about Jacks inability to die
  • How The Doctor feels uneasy around him
  • Which is why he left him on Satellite 5
  • Martha notices Yana acting strange
  • He hears drums
  • And words echoing in his head
  • Like 'TARDIS' and 'regeneration'
  • He shows her his watch
  • Martha is shocked
  • It is a fob watch
  • Exactly like the Doctor's
  • She asks if Yana has ever opened it
  • Then goes to find The Doctor
  • Jack exits the radiation room
  • Martha talks to The Doctor
  • He is terrified at the idea
  • Of another Time Lord
  • Yana opens the watch
  • The rocket takes off
  • Taking the refugees away
  • The Futurekind break into the Silo
  • Jack, Martha & The Doctor run
  • Trying to get to Yana
  • Chan-tho asks Yana what he's doing
  • And tries to stop him with a gun
  • Yana reveals himself as The Master
  • Electrocutes Chan-tho
  • Takes The Doctor's hand
  • And unlocks the TARDIS
  • The Doctor arrives
  • Chan-tho shoots The Master
  • Then dies herself
  • The Master stumbles into the TARDIS
  • The Doctor tries to get in
  • But is locked out
  • The Master regenerates
  • And taunts The Doctor
  • Who knows who he is
  • But not what he looks like
  • The TARDIS disappears
  • Jack & Martha hold the doors
  • But the Futurekind are breaking in
Best Bits
- Meeting Jack
- To the Silo!
- Little Creet
- The Doctor's hand
- Meaningful conversation
- You are not alone

Favorite Quotes - So many!
Martha: So, what's out there?
The Doctor
: I don't know.
: Ha, say that again, that's rare.
Captain Jack: Nice to meet you, Martha Jones.
The Doctor
: Oh, don't start!
Captain Jack
: [to a refugee] Captain Jack Harkness. And who are you?
The Doctor
: Stop it.
Captain Jack: He’s not the only one who can time travel–
The Doctor
: Excuse me, that’s not time travel. It’s like, I’ve got a sports car, you’ve got a Space Hopper!
: Is that what happens though, seriously? You just get bored of us one day and disappear?
Captain Jack
: Not if you're blonde.
: Oh, she was blonde! Oh, what a surprise!
The Doctor
: You two, we're at the end of the universe. Okay?! Right at the edge of knowledge itself! And you're busy... blogging!
Professor Yana
: Uh.. The Doctor?
The Doctor
: That's me.
Professor Yana
: Oh, good, good! Good! [he leads him away] Good! Good! Good, good, good, good, good, good! Goood!!
The Doctor
: [glancing back] It's good apparently...
The Professor
: Oh, every human being's heard of Utopia. Where have you been?
The Doctor
: Bit of a hermit.
The Professor
: [skeptically] A hermit... with uh, friends?
The Doctor
: Hermits United. We meet up every ten years and swap stories about caves. It's good fun. For a hermit.
Professor Yana
: But how did you do that?!
The Doctor
: Oh, we've been chatting away I forgot to tell you... [grins] I'm brilliant!
The Doctor
: Whoa, what are you taking your clothes off for?
Captain Jack
: I'm goin' in!
The Doctor
: By the looks of it, I'd say the Stet radiation doesn't affect clothes, only flesh.
Captain Jack
: Well, I'll look good though.
Martha: The Doctor sort of travels through time and space and picks us up. God, I make us sound like stray dogs. Maybe we are.
The Doctor
: You might be out there somewhere.
Captain Jack
: I could go meet myself.
The Doctor
: Well, its the only man you're ever going to be happy with.
Captain Jack
: This new regeneration... it's kinda cheeky.
The Doctor
: I'm begging you, everything's changed! It's only the two of us, we're the only ones left! Just let me in!
The Master
: Killed by an insect. A girl. How inappropriate. Still! If the Doctor can be young, and strong, then so can I. The Master... reborn!
The Master
: Now then, Doctor! Ooh, new voice! [low] Hello, [high] hello, [low] hello... Anyway. Why don't we stop and have a nice little chat while I tell you all my plans and you can work out a way to stop me, I don't think!
The Doctor
: I'm asking you really, properly, just stop! Just think!
The Master
: Use my name.
The Doctor
: Master... I'm sorry.
The Master
: Tough!
The Master: End of the universe! Have fun! Bye bye!